Sunday, June 23, 2013

Black 505 Rally A Flop: DAP The Crowd Puller, Not Anwar

Hantu Laut

The distressed politician

As I have said in my earlier post 'will it fizzle out before it started' the expected happened.Anwar blamed the haze for the poor turnout.

It's not the haze, people are tired of listening to the same thing, the repetitious bashing of BN and the EC. An overdose of anything will have dire consequence.Even an overdose of vitamins can make you sick, or die from it.

An attendee when asked why is he leaving so early responded "Many of us were put off by speeches bashing BN and the SPR(Election Commission).Their speeches belong to pre-election ceramahs, not at a rally for the rakyat"

The general feeling among the people is that Anwar is too much"gila kuasa" and has become completely irrational. The content of his speech at the rally was a reflection of his emotional distress.People are beginning to realise that getting more popular votes do not guarantee a win, it's the party that collected the most number seats at simple majority that form the government. Anwar refused to accept the results and started a campaign of destabilising the government.

The Black 505 Rally at Padang Merbok was a big flop, they had less than 10% of the 300,000 people expected to turn up.The lukewarm response by DAP was a major cause of the failure, which should make Anwar realise that DAP is the crowd puller, not him. Lim Kit Siang presence was just a symbolic gesture not to upset Anwar. There were very little attendance of DAP supporters. Most Chinese that attended the rally were PKR members and supporters.

Here, the sycophantic pro-Anwar/PR portal Malaysia Chronicle pulled a bluff, putting the crowd at 70,000, when they hardly had more than 30,000.

The measly Chinese presence will not bode well for Anwar, he may be the de facto leader, but DAP the one calling the shots. DAP is definitely the crowd puller with massive Chinese solidarity in urban areas. Anwar's supports are mostly opportunistic, localised and scattered among the different ethnic groups.As I have written in an earlier post, PR elected members are dominated by non-Malays, boosted by swelling Chinese supports.

A good example to quote is Mohd Ariff Sabri also known by his blogging name SakmongkolAK47, who was DAP candidate for P.80 Raub, a mixed constituency of 11501 voters comprising Malay(49%) Chinese(44%) and Indians (7%). Sabri won by a majority of 2814 votes on the back of strong Chinese supports. The vote was not for Ariff Sabri, it was a vote for DAP. He would have lost if he had stood in a Malay majority area in Pahang.

DAP is the mainstay of Pakatan Rakyat supports and the crowd puller. Not PKR, PAS, or Anwar.

DAP have played their cards well, logical and rational, they have no ambition to make a Chinese prime minister. Even with more seats than PKR and PAS, they will accept Anwar as PM, but being the kingmaker, they can control him and shape the policies and future of this nation according to their prescriptions.

Penang is a modality.


Anonymous said...

They actually think it's a rally for the rakyat?

Did the organizers forget to tell them it's to whine and cry cheat because Pakatan didn't win last election?

Anonymous said...

Semua ucapan adalah pembohongan dan penipuan di depan rakyat....KALAH TETAP KALAH..

Anonymous said...

Semua ucapan adalah penipuan dan pembohongan didepan rakyat...KALAH TETAP KALAHHHH......

Anonymous said... fucking TRUE!!

Anonymous said...

Well said and factual. The problem is this lunatic Anwar and his bunch of lunatic supporters does not understand Bahasa Melayu nor English nor Mandrin nor Tamil.

In fact he Anwar and his followers don't even understand what Democracy is all about. They are only Democrazy.

Juzt a bunch of Losers and deceivers trying hard perceiving the rakyat with all their lies and deceits.

Anonymous said...

Democracy is slow in coming to Malaysia!

BN, police, ngo, dbkl all still undergoing lessons in democracy.

Guess our university's students are all nerds and studying in prison camps.

However, human spirit is such that the yearning for Freedom, Rights, Expression, transparency, fairness will just not disappear however much it is suppress.

It's just a matter of time before whoever wants to be the Govt of any nation realizes that. For some , they woke up too late and face the consequences of their immature minds.

So, Asian countries better wake up soon. The pain of growing up as a democratic and developed country is less painful if only the right choices are made all the time in governing it's citizens.

Don't you know that?

Anonymous said...

Anwar is licking his own wound. One day for sure people will know the truth. Munafiq leader is supported by munafiq supporters.

Anonymous said...

Learned a new word today to describe these PR Goons,DEMOCRAZY instead Of DEMOCRACY.
GE 13..Rear Admiral tipu Cinabeng.
Blackout 505...Cinabeng tipu Rear Admiral.
Baik punya cerita and the story will never end concerning this PR marriage of convenience.

Anonymous said...

anon @ June 23, 2013 at 11:47 AM should preach this "wisdom" to china