Monday, May 13, 2013

Pakatan Rakyat Has Only 36 Malay/Muslim MPs

Hantu Laut

We can argue till kingdom come, no amount of rabble rousing will ever change the truth. Anwar can carry on with his political rally everyday if he wishes to, but the fact remained he has lost the real Malay supports. 

Pakatan Rakayat would be in real dilemma if they had won the elections. It would be a minority government even if Anwar was made prime minister.

I am talking about Pakatan as a whole, not the component party individually. 

Of the 89 parliamentary seats they won only 36 can be attributed to Malay/Muslims supports........... 53 are non-Malay/Muslim seats

PKR won 30 seats, but 15 of these seats are won by non-Malay/Muslim candidates. Therefore, PKR 15 + PAS 21 = 36 seats............. and DAP 38 + PKR 15 = 53 seats. The non-Malay/Muslim has much bigger representation. The figure did not include 2 Muslim seats in DAP.

How some political analysts regarded it as Malaysian tsunami is beyond comprehension. There are two pendulums here, the Chinese pendulum swung to the left and the Malay pendulum swung to the right, along the political spectrum.

Only urban Malays voted PKR and majority of votes came from non-Malay voters to ensure PR victory, but unfortunately majority of Malay voters got cold feet when they realised the massive non-Malay swing toward PR, particularly to DAP.

Anwar Ibrahim can screamed fraud all he wants, nothing will change the fact that he lost the elections of his own gross misjudgement. He took for granted that the Malays will vote for him en masse.


Anonymous said...

since he wants to be PM so much why dont we give him a road and make him PM of that road. truly a PM jalanan.

Anonymous said...

DAP MPs Dato Ariff (Raub) & Zairil (Bukit Bendera) are Malay Muslim.

Anonymous said...

Zairil melayu ke??????

Anonymous said...

That satmangkuk is Malay alright but not so sure about that Zairil! Could you google him for everyone?

SM said...


As usual, when all else fails bring in the Race & Religious Cards. Now you know why the Urban voters voted for the PR? Not because they love DSAI!

The Urban Voters are fed-up of all the Corruption, cheating, lies, Racism, Bigotry, Cronysm & Deceit of UMNO & BN.

As Nazri said today (on why the Urban Malays voted for PR) "This is the tragedy of education. You keep them stupid, so they will keep you in government or you educate them and risk having them go against you. I will still choose the latter."

At least Nazri has the balls to tell the truth! As we have known all along....the BN keeps the Rural Folk and the East Malaysians illiterate (well once in a while they give them Peanuts to keep them happy!) so they keep voting for BN!

Purple Haze said...


I think you are losing the plot.

The individual parties within the PR had offered multiracial candidates including (gasp!) PAS who had non-Muslim candidates.

Juxtapose this with most of the BN parties who provided candidates based on the ethnic group they represented.

Your "rationale" is soomewhat flawed because you are basing your inference on racial groups whereas the PR's population of candidates is multiracial. Hence, the results will be flawed. As an example, the PR could have all 89 MPs as Malay/Muslim or 0 MPs. But that was not their objective to show racial segregation. It is your objective.

Next, you show selective bias (irrationally, I would add) that the 2 DAP elected representatives are not to be included in your count of Malay/Muslim MPs. Have you just created a new ethnic category ???

I think you are in denial that it was a Malaysian tsunami because no matter how you cut and dice the data, there is no way the Chinese electorate could have been the sole provider of the 51% popular vote won by PR.

Yes, there was a swing in Chinese votes but there was also a swing in Malay and Indian votes, too. Not much swing in Sabah and Sarawak but there is evidence of a smallish swing.

The BN won the elections. Instead of accusing one ethnic group of being "ungrateful", why aren't they thinking about what they can do to get this group back ?

If you have a customer that reduces its business with you to go with a competitor, are you going to shout insults at them for leaving or find out why they are moving and see what you can do to attract them back?

Anonymous said...

I doubt Zairil is a Malay.He was converted to Islam when he was 16 yrs old when his mother married Allahyarham Khir Johari.His real father is a Singaporean Chinese and he was born in Hawai.So,he is Chinese Muslim,Chinese by race.

Anonymous said...

Must have been too much Communist, Christian bashing which turn the tide to DAP at the expense of MCA, GERAKAN.

Why forgetting to add Malay-Muslim seats from East Malaysia?

Are they not as Melayu as those from Semenanjung?

Anonymous said...

Once again we have crap "denialists" coming in with their usual garbage to cover up their filthy arses.

Fact: the Chingk vote went to the opposition. 93% of the pigs who voted, voted Pakatan. Chingk turnout was and has always been higher than the national average (in GE 13 that would work out to 90%, above the national average of 80%). Thus, lets do the maths:

a. Of the 13.3 millions voters for GE 13, out of which 29.68 per cent or 3.94 million are Chinese Malaysian voters.

Assuming that 90% pigs turned out, that would make it 3.94 x 0.9 = 3.55

b. Assuming that 93 per cent of that Chinese voted for PR , 3.55 X 0.93 = 3.3 million

c.Pakatan claims that it got 5.6million, that leaves 5.6-3.3 = 2.3million non-Chingk votes

Now we know that PAS has hit its ceiling in GE12. Assuming that figure stays the same in GE13 (given the almost same number of seats=21 (minus 2)), PAS share of the non-Chingk vote would be 1.1million while PKR's(almost the same number of seats again= 30 (minus 1))would be 1.2 million roughly as in 2008.

Part 2
Separating the votes geographically, one would note that in the Malay heartland (Perlis, Pahang, Kelantan, Trg and Kedah) accounted for almost 52% above the Barisan Peninsular average of 46% while the the other states with huge Chinese minorities (or majority as in Penang), the Barisan vote was 40% below the Peninsular average of 46%. And remember that 40% was due to the Malay and Indian votes in those states.

Hantu Laut's seat breakdown conclusively proves this was a chinese tsunami. It only appears to be an urban rural divide to some idiots simply cos the Chingk MFs live in the urban areas, period. Time for the Chingks and everyone else to accept that it was a Chingk tsunami alright and move on.

Warrior 231

Anonymous said...

Zairil is Muslim Chinese, and can be included in the Muslim MP seats

Anonymous said...

So it is alright to call others who is not his own race ChingK and pigs by warrior? And his stats are plucked from thin air. The national voters turnout is 85% not 80.

If Mahatir can be a Malay, I do not see why Zairil is not a Malay.


Anonymous said...

Ahh havent been told to fuck off yet?

Anonymous said...

Is PR even a real coalition?

I seriously doubt the parties are committed to any real unity.

I doubt their honesty and sincerity towards each other.

Those few candidates who are the exception are merely tokens. When a party does that what I see what the party truly is. The fact that DAP tried to pass Zairil off as a Malay and probably set up his seat in DAP's CEC just insults people's intelligence.

So much for the urban educated voting PR for anti corruption, racism or any other moral reason they claim to champion. I suppose when liars tell lies often enough they believe it themselves.

SM said...


I maintain that despite all that's happened, we should still be civilized & discuss (debate, argue, whatever) reasonably & without Racism or Bigotary (please correct me if you disagree).

PERKASA & it's legions have no place in Malaysia & that's why not only the Non-Malays but the Malaysa too rejected Ibrahim & Zul Nordin.

Just look at some of the comments your readers make (e.g. Warrior 231). These are the types that UMNO are attracting to its ranks nowadays! And you still wonder why there's a backlash on BN?!