Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Government Is Afraid, Very Very Afraid !

Hantu Laut

The government is afraid and dare not take action against these provocateurs instigated by Anwar Ibrahim. 

They can now do anything they like, they want to go on the streets to create bigger chaos and violence.

A day before polling, I wrote this piece "Is Malaysia Heading For Trouble"

Well, I hope the Home Minister acts accordingly if these asses go to the streets.

The government is afraid… the slightest provocation by the police could set the nation on fire and that is why you don’t see the FRU and water cannons.
“The people are angry [over the alleged election fraud]… So testing their patience would not be wise and BN knows this,” said Kevin Thanaraj, a 28-year-old chemical engineer.
His friend, Darren Teoh, argued that the rallies were getting tiresome and wanted the opposition to take more drastic measures.
“Yes, the people are angry. But the opposition cannot expect us to keep attending rallies, sing songs and hear the same things over and over again for the next five years,” said the 34-year-old businessman.
Asked what he would propose, Teoh, without the slightest hesitation, replied: “The time has come to take these protests out of the fields and stadiums… It is time to take them to the streets.”
Overhearing the conversation, law student Hafiz Iskandar, 23, cited the famous phrase, “Bila tipu pilihanraya, kita turun jalanraya [When there is cheating in the polls, we must take to the streets].”
“I have attended four rallies so far, and I am tired of blowing the vuvuzela, my mouth hurts. This is not a fun-fair… It is a serious issue and serious action must be taken,” he stressed. Read more

Anwar is not going to stop until this country goes up in flame.


IT.Sheiss said...

So the "Jalan Kemuja Liberation Front" is going to lead the "oppressed and starving masses" who drive BMWs and sip expensive lattes to overthrow the recently elected government.

I wonder how many members, supporters and sympathisers the "Jalan Kemuja Liberation Front" has among the masses living in the low-cost flats nearby and other residences in the Bangsar Utama area.

Anonymous said...

Let them go to street. I can't wait to see the police beat them to a pulp. Let's the party begin. Jangan la asyik cakap aje. Cepatla turun jalanraya

The Silent Majority

kittykat46 said...

What chaos, What Violence ?

Over 500,00 people have attended peaceful assemblies in the last 2 weeks, with Zero violence.

Anonymous said...

Tak payah layan la diorang ni.

People are angry konon ... biarkan diorang nak demo ke, turun jalanraya ke ...

Kerajaaan should focus on the rural areas and some of the malay urban youth issues. That should do it.

Problem with Najib, KJ is they still want to engage these ungrateful clowns. Tka belajar dari PAS Kelantan ke ... bagi apa pun, pangkah tetap PAS. Idiots ... maybe they deserve it.

SM said...


The ones that cause the Violence & Chaos are the PDRM & FRU at the behest of UMNO!

Since the last Bersih Rally until last weekend's Rally, there has not been any Violence or Chaos.

In fact the Rallies have taken on a Carnival atmosphere with Vendors selling stuff & Malaysians from ALL Races & Economic Status coming together in a Spirit of Muhibbah. Face it, UMNO can't stand the fact that Chinese are wearing PAS T-shirts & head bands & even worse, Malaysia carrying DAP Flags!

There won't be any Violence or Chaos because Malaysians are far more intelligent than that. Now, if the PDRM & FRU are thrown into the equation by UMNO, then just like the first 2 Bersih Rallies....welll you know the results!

Compare this with the BN Rallies where you have 1/2 the crowds seen at the PR-led Rallies & that too because BN pays money & gives free food!

Anonymous said...

BN pays money & gives free food, alamak try to be more creative la, sick & tired of the same line over and over and over again, so Red Bean gets what??? 10sen per words or 10sen per alphabet??

Anonymous said...

wheres the fraud? obviously these people are idiots for believing or desperately wanting to believe that pr would have won....amidst all the lies that they themselves have they have trouble getting all the evidences to support their own theory...their mind too blacken out to see the go on with ur stupid blckout....the rest of us just laughing and enjoying the stupidity of it all.

Anonymous said...

thats good the vendor from bn can make some money from the blackout rallies...every
wats the point of wearing each others tshirts or headbands when the truth is that they despised each other. just look at the tussle thats going on in selangor. Before the election the chinese daps never even bother about pas or pkr..but now they realise they need the malays from pas n pkr to usual the opposition malays are too stupid to see the truth.....i've heard my chinese colleagues saying how stupid these malays are....hahaha.....poor them

Anonymous said...


sm is such a clown. I'm reminded of the birthday cake for nik aziz at OKU karpal's home

wow such a lovey dovey image - consumption for the truly GULLIBLE like the joker sm

yo retard, their BODY language speaks of knives and parangs for each other

hahahahaha only imbecile retards like am will believe such blatant con propaganda

go on beleiving in your spin

psst if those bozos are NOT paid, do you really think they will turun jalanraya at the expense of their studies, career, business??

hahahahaha sm is such an idiot

Anonymous said...


the big difference between 505 and bershit is the composition of the participants

nothing to do with PDRM or FRU

bershit are mostly Malay lembus from PAS and PKR

505 are majority young CHINESE

see the hidden agenda??

so who's the stooooppiiidd one?

Anonymous said...

Agreed with Anon@9:59, in general only Malay "lembus" and Chinese bulls attend such wasteful gatherings.

As they say, it takes 1 million Chinese to fool 1 Malay Najib and only 1 Malay Anwar is needed to fool 1 Million Chinese!

I hope when they do get down those streets, they do it right in the central business districts in all major towns and cities and see who will be howling when their shops are closed down during the melee.

Anonymous said...

No need to arrest Anwar because it will be global news, just arrest his handymen and charge them properly and sentence them expeditiously just like what they did post-UK 2012 riot!

Let Anwar sing and dance like the clown he is... before long he would have that backache and neck ache (famous in 1998-2003) and may have to fly to Germany for treatment, pordah!

Purple Haze said...

Yes, the govt is very afraid.

Consider this.

Member of Parliament - Nurul Izzah - is barred from entering Sabah at KK airport while armed Suluk insurgents from Phillippines have no problem landing in Sabah.

All this happened in the past 3 months. Go figure !!!

Anonymous said...

aiyoyo amak hazy purply

go figure skating huh?

it is because her daddy the devil incarnate is the guy who created havoc therefore as a SECURITY measure

from NOW onwards, this disgusting family are BARRED ENTRY

alamak where you put your purple brains huh?