Friday, May 17, 2013

Zahid "It is better to keep your mouth shut than open it and remove all doubt"

Hantu Laut

Before he even started, they already gave him headache. 

Wow! What a way towards mending and winning the people's hearts and minds. 

Reconciliation, the Prime Minister talking about repairing the severe lost of confidence of his government by urban voters and the Chinese community, seemingly, a voice in the wilderness, his ministers have their own ideas how to please the people, or rather how to undermine him.

If you think the low magnitude Hishamuddin Onn was bad enough and everyone rejoiced of his exit from the Home Ministry, we may now conclude that the Ministry is jinxed,  to be driven by another  insensitive, impervious, smarmy and blundering minister. 

In less than two days of taking office this nutty as a fruitcake minister tell Malaysians to leave the country if they don't like the system. He has another 1,822 days to go. Let's hope he gets off his high horse.

Zahid Hamidi, the new Home Minister had a glorious day insulting his countrymen to leave the country if they don't like the parliamentary system here.

Anwar's belligerency should be dealt with by the law, not by lambasting the people.

As citizens of this country we have constitutional rights to question the system, but at the end of the day the majority shall prevail. Ministers do not have God's given right to tell us to leave the country if we disagree with them.

 "It is better to keep your mouth shut and let people think you are a fool than open it and remove all doubt" ...Mark Twain. 

Haa! Mark Twain, had two of his books as literature in schools, Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn.

Always ponder before you open your big mouth.

No thanks to Najib for choosing this noisome and bumptious minister.

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Anonymous said...

HL, for one I have to agree with Zahid. This is the only way to deal with Anwar + Anbiga. Sudah kalah election still claim ada cheating. Anwar claim ada bukti "berdozen dozen". Bila suruh pegi court, tak mau pulak. So this is the way: tell them to *uck *ff. No more dilly dally.

Anonymous said...

The Malaysian citizen should question the people who question the system.

Anonymous said...

Wa sokong zahid. Not agreeing with result of pru13 and using popularity vote as the reason is petty, stupid and has malicious intent. dah dipujuk dengan baik dan explain dengan baik tapi makin kurang ajar then kenalah take stern action. The only reason for the demo is to further instill hatred to the govt which most pribumi , malay and India has chosen. If cina dapsters laknat adn its supporters dont like it, take zahid advise. Let other malaysian live in peace and harmony.

Anonymous said...

Well done zahid, Malaysia is better off without those morons.

Anonymous said...

I agreed wholeheartly with zahid statements.

Anonymous said...

HL< on this topic i have to disagree with you.

Anonymous said...

come on hantu laut...what else can you do if these morons keep harping on something that are not in the constitution..accept the a good & productive opposition. Fight again the next GE and make sure they win with two third majority then do something to change the election system...

Anonymous said...

Good riddance to bad rubbish.
If you don't agree with the system of Malaysian Politics, then you all can fuck off!

SM said...


I must admit that you said this of Hishamuddin a few times in the past & now you will be saying it of Zahid from now on!

But just read your avid followers you have to agree with me when I say the ignorant & somewhat brain-empty bigots follow UMNO without question! As Nazri said (& I guess he was punished by Najib by being given the Tourism & Culture Ministry!) keep them stupid & ignorant & they will keep you in Government!

Don't disagree with UMNO Ministers too many times or your readers will be calling you dirty names too!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wah SM, u r soo clever aren't you. We have a right to agree or disagree n we say so nicely without offending anyone. Is that a problem to u?? So the readers of this blog can't voice their opinion? U call people ignorant n brain empty bigots just bcuz they have different views n values than you. So those who never question the opposition must be super genius to your standard.

Anonymous said...

SM is a typical arrogant opposition supporters. Anyone who ever even slightly agrees with bn is considered stupid, dumb empty brain bigots. And SM takes great pride in calling others stupid. He relish n enjoys it very much. Hopefully SM will be our next pm in the next election.

SM said...

Anonymous 4:41pm & 4:48pm,

No I actually do not relish calling BN supporters Stupid & Empty-brained! So I apologize if you guys do want to discuss in a civil & gentlemanly manner.

I actually love to debate with people of differing views in a clear & civil manner. As I have discussed with HL many a time in the past. However, as HL will probably be able to confirm if he so chooses to do so, many a time BN / UMNO supporters have called me Racist Names & insulted me just because I had differing views.

You may not believe it but most of my best friends are UMNO supporters! Yup, we always discuss politics & we almost always disagree but we still do business together & share many a teh tarik doing so. However, none of them believe the Indians & Chinese are Illegal Immigrants & none of them call the Indians Keling!

Anonymous 4:48pm....thanks for wanting to elect me PM but no's a thank-less job, just ask Najib (ok, I know you are being sarcastic but what the heck...)!

Anonymous said...

Have to disagree this time with your piece HL. Its about time someone stood up and say as it is.


Anonymous said...

zahid gua caya sama lu, ini macam punya menteli gua mau , telus telang punya sama ini olang tamak tak da seda punya untung di malay sia.

kalau gua lebih baik dia olang semua mampus sama itu melayu mudah lupa punye.......penipu rakyat.

minta tuan allah cepat angkat dia olang semua..

pasar keramat

Anonymous said...

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Purple Haze said...

For the pro-BN/Zahid and anti-Bersih readers at this blog, please direct your attention to the Interim Report of IDEAS and CPPS. Their summary was that GE13 was "not particularly free and not fair."

This conclusion is not made by PR supporters or some foreign news agency. It is made by consultants appointed by the Election Commission themselves.

In view of this, if you can be reasonably objective, it should be a no brainer why a call for free and fair elections in the months preceding GE13 is now validated by the EC's own consultants.

Anonymous said...

How do you start a reconciliation process by stating that those who disagree can go away. Must as well be a dictatorial system. Why have a sham democracy?

If dictatorial regime is in place in Malaysia, will those who side Zahid be happy?


Anonymous said...

Najib is keeping this insensitive and low-intelligent man as a "Gurkha". And yet...

Zahid Hamidi was close to Anwar once and he may well unconsciously try to sabotage Najib instead...