Saturday, February 1, 2014

Kajang: A Time To Kill

Hantu Laut

If you think you want to be more popular than Anwar, think again, it could be your political demise.

From Chandra Muzaffar to Zaid Ibrahim, many had vanished into political oblivion for wanting to enhance their popularity in the party, a forbidden territory exclusively the domain of Anwar Ibrahim and his family.

Be subservient, or be killed politically.

Kajang, Naib, Mahathir and UMNO were lame excuses, not the reasons. Wiz-kid Rafizi is becoming a clown.His circus act here.

Khalid Ibrahim was the reason, stood in the way of the treasury door and had become a torn in the flesh............ it's time to end his political carrier, Anwar style, pitting the pit bulls against each other......Azmin Ali vs Khalid Ibrahim.

Most of you would know Nathenial Tan, once upon a time a fervid supporter of Anwar Ibrahim.

Read what he has to say about Anwar.......

For years I defended Anwar Ibrahim. For years I defended PKR. I defended and I defended, until the day came where it became impossible to defend the indefensible. People always like to speculate whether people change their positions due to money. In all honesty, I think that’s a healthy speculation.

For too long now, I think Anwar, PKR and Pakatan have become convinced that they can get away with murder, because they believe those of us who hunger for change simply have no other options.

They assume we truly, truly will vote for Pakatan (and Anwar) no matter what, as long as no alternative (like another party, or say, Khalid) exists.I had always thought there was a limit as to how far they would go. It would appear not.

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