Monday, March 31, 2014

Musa's Dementia: MH400 Who's Who With Mahathir To China

Hantu Laut

Pursuant to my post "Memali Outrageous Lie:Mahathir Was In The Air On The Way To Beijing" , I have managed to extract from my archives details of former Prime Minister Mahathir Muhammad's visit to China from 20th to 28th November 1985.

Musa Hitam must have had lapse of memory. The Memali incident must have happened on the 19th November and Mahathir was only informed after he departed the country. Mahathir left for China in the early morning of 20th November 1985 and was away for 9 days visiting Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhaou, Xian and Guangzhou.

Our flight MH400 (chartered) departed Subang International Airport at 7.30 a.m bound for Beijing.

There were 132 delegates from the business sector. Many have become big names in the corporate world with some making it to the exclusive billionaires club.

It was a gathering of many top-notch businessmen from the country and if the plane had gone down, it would have taken with it three-quarters of Malaysia's top business people. 

YTL's Tan Sri Yeoh Tiong Lay and his son Francis Yeoh were both on the flight. Syed Mokhtar Albukhary, who was just run-of-the mill businessman then was also on the flight. Vincent Tan of Berjaya Group was not yet a Tan Sri, nor a Datuk.

It was a motley collection of who's who of Malaysia's corporate world. 

The richest man in the country, Malaysia's Robert Kuok joined the PM's delegation in China. Mr Kuok had just started building his Shangri-La Hotel and the World Trade Center in Beijing at that time.

Without much ado, let me show the list of who's who on the flight to Beijing with PM Mahathir Mohammad (click to enlarge)

A guide handbook on China prepared by Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Many of the names on the list, Chinese and Bumiputras alike, had become rich during Mahathir's time as prime minister.

Amazingly, non had come out to Mahathir's defence.

There is honour among thieves, there is none among politicians.


Anonymous said...

Dear HL,
I was kid then so I don't know much about the Memali tragedy.
I think you honourable to actually come out with this. There will be people who will come and say you are BN lackey or Mahathir lackey, but as I read your blog quite often (but never commented) I know that you are often critical too of the govt and some policies. That makes you a fair person, not blinded by hate.
Wish more bloggers and media practitioners are like you.
Cheers, sir.


Ps. What do you think of this demand by Lim Kit Siang and gang to revisit this incident? As someone of the younger generation, I feel that it doesn't serve any purpose. I mean, we can no longer bring the dead back to life. It was a tragedy of the past. Learn from it. Let's move on.

Gram Kong said...


You are absolutely right, there is no need to re-open the case, it's over and done with.The opposition Pakatan Rakyat, particularly Lim Kit Siang out of vindictiveness and hatred make Tun Mahathir his punching bag.There is no need for RCI.

Memali was definitely Musa Hitam's misdoing as he was the Minister of Home Affairs at that time and Mahathir was not in the country.

nik said...

Based on this Wikipaedia,

DMH wasnt lying.
He just said that DM is in the country on the 19th, and indeed his statement is reaffirmed by this HL article that DM left to China on 730am on the 2oth.

When DM was being informed about the Memali incident is not the issue here as only both DMH and DM knew and can verify that.

So both statements are correct. It just how one want to manipulate the situation.

Anonymous said...

Then we should revisit the case of 1969 to prove that racist dinosaur kit siang was one of the main instigator of the riots.

Anonymous said...

Reply to NIK,
Just for argument's sake. I saw the vid. TMH also said Mahthir was in KL "dua tiga hari selepas itu."
Reading from an old-timer's blog, the flight to china was early morning. I don't know what time Memali op took place though.
I don't think Mahathir could cancel a state visit (esp vry important ally)at last minute.

Anonymous said...

Now we know Gram is also rich and famous just by being invited to be in the list.


Anyway thanks for the insight of the date.

Anonymous said...

Dr M just confirm in his blog he was in Malaysia. Question is is DR M lying or are you lying as always with your untruth posting

Please if you have any sod respect go and drown yourself in shit

Enough enough of your Lua and who are you. Dr M does not need you and never needed you to defend him

Liar liar and dare you hav balls reply

Purple Haze said...

This was reported in the Malaysian Insider.

"Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad (pic) today confirmed that he was in the country on the day of the Memali incident in which 14 civilians and two policemen were killed when security forces laid siege on the remote village in Kedah almost 30 years ago."

It does appear that Tun M did know about the incident but opted to go to China.

Sorry, HL. It does seem that Tun M (at that time of departing to China) did not tell the entourage that he knew something was amiss. Not your fault.

Gram Kong said...


I need not post your comment, but I did to show how bereaved of intelligence you are.Next time, learn to understanding English properly before you open your big mouth and spill your shitty brain all over the place.....moron!