Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Cocksure Cocksucker !

Hantu Laut

He is the most amusing and at the same the most disgusting schemer in the whole PKR outfit that might have put to shame the real Goebbels.

If you don't know who the real Joseph Goebbels is. Here he is!

Rafizi thinks a video showing a Bangla, the correct term is Bengali (there is yonks old confusion in this country of calling Sikhs and Pakistani (West) as Bengalis) holding his inked thumb and saying he is not Malaysian is strong evidence of cheating in the13th GE by BN. Here, the story.

Who is he trying to kid?

Below is another allegation of vote rigging, which sounds as hollow as the 40,000 Bengalis voting in the 13th GE, an incredulous story of logistical nightmare to fly them in all the way from Dhaka to KL. 

Most people know (unless you are bozo like him) with today's technology you can do almost anything with photos and videos. Though, videos are more difficult to doctor but easiest to stage. As they say nothing is impossible, it's miracle that takes time. Every week this court jester will come up with new evidence of frauds by BN.

Rafizi can get one of his Malaysian Indian friends to act as a Bengali and claimed he is from Bangladesh. What so difficult about that. Even my 5 years old grandson can shoot the video for him. All he has to do is get the actor.

Morons will believe him.

Why should the EC investigate such incredulous claims. It is not their job to investigate. If a crime had been committed the right avenue is the police and the court of law.

We have sufficient law to take care of election offences. Go to court to seek justice there, if you think you had been had. The streets, the stadiums and the huge rallies are not going to render justice, it can only be the tinder box, which is what Anwar wanted, I guess!

Someone told me he is a prodigy of some kind, but I think he is a bit screwed in the head. From his body language and his grins you know he is a man ,either, in love with himself or suffering from "siege mentality", the same sickness afflicting Anwar that makes him delusional, a persecution complex that is an acute irrational fear that other people are plotting one's downfall and that they are responsible for one's failures.

Let me ask this young and bright Melayu boy about Anwar's  sex video, which Anwar denied it was him and claimed the video was faked, though, the man in the video is a spitting image of him, does he think the video is pukka, the real stuff ?

If Anwar's video is faked, can we not also say Rafizi's video is also faked? 

In every game there should be fair play and level playing field. You can't win all the time. If you claim your video is genuine than Anwar's sex video must be the same.....pukka!

Whatever happened to Anwar's double, who was apparently apprehended by Malaysian Immigration and deported to Thailand. Another lie .There never was his double. That was another pre-election red herring to fool the people.

In spite of the fact that the experts confirmed the sex video is not faked, Anwar and every Pakatan leaders staged a wayang for the court of public opinion and the Malaysian public are sold..... log, stock and barrel.



Anonymous said...

I disagree you used young and bright.Better to used 'pondan' and stupid fellow for this guy.

Anonymous said...

One common trait among PKR leaders - their IQ range belongs to the IDIOTS

only similar idiots or desperados will believe their wayang

Ismail N said...

Only morons support PKR! I'm getting annoyed reading their silly allegations every day. Best to switch off the political channel for time being.

Purple Haze said...

To digress slightly but still on topic, would you then say that the famous "Correct, correct, correct" Lingamgate video is fake ?

Forensic experts have testified that it is genuine at the RCI.

The perpertrators have never been brought to a court of law for what has to be a clear cut case of abuse of the judiciary and of executive powers.

Its been a few years since. What is holding the AG's office from pressing charges ? The testimony is already there and the video has been verified (as opposed to Rafizi's and Anwar videos).

We know who took those videos, we know where it was taken, we know whom the parties were (even if it "looks like me, sounds like me, etc") other than one party pleading selective memory loss at that time (but can remember so many other things!).

Apa lagi Gani Patail mau ? It is a clear cut case of a lawyer trying to influence the decision of the judiciary. That is a crime against the people of Malaysia, regardless of political allegiance.

Anonymous said...

Purple Haze,
You are getting more kelabu,cerita dah basi buat apa bawa lagi.Lain kali lah....

Anonymous said...

You have a grandson? Your language makes you sound like a juvenile. Grow up la Cibai. What's the need to transport them from Bangladesh when they're already here?'s not Bengali....

Gram Kong said...


You are the biggest moron, it shows your poor grasp of the English language.I suggest you go back to school. It may sound vulgar, but it is not what you think it is. Anyway, I can pinpoint who you are by your I.P.address, but will keep it to myself for now. Every visitor that come to this blog will show the I.P address and the place they come from.

Check the dictionary what is a cocksucker before you spill your guts out, idiot!

Anonymous said...

But it was reported by opposition that these bangla were brought in tens of thousands by plane. It was illogical and now some idiots said these are bangla who were already in M'sia. Next time you want to fool people pls get more logical so you don't need to change story. Theu leh mah hi kahai

Purple Haze said...

Anonymous 7.32 pm.

Cerita tu belum basi lagi.

Wringful acts have been made against the constitutional rights of the rakyat of Malaysia. An act which is wrong is wrong, no matter how you cut and dice it.

Anonymous said...

This ass-licker is Anwar's anak ikan, since waaay back when Anwar went to emotionally console him in the UK.

It's like being bit by a vampire. You are now forever his.

So, it is appropriate that is pondan is now known as YB PONDAN instead of YB Pandan.

A liar and bullshitter, through and through.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

As I am visiting your blog rather late, I just kinda scan your post... and so am not sure whether you are saying Rafizi also is a cocksucker?.. now that's real scary as he is also former MCKK boy same as you know who... I'd better go to bed and hope no nightmare about cocksuckers!