Sunday, June 30, 2013

Mutalib MD - The Unsung Hero

Hantu Laut

Though I don't know him personally and have never met the man I share the loss of this unsung hero, who for many years have been ridiculed by those in power for exposing the issuance of I/Cs to illegal immigrants from the Philippines and Indonesia.

He was the first to expose the "I/C Palsu" and letting illegal immigrants to votes using forged I/C. He also started the first widely read Sabah political blog "Sabahkini"

A true Sabahan who for years pursue the illegal I/C and illegal immigrants problems but to no avail as the power that be denied any involvement.

As the adage "truth will out" what he wrote and has been saying all these years came true at the RCI (Royal Commission of Enquiry) that had many recipients of illegal I/Cs coming forward to testify.

A true and fearless Sabahan, who tried to right the wrongs, but did not live long enough to see through what he has been fighting for all these years.

A champion for Sabahans, an unsung hero, we will be missing him.

My deepest condolence to his family and may Allah bless his soul.


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Purple Haze said...

A true Sabahan and Malaysian.

At least he got to see the RCI get going but unfortunately, not able to give testimony due to this untimely demise.