Friday, July 19, 2013

Alvivi: Has The AG Gone Overboard ?

Hantu Laut

I disagree with this

I think the AG (Attorney-General) has gone overboard. Looking at the picture and the message I really don't see the justification for such severe punishment. Though, in my earlier posting I said they should face the music, I would have thought a fine would suffice.

Young people, sometimes, make mistake out of foolishness and we must draw a balance between an actual crime or a joke that has gone sour because it touched raw nerves, the sensitivity of some people. A prank that had blown unto itself.

I guess Alvin and Vivian thought they were being clever when they posted the photo and caption that draw the ire of Muslims in the country. 

Maybe, not all Muslims, some may have taken it lightheartedly and consider it a joke.

I suppose, different strokes for different folks.

Well, if we Muslims can accept beef bacon and turkey ham, how come halal bak kut teh can spook us? 

Almost all major hotels in the country serve halal bacon and ham.

We have halal bak kut teh in Sabah. 

It just a name, like beef bacon and turkey ham.

I still think the couple should not get away with what they did, but does the crime justify the punishment?

Even rape, a heinous crime is bailable.

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Anonymous said...

Who is this writer Gram Kong? I am asking because of the degree of misinformation he has. Are you equating beef bacon and turkey ham with bak kut teh? I am now suspicious if you really know what you are talking about.

Beef bacon is beef: it's just slices from the meat that resemble bacon slices that one usually cuts from pork. Turkey ham is made of that: turkey. Bak Kut Teh is made from Porks. What's wrong with you?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'm sure those 2 Chinese are talking about halal bak kut teh and not making fun of majority of Malaysians by eating pork and slapping halal logo on the pic instead.


It's clear from their previous twitter.

“I think this “halal pork for Ramadhan” stunt was the stupidest one we ever pulled. Even I had to admit it. We, were, wrong.”

Well,even if apologists keep try finding ways to defend them for this foolish stunt, they won't escape the indecency charge with their sex videos.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. Nothing like giving them counselling and a few days of cleaning toilets or garbage collecting for 2mths or more..

Gram Kong said...

Anonymous 7.31,

You are just a bigot of the first order, the original bacon and ham are also made from pork meat, why called them by such name, ain't that wrong. If beef bacon and turkey ham can be halal, why can't bak kut teh. In Sabah we have bak kut teh made out of seafood.

Gram Kong said...

Anonymous 7.31,

You are just a bigot of the first order, the original bacon and ham are also made from pork meat, why called them by such name, ain't that wrong. If beef bacon and turkey ham can be halal, why can't bak kut teh. In Sabah we have bak kut teh made out of seafood.

Anonymous said...

Should jail these two for few years. Haven't these two got anything better to do? Not worth having these two as citizens.

Anonymous said...

There are halal 'kut teh'. Its called 'chik-kut-teh' meaning, chicken bones tea-soup..loosely translated. If its bak (Pork)kut teh..its very clear its PORK, nothing else. This is a tasteless and cheap publicity, and I deserve the punishment. More, if possible. They did it, so take full responsibility of their actions. These morons are shameful to their family, race and our country. No pity for them.

Anonymous said...


The guy was sponsored by Singapore govt. to be a scholar yet the asshole and his ugly looking partner mocked Singaporeans and called names.

Someone complained to the police about their x-rated videos and their rants on line....the scholarship was terminated this year and he balik kampong to do another one..this time BKT episode.

The guy is a serial maniac. Only prison time is able to teach those two. Nothing else will do. is time to become hantu mak limah lah! baik tak kena tempat lah lu!

Anonymous said...

serve them right.they are lucky if this happen in Pakistan they get life imprisonments.

Anakbukitgantang said...


The fine is fine but a precedence to deter others so that Islam , the religion of Malaysia as stated in The Constitution,is not compromised shall be taken into account.

AG has in the past let go off Namewee. Should he Namewee do the heinous crime of belittle Islam again , he will face the same consequence.

No the AG has not gone overboard here..he is just doing his job with fine interpretation of Constitution

Anonymous said...

No i dont think the ag as gone overboard. U reap way u sowed. The posting was so rude and insensitive to all muslims and islam.

Let the court decie wat ismd appropriate punishment for this foolish acts and let it be a reminder for all others fools who are thinking to do the same.

Anakbukitgantang said...

Gram Kong,

A pig and any pork derivatives (bacon,lard, ham,E 491) cannot be halal-please check all Muslim Food directories world wide

You made an argument without researching Islam syariah needs!

Pasquale said...

HL,I agree with you on beef bacon and turkey ham, in the case of bak Ku teh, I think there is a malice intended here to insult the vast majority of Malays (and non-Malays) who professed Islam as their religion. It's like mocking Muslims intentionally, certain taboos and mores of our country is best not to mess around with other people religious taboos and traditions.

Gram Kong said...


I agree, I only bring to light whether the sentence commensurate with the crime. I know since March 2008 the political landscape of this nation has changed and I can only blame one man, Anwar Ibrahim. The racial and religious rift are getting dangerously out of control. That's why people like Alvin and Namawee are getting stupidly bolder to insult other religion, particularly, Islam.

SM said...


I agree that these 2 should have been charged. no arguments there. However, being denied bail?!
Then there is the issue of what our Home Minister said...i.e. let this be a lesson that you cannot make a mockery of other people's religious beliefs (again no arguments here)....BUT if that is so then Zul Nordin & Ibrahim Ali should both be charged too!
It's just shows how one sided the BN (i.e. UMNO) rule is!
By the way, you can't say things like AG going overboard here....what are your Bigoted, Oxygen deprived-Brained UMNO supporters going to say?!

Anonymous said...

1 this monkey duo have a track record of controversies. They love to shock and awe and be notorious.

2 this latest stunt has the possibility of a time bomb, with the recent resentment against the chinese

3 if the AG decided otherwise, the Muslims might just take the law into their own hands

4 the recent kidnapping of a babi-head thrower is just the tip of the iceberg

5 AG has the experience and the spine to act for the benefit of the majority

6 their apology is imposed on them, no sincerity nor remorse

7 what makes you hantu laut think that they will NOT post any more provocations

8 if you let them off lightly, THAT will be the green light for other sepet cinabengs to exercise their "freedom of speech"

9 too many cinabengs got off lightly in the past which embolden them further

10 you wanna see a repeat May13???

Anonymous said...

I am offended with what the two did in the FB posting. Now that they have been charged I stop short of supporting their no-bail status. I agree with you HL that this is far too excessive for the offence they committed.

I am surprised that people who call themselves Muslim and are fasting in this Holy Month of Ramadhan (and commenting on your posting) cannot find it in their heart to oppose this herd-mentality derived decision of the AG to send the two to prison through no-bail!

I am a Muslim and am always reminded that Allah swt is Most Gracious and Most Merciful but we his creatures could be so vengeful.

I hope they will appeal to the higher court and get a less emotive decision.

This no-bail business is making our Malaysian society more divisive and communal anger rife with slow burning. I am worried for Malaysia.

Why have we come to this? I agree with you it's that man Anwar Ibrahim who is making the Chinese youth bolder in their actions that hurt the sentiment of their Malay friends.

Racial polarisation in WM is at its worst and it is being exported to EM by irresponsible people. I hope they would just disappear from the surface of the earth!

HL I salute your balanced postings and looking forward to reading them especially after reading a blog posting by a former federal Minister on the same topic. This guy was nearly sued by AA for his irresponsible posting on the airline.

Anonymous said...

If anyone does not understand Chinese, please go and learn, la.

Bak in Chinese means Meat and it could be pork, beef, chicken or any meat of animals. Get it?

Since it is consume mostly by Chinese, so they use pork most of the time.

In Chinese depend on your dialect, pork is called Tu Bak or Chi Yok etc.

Bak Kut Teh translated just means Spare Ribs Tea or Meat Bones Tea.

So how do you charge in Court?

Who made this a big issue anyway?

Anonymous said...

While I agree the offence is wrong, I agree with Gram Kong, the sentence is not commensurate with the crime. I do believe Alvivi regarded it as a joke, and was not aimed at insulting Muslims, but it was in bad taste.

Basically, I see them as a young couple who are rebelling against the hypocrisy they see in society. On the one hand people can be very prudish about sex, about what the eat or don't eat, and have many outward rules. But those same apparently 'religious' people are prepared to cheat, to indulge in immorality secretly, and live corrupt lives. What they have done is a sort of 'Statement' about how they see society.

Unfortunately many Malaysians are very over-sensitive about some things and react quite strongly, and we therefore need to be more cautious in what we express. On the other hand, we should not encourage people to over react.

I am reminded by a passage from the Bible: "Vengeance is mine, says the Lord."

DF said...

Even those two idiots admitted that it was a bad 'halal pork' stunt. I think that's already justifies the reason why Muslims were mad.

You need to slap your head hard brah~

IT.Sheiss said...

They may have been held on remand without bail but they haven't been convicted and sentenced yet, so we don't know what their sentence will be.

That fact that bak kut teh mean "meat bones tea" soup and not "pork bones tea" soup could be the technicality which gets them off the hook.

However, bak kut teh is generally associated with pork and their tweet, “I think this “halal pork for Ramadhan” stunt was the stupidest one we ever pulled. Even I had to admit it. We, were, wrong,” says that the meat they were supposedly eating in that photo was "halal pork", otherwise, they would have said that it was mutton bak kut teh.

The question then is - what was their intent in this stunt which any sensible person knows will insult many Muslims in Malaysia, especially during the fasting month.

Race relation between Malays and Chinese in Malaysia have worsened, especially after the 13th general elections and acts like this can lead to racial violence and all it needs is a spark like this to set it off.

Do we want another May 13th?

I don't, but it's acts by people like these two, which can bring racial violence upon their own community and other communities too.

Even if there is no violence, such acts can also lead to a less sympathetic attitude towards people on their community from the civil service, in business, in education, etc.

I wonder whether they thought about the wider consequence before they pulled this stunt.

BTW. I'm neither Malay, Chinese nor Muslim. Just a concerned Malaysian.

Purple Haze said...

There is no doubt that these two should be punished.

Their message is provocative to Muslims.

But there have also been people of the Islamic faith who have provoked non-Muslims such as the Perkasa folks (burning bibles, for instance) and the cow head incident.

If the AG's action then was the benchmark, then what he is doing now is "overboard" as Hantu Laut suggests.

Is the AG practicing selective justice ?

HL, the person you should be blaming is not Anwar Ibrahim but Syed Hamid Albar for he is the one who dug up the "Allah" issue when there was none before.

And because of Syed Hamid's sabre rattling, the rest of the world is watching to see if the Malaysian government can trademark the word "Allah" as that would cause some upheaval in the Middle East as well as the Sikh community.

Syed Hamid's pursuit of this was also a factor in awakening the normally reticient Malaysian electorate to figure out that their constitutional rights were being slowly but surely eroded. This provided momentum for the Opposition to gain the advantage in the past 2 elections.

Anwar Ibrahim could not have mustered all that following by himself. He had help from these over-the-top acts of BN-affiliated people like Syed Hamid and even the AG, who awakened the rakyat.

Anonymous said...

Why is the law being used only when insulting the Moslems religion?

Does it say so in the constitution or other laws and acts?

What about insulting other religions?

Is that not racists?

SM said...


You see what I mean about the Racist elements who read your Blog?
By the way, you write something on the History of Borneo & you get 1 comment (i.e. mine) but you write something Politically or Racially connected & you get more than 20 comments!
By the way, as Purple Haze said it's not DSAI (not every road leads back to him! I do believe that you have a "thing" for DSAI ;)).
Racists Fools like Ibrahim Katak Ali & Zul Keling Nordin will bring Race relations to disaster in Malaysia (not DSAI). The worse thing about it all is Najib just keeps quiet & let's it all happen (& we said Pak Lah was sleeping!!!!!).

Anonymous said...

HULLO retards

that monkey couple said, “halal pork for Ramadhan”

if that is not clear enough of their malicious and provocative INTENT

you've got to have your head examined

no more LAME excuses or idiotic spin in defence of the shameless sluts

we have had enough!!! Better have them in jails than outside, otherwise the seething Muslims might take the law into their own hands - which may not be pretty

Anonymous said...

purply hazy

Perkasa was born to counter the RACIST dong zong that is bent on provocating the bumis' rights enshrined in the constitution

Ibrahim Ali wants ONLY those bibles with "Allah" for holy trinity, which is super inaccurate and without a doubt PROVOCATIVE.

The christians have been testing the Muslims' patience not the other way round.

And Muslims' patience is wearing thin what with that stupid vatican, chinese tsunami and now halal pork .....

Anonymous said...

Agree with u bro. Hantu laut tunjuk baik tak kena tempat.

Anonymous said...

They should have just stuck to issues concerning sex. Once they ventured into issues of religion, it gets political. And the judiciary system is biased towards the ruling party.

Anonymous said...

sm the greatest hypocrite who condemns others as racist but is the biggest racist himself

"Racists Fools like Ibrahim Katak Ali & Zul Keling Nordin"

anwar the buttman is the cinabeng's hope to wrest Putrajaya from the Malays

so even if he's an ex-CONVICT for CORRUPTION, POWER ABUSE and SODOMY, it's okay for sepet cinabeng

coz they will support the devil himself just for power

remember cinabeng holding up banners of I "love PM" and "we support Ah Jib Gor"

and then hey presto - the chinese tsunami - who in the world would trust cinabeng anymore???

Anonymous said...

anon July 19, 2013 at 11:33 PM is the DUMBO of the century

Zillions of cases against UMNO, BN, PERKASA and UTUSAN

and so many cases for anwar buttman

and yet bozos with retarded IQs still deny reality and believe fairytales and grandpa coolie kang stories

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you are so understanding lah. Not me.
Look, this has nothing to do with bak kut teh halal or bkt haram.
The fact is these 2 ugly people decided to stir some shit, ok. So now live with the consequences.
U wanna excuse them for their youth? Look, at that age, you ought to know better. Unless of course you are brain dead like this ugly pair.
Recall the early days when they were asked why they did it, the male of the ugly specimen so arrogantly said something like they felt like it.
Ok, now go and feel life in jail.
And how nice if we can throw the key away.
They got away with their sexcapades. Now they want more attention. Enjoy, uglies.

Anonymous said...

Idiot. The judiciary system is not bias towards the ruling party but to MALAYsia. Be grateful count your blessings do not step the live wire.

Anonymous said...

If what you eat can affect your mind and soul, your mind and soul are indeed very weak!

If eating pork can be so sinful, I guess all of the people on earth who are eating pork have the deepest sins.

How come all of these sinful pork eaters can fly up to the outer space (so-called heaven), while many of the pure mind and soul who don't eat pork still can't achieve that???

Anonymous said...

anon 5:55 PM


"fly up to the outer space" is now the ultimate test of superior beings

I thought it was the ability to produce copyrighted goods to sell cheaply in black markets

in other words steal others' brainwork for quickie cash