Thursday, September 12, 2013

It's "Bandh" Day,Happy In The East

Hantu Laut

Here I am, completely immobilised, eating dust instead of breathing fresh mountain air.

Kathmandu is highly polluted with dust particles due to many of its unpaved roads.

It's an old civilisation that had grown backward.

Today is bandh day in Kathmandu. There is bandh every other day in this city, but today is a big one that virtually lock down the city. 

Most schools, shops and offices are closed and many major roads in the city are closed to traffics and almost all public transports will came to a grinding halt, I was told.

Yesterday, the government raised fuel prices and angry student unions affiliated to various political parties have said that they would close down all petrol kiosks across the country for three days from Sept 14 to protest the price hike. 

'Lo and behold' I wonder how they are going to do that, but in Nepal, I was told, by hook or by crook, it will happen.

I am not very clear what today's big protest really about, nothing much in the newspaper to tell the true story. 

Of little that I know, being told, it is about protest against elections to the Constituent Assembly, which comprises many political parties including a communist led 33-agitating party alliance led by the CPN-Maoist party. 

Hahaha! These communists are serious about democracy and the right to demonstrate freely on the streets.

This is a wonderful country for people who like to protest, demonstrate, or just go walkabout. 

However, nothing have ever changed in spite of the frequent demos, protests, rallies, marches and whatever name you wish to give it.It's the only growth industry here.

Most protests are peaceful and accompanied by the police, but once a while, some ended up in bloody clashes with the police.

Well, if you are bored we can always go to Freak Street where its squalor and beauty are no more irresistible of days bygone the Flower Power. 

The freakish madness of the time had passed into the dustbin of history.

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