Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Trusting Untrusting Anwar !

Hantu Laut

Why are there people still trusting this man? 

He has played out many of his comrades. The list of slayed friends can stretch as long as the Nile. The last one was Ansari Abdullah who has served him and PKR faithfully for 14 years, traded in for 2 frogmen from BN, who crossed over to him before the 13th GE.

That's Anwar for you.A friend in need, not a friend in deed.

Khalid will eventually face the same brutal treatment.

He said he will not be replacing Khalid as MB, but standing for ADUN just for the fun of it.

Yes, you heard me correctly, just for the fun of it.

The question I would like to ask Anwar Ibrahim is why degrade yourself to that level if you have no intention of ousting Khalid as MB?

Anwar knew fully well his coalition partners would support him when the time come to remove Khalid as they have told him in no uncertain terms that they cannot accept Azmin as MB.

It is obvious that he would rather sacrifice the less influential Khalid than ruffles the feathers of Azmin Ali, who holds him by the balls.

It is foregone conclusion that Anwar will with no sweat at all win the seat comfortably.

BN should boycott the by-election. 

Unfortunately, there are not many smart asses in that outfit to see the futility of such endeavour. Let's hope PM Najib sees it otherwise and not use his kangkongology to decide what best for him and his government.

Will Anwar be MB? 

Now that public opinion is going against him, he would not be taking over the MB position, but would still stand as ADUN.

Khalid would still be asked to leave or face vote of no confidence.

Someone from PAS, that can be easily manipulated, would most likely be given the MB position.

People are beginning to see the true colour of the man who wanted so much to be prime minister of the country, but may end up as menteri besar.

One day, Anwar must be put out to pasture.


zakzak said...

I especially love Khalid's expression during the PC announcing Anwar candidacy for the ADUN seat.
You can see it for yourself at seademon's blog. hehe

Purple Haze said...

Khalid is a good manager but not a good politician.

I'd rather have a good manager be the MB of Selangor.