Thursday, July 25, 2013

Welcome To Cows,Horses,Camels And Women

Hantu Laut

Welcome to the Muslim World, where cows, horses, camels and women are deemed alike and should be treated as such. 

Was it religion or men who evinced that women are inferior to men?

Was it religion, culture or poverty that necessitates child marriage?

Why was it more prevalent in Islamic societies and less in other societies?

I will not render an answer. I wish my readers will help with some answers.

Watch the horror stories below:


Anonymous said...

I hope Ustaz Hadi Awang is not gonna spin up his terrible AMANAT again, after Islamist Egypt went down. It scares the hell out of us Chinese Malaysians. Why he go and put that TAliban-trained young guy to run in Penang in the GE13?

Anonymous said...

yeah welcome to the doomed world of the so-called "islamic world"

this is so unIslamic!

Anonymous said...

When Pak Pandir was asked by his wife to invite "Lebai" with a description of somebody with a goatee beard to recite a prayer he brought home a "kambing" instead. True enough, you can find many of these "kambing" who know how to put on an Arabic head dress in Malaysia.

SM said...


Nothing to do with Religion. It's the men...& over in Malaysia we too have some staunch Retards who are just as keen to keep women in chains...
You best not ask your readers, as you know what they ar elike from past comments!