Sunday, June 16, 2013

Some People Have The Cheek !

Hantu Laut

Ansari should have known better the cabals, the cheats and the fabulists that is Anwar's brand of politics. A dirty user of the worst kind

Never trust a man with a crooked smile!

Some people have the cheek!

Our target today is Ansari Abdullah.  A friend of his on Facebook sent us the following posting:

Many of you who follow us here and elsewhere must have thought that we are going to criticize Ansari like we did others - yes, we whack everyone!  But not today, in fact, we felt sorry for him :-(

It is extremely painful to be forsaken by people we trust but that should not hinder us from moving on and strengthening our determination to improve ourselves and contribute our part to society.

For Ansari, 35 years of legal experience is definitely not long enough to spot and handle vicious and deceitful politics...! Read more.

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