Saturday, May 4, 2013

Is Malaysia Heading For Trouble?

Hantu Laut

I don't care which side win or lose but we, the people, must keep the peace and harmony that have prevailed for decades in this beloved country of ours.

Pakatan Rakyat dirty campaigning and hate messages have gone dangerously close it inciting a putsch ........inciting the public to take the law into their own hand.  

Is PR readying for a "Malaysian Spring" that Anwar Ibrahim had contemplated a while ago because he knew he and his PR coalition partners are not going to win this "battle of the bulge".

Below is just one of many messages to Pakatan Rakyat supporters from a blogger bend on creating chaos in the country. 

UMNO / BN are making ready to cheat us at the polls.
I have received intelligence reports that if we can prevent this cheating. we will take Putrajaya with 126 parliamentary seats.
We can only do this by preventing the foreigners from voting.
I have previously appealed to you to remain at your polling stations after you have voted, to defend the same.
I make the same appeal now.
However, I am going to list below the constituencies that are particularly vulnerable and, based on information coming in, are where the foreigners are expected to be deployed.
We need you to defend these constituencies.

Read more here.

Spreading such lies and antipathies against the current regime is widespread in pro-oppositions blogs and social media.

Lies, such as massive number of foreigners being brought in by BN as phantom voters boggles one's mind of the incredulity of such stories and as stupidly as putting on pro-Pakatan blogs, social media and news portal pictures of Bangladashis fully attired in BN livery arriving at various airports in this country. 

Anwar himself openly propagates such lies here.

Is it history repeating itself? 

Some of you either too young to remember or wasn't born yet.The Baling incident of December 1974 and students demonstration led by Anwar Ibrahim supposedly of villagers starving to death in Baling, Kedah because of shortages of food. It was later found that no such incident have occurred. A man who acted on instinct rather than finding the truth first before leaping into the quagmire. Going to the streets have always been his modus operandi.

I could list all the lies this desperate man had concocted over the years but it would be just a futile journey as almost all pro-Pakatan supporters are bought of his innocence. They see Anwar as the "messiah" and can do no wrong. History behold! That's how tyrants are throned.

They have cooked enough lies, tall stories and exaggerations to justify them going on the streets should Pakatan failed to win the elections tomorrow.

Let's keep level-headed and hope no such civil violence will occur whichever side win or lose the elections.


Anonymous said...

Anwar wants to be PM. He is the desperado that knows it is now or never. We will see which foreign uni will employ him as a lecturer. May be he can teach economic.. at oxford or cambridge. It makes not only malaysia but also the whole world laughing. He used to sing 'Tanya sama Najib...Sabah dah hilang'. We will see who will be the one that will be laughing this time.

Anonymous said...

Thank you HL for this timely reminder.
Which ever side wins, we must not wreck our country. Remember there is only one Malaysia.
I go round the blogs, fb, etc, and i must say it is the pro-pr supporters that i find more aggressive. Some are even downright alarming and threatening.

Purple Haze said...

Certainly whoever loses must respect the decision of the majority.

Violence is not part of the Malaysian psyche (or at least the older generation of Malaysians)

There have been videos distributed of Mat Rempits wreaking havoc wearing the colours of a certain political party. These videos are of different groups of Mat Rempits.

I have no doubt that there are groups on both sides of the divide that contemplate "buat kacau" for the fun of it.

As Malaysians, we must not allow this to happen.

Bottom line for the losing side - there is always next election !

Anonymous said...

Are we desperately need a change? Can we risk the stability we have enjoyed all this time? Anwar who was proven a liar before will be the PM if opposition win. Vote for An War is same as choosing a bleak future for our children. Please don't try an error with our children's future. Vote for stability as our family well being must come first not An War and family and friends and his foreign master.

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Anonymous said...
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