Monday, April 8, 2013

Clive Kessler: The Nutty Professor

Hantu Laut

Here he comes again. It's Kessler's time. 

This time, reading too much into Najib's dissolution speech.

His writing here is nothing more than thought reading on a speech lost in translation and impalpable idiosyncratic ranting of a quirky academician.

Below is Najib's full dissolution speech in Malay. 

If you can find similarity of the above speech with this so-called political anatomists's writing, you must be as nutty as he is.

All Najib said was there should be a smooth and calm transition of power should there be any change in the government of the day, whether at state or federal level.

In all likelihood the insinuation was directed at Pakatan held states that are likely to fall to the BN.


Anonymous said...

All these nutty guys only took notice of dull and boring Malaysia after 1997 !

Anonymous said...

He has to be nutty to be paid his salary !