Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Is DAP Eying The Prime Minister's Post ?

                                                                DAP's Darth Vader

Hantu Laut

DAP would field Malay candidates in a number of places to reflect the party multi-racialism stance and bolster Malay supports. 

Is that all it is, or it has other more sinister agenda?

Malaysiakini reported here today that the party would field UMNO renegade Mohd Ariff Sabri, a former UMNO assemblyman for Pulau Manis in Pahang as candidate for the Raub parliamentary constituency. Sabri fell out with Najib for not being selected as candidate in the 12th GE (General Elections). He is also a blogger known as SakmongkolAK47 and regularly used his blog to deliver brutal attacks on Najib and UMNO. Seen as a lightweight, a nobody and not a threat, those in UMNO ignored his rambling.

Another strong advocate of DAP is Aspan Alias, another UMNO dropout with a deep vengeance to make it even with UMNO. He  may also be chosen to stand as candidate. His blog "Aspan Alias" also regularly delivers tirades of abuses against his former party. 

DAP also announced that the party would field Tengku Zulpuri Shah Raja Puji, a member of the Pahang royal house, as candidate for Mentakab state assembly seat. 

DAP, might have missed a heartbeat, not all member of the royal household are popular with the people.

Will DAP field more Malay puppets on a string to fulfil its ambition to be the leading party in Pakatan Rakyat.

I expect DAP to also field Malay candidates in Perak and Selangor, where it has better chance of becoming the lead party and DAP menteri besar could become a reality. 

I called it to "circumnavigate the constitution" and sail through the loophole. Most state constitution in Peninsula Malaysia, with the exception of Melaka and Penang, only allow Malay Muslim as menteri besar.

It seems obvious DAP leaders are focused of getting the premiership for its party. The only way they can achieve this is to have Malay members of parliament in the party.

In the event they garnered more federal seats than PKR and PAS, the party can demand the PM post be given to its Malay MP. 

This, maybe, the umpteenth time, I say DAP will be the biggest gainer in the 13th GE. Whether Pakatan makes it to Putrajaya or not, is another story.


Anonymous said...

If it is a Malay PM from DAP why not?

Anonymous said...

There is no need to demand the post of PM, CM/KM or MB. Dap knows that, it happened in Perak and now in Selangor. They ruled by proxy with strings attached. Allah forbids! Those dapster is worse than the North Koreans. How so? In Korea it is their own kith and kin and race who were made to kowtow to the whim and fancies of the Kims. Here in Malaysia we have a totally different setup in term of race, belief and economics. If the Lims rule like North Korea, be prepared for disasters!

Anonymous said...

Racial Politics must be abolished, if not now but in the future for the sake of the future of Malaysia.

It defies logic why you are against a Malay in DAP when the party is trying to embrace all Malaysians. It may have strong Chinese support now but I wish that it is not so for the future. DAP members must embrace all races. It has made the move to do so. Why are you so worried?


Purple Haze said...

It is an interesting strategy by DAP but eyeing for the PM's post may be out of range for now.

Regardless of outcome, some people will still say that DAP is a Chinese party and not a multi racial party. If they do actually field these ethnic Malay candidates, will these naysayers please reflect on this ? Even the so-called multi-racial Gerakan component party of the BN does not have a Malay candidate nor declared an Indian one (at the time of writing).

One may not agree with the politics of the opposition parties, but at least they take the effort to be seen as multi-racial - PKR and DAP will have candidates of different ethnicities and at least PAS allows for non-Malay and non-Muslim associates.

Let's move away from ethnic based politics and focus on unifying issues instead of divisive ones.

Anonymous said...

PM is a respectable post. First, a candidate must get lots of respects from its party and then by those outside the party. In this aspect, if one couldn't even get the respect from the CEC, how to get the respect from outside the CEC and hence outside the party? Something not right here.

Anonymous said...

Racist is under everyone skin. No matter how you pretend to hide people still can smell it.In Singapore yearly intake for popular faculties in Uni e.g. Medicine, Law etc. see only 3 or 4 successful malay students every year. This yeild from MariTokLeeKasi approach.

Anonymous said...

The DAP least deserve to be in the Government anywhere. For 44 years, the DAP sat on its butt after being founded by Devan Nair, Lee Kuan Yew's proxy and shouted 'Malaysia for Malaysians' causing a lot of suspicion and dislike between the different communities. And now the good Dr Tony Pua says Malaysian Politics is Malay based in 2013 ! The DAP has let down its hard-core Chinese supporters and its conscience. No one should vote for the DAP which changes its stripes anytime !

Kasim said...

DAP only contest 37 Parliment seats.PKR 90 seats and PAS 83 seats.
How do you justify DAP want PM post.

Anonymous said...

Money can buy anything even a proxy

Anonymous said...

Half baked PM in making AI is ready for this job no matter what it will cost and at who's expenses.
Support him at your own peril.

kurumsal web site said...

PM is a respectable post. First, a candidate must get lots of respects from its party and then by those outside the party. In this aspect, if one couldn't even get the respect from the CEC, how to get the respect from outside the CEC and hence outside the party? Something not right here.


Purple Haze said...

I have to add to my earlier post.

I am actually quite shocked to read an article whereby it was reported that PAS is considering putting a Christian and a Hindu as candidates for the Johor State Assembly, tapping on its non-Muslim wing.

If this is true, it is a monumnetal shift in PAS's policy and one that shows some wilingness to embrace the multi-racial, multi-religious nature of our country.

Of course, it could also be a ploy but if true and becomes real, it will undoubtedly cause a divide within PAS itself. Interesting risk taken by the leadership of PAS.