Friday, April 5, 2013

Can You Trust Anwar Ibrahim?

Hantu Laut

Just over a month ago he said no witch hunt if Pakatan gets Putrajaya, but have now changed his tune to say otherwise, targeting Mahathir"s son Mokhzani as the first possible victim of the purge.

Look at the chaos he created in the selection of candidates in PKR, no one seems to trust him.Everywhere the same chaos prevail. 

In Labuan PAS has announced its candidate for Labuan when Anwar has promised Ibrahim Menudin of PKR to stand in Labuan.

In Sabah, PKR Sabah warlord Ansari Abdullah has announced his own list of candidates for the Sabah western zone. 

Can you trust this man to keep his word?

I have always said this man is bend on exerting revenge if he comes to power without due care and consideration for the welfare and future of this county. He throws his threat against Mahathir here.

He said "First, within 24 hours of Pakatan's swearing in, we will drop the prices of fuel for the whole country"

Can Malaysia sustain further reduction of fuel prices which have already been subsidised by the present government much below the market price? How much lower can he go? 

He knew very well the consequences of his unrealistic promises, yet he has no qualms in making them to fool the people, largely because he thinks Malaysians are too stupid to understand simple economics.

I can foresee this man will wreak havoc in this country if he is made prime minister.He will be too busy wrecking and breaking contracts and taking criminal actions against UMNO politicians and will have no time to administer the country.

Breaking contract is not as easy as he made it out to be, your break you pay, and it's the people's money, not his money, to pay compensation, or has he gone completely nut, no need to pay compensation.

The simpleton, who can't see beyond his nose will believe in his bullshit. 


Anonymous said...

Anwar can bring it down in 1 night and bring it back up the next night..

and yes. im still talking about the oil price..

Anonymous said...

Not to worry Hl, he 'berani' cakap like that because he is A BROKEN MAN! Don't be surprised after GE13 you'll see an unkempt man riding the train from one end of the peninsular to the other end and back! Daily.
During Tunku's day there was one such man, we children then called him Pak Chat.

Anonymous said...

What is there to worry when you ain't do any wrong to this man.

Retribution usually is sought by any human being wrongly accused or slandered or worse criminalised.

It's all about Karma.

Anonymous said...

Bila berkata dia bohong.
Bila berjanji dia mungkiri
Bila diberi amanah dia khianat.
Tanda tanda jelas seseorang itu munafiq.
Apalagi meghalalkan yang haram..

Sebab itu Sidek Baba tidak mahu terjerumus didalam kemunafiqan...
Berfikir lah kerana berfikir itu pelita hati

Anonymous said...

Within 24 hours.. turun 5 sen pun kira turun jugak.. biasalah Anwar with his play-of-words. Diakan pakar temberang..

Sebulan dua lepas tu naik 20 sen..

Generalisation is his forte. Cuba you try to pin him for specifics.. I bet you dia lagi slippery dari eel..

Berapa kali mau kena tiiipu daaaa?

Anonymous said...

Anwar nk balas dendm saja..bahaya pndendam ni...kalu betul dia baik..dia redha dgn ujian allah..bukankn semua yg brlaku atas ketentuan Dia...ini tidak..dpt jer putrajaya..nk kenakn mokhzani..katanya kroni..abis tu...nurul izzah tu tk kroni ke?????

Anonymous said...

Dendam itu penyakit hati. Salah satu ciri orang2 mukmim itu dia bersih dari sifat keji di dalam hati. Kalau tidak dia hanya berada di tahap Muslim sahaja. Lihat lah yang seni seni. Alahai Pak Pandir melihat kambing jantan sebagai Lebai... Sinis didalam jenaka.

Anonymous said...

This is the dumbest thing ever.
Mokhzani's company couldn't just have been successful because of nepotism, because economics dictates thats highly unlikely in an upper middle income country like Malaysia.

Anwar, trying to stop nepotism while his daughter gets votes just because of who she is. Funny and hypocritical, but what else can we expect?