Thursday, January 15, 2015

The Tragic Irony of...."The White Man's Burden"

Hantu Laut

Remember "The White Man's Burden" a poem by the English poet Rudyard Kipling. The poem consists of seven stanzas, but I am only going to give the first stanza, the rest you can google if it is of interest to you.

The 1st stanza:

Take up the White Man's Burden, Send forth the best ye breed
Go bind your sons to exile, to serve your captives' need;
To wait in heavy harness, On fluttered folk and wild..
Your new-caught, sullen people, Half-devil and half-child.

Kipling wrote the poem soon after the Spanish-American War and the colonisation of the Philippines by the American. 

Kipling, at that time, considered the natives of the colonies of the White Man as uncouth and uncivilised and that "The White Man" had a duty to civilise the barbaric and brutish parts of the world. He began by describing the colonised Filipinos as "new-caught sullen peoples, half-devil and half-child. 

Some imperialists interpret the poem as aspirations to dominate the developing world and the European powers did capture almost every country of the world then.

The West political and cultural imperialism have existed till today, aspirations to dominate the rest of the world and impose its culture on others, considered half-devil and half-child....... edifying the lesser beings has never been exhausting for them.

In the old days they used a multitude of sins from intimidated subtlety to gunboat diplomacy, or all out war. Their temerity much rest on whether the natives are timid or hostile.

Today, things haven't changed much, they still employ the same tactics, only the form differ. 

"You are with us, or against us", George Bush's belligerent call to his Western allies to join him when the U.S decides to invade Iraq that led to the toppling of Saddam Hussein and a protracted invasion of the country for almost a decade. 

The Iraq War, spurred by Saddam's supposedly possession of WMD (weapons of mass destruction), which was later found out to be fabricated by the U.S Administration, a blatant lie to cover its real attention, retribution for 9/11 to avenge the Muslim terrorists' attack on the Twin Tower in New York on 11 Sept 2001 that killed over 3000 people, mostly Americans. Hundred of thousands of innocent Iraqis were killed in this revenge killings and the country razed to the ground by incessant and indiscriminate bombings by the U.S and her allies and Britain, among the coalition partners, being the biggest running dog for America, hand in glove, lied to the world about Saddam's WMD. The irony, almost two-thirds of the terrorists were Saudis, but the U.S think it was Saddam that should be punished when they knew very well most of the fundings of Muslim terrorists came from Saudi Arabia.

Is Iraq peaceful and safer now? 

I am sure many people would know the answer to that. The country is completely torn apart in sectarian war and a stooge government installed by the U.S that is completely corrupt, incompetent and ineffective. ISIS, the Islamist militants has seized large swathes of territory in Iraq and neighbouring Syria, where they are headquartered.

Has the Western powers made Iraq a better and safer country today than when it was under Saddam Hussein?

Afghanistan, invaded much earlier than Iraq following the 9/11 attack was to dismantle the Al Qaeda and seek the extradition of Osama bin Laden.When the Taliban government refused to entertain their request, the U.S and Britain invaded the country and also bombed it to smithereens killing thousands of innocent Afghan civilians. They finally managed to track down Osama and killed him in May 2011, not in Afghanistan, but in Pakistan, an American ally harbouring its biggest enemy.

They buried Osama at sea on the ground that burying him on land may turn his grave into a shrine and worship by Islamic terrorists and militants.

Did killing Osama stopped Islamic terrorism, or it has grown multitudinously?

See, the American not all that smart, they killed one devil and thousands more sprung up with more atrocious violence.

Think of what Boko Haram did two days ago in a Nigerian village, razed to the ground and wiped out the entire village of 2000 or more inhabitants.

ALAS! THE WEST DIDN'T CRY! Not a squeak of empathy and sympathy.

Seventeen killed in Paris and the whole ground shook with cry of sympathy calling for unity and solidarity over the killing of freedom of expression.......and there was huge global response, almost 2 million thronged the streets of Paris, including the biggest mass murderer of our time coming out of the state of Israel.

What irony!

In May 2014 the U.S announced that its combat operations would end in 2014, leaving only residual force until the end of 2016.

I can safely assume that Afghanistan will return to the Talibans, or the like of it as soon as all foreign forces left the country.

The Western powers have not only destroyed these two countries, they have also destroyed almost all the Arab countries in the Middle East through proxy wars, except Saudi Arabia, the worst offender of personal liberty and human rights subjecting its citizens to extremely harsh Islamic laws, but, nonetheless, the American and its Western allies love these primodial Wahhabis for their oil money and gave two hoots about its draconian laws.

This double-standard and hypocrisy are being played out wherever and whenever their interests are at stake, without due care and attention for other human lives, other than theirs.

As in Matthew 12.30 of the Gospel "Whoever is not with me is against me, and whoever does not gather with me scatters" said Jesus. 

Does it not ring true of the Western powers' convention?

The recent deadly attacks in Paris that killed 17 people by wayward Muslims shows that all is not well between Islam and the West. Many Muslims viewed the West as arrogant, bigoted, domineering, unjust and want to subjugate the rest of the world for world's domination. Out of those killed 12 of them worked in a bigoted magazine called Charlie Hebdo.

The root of the problem between Muslims and the West started over 60 years ago with the creation of the state of Israel as laid out in the Balfour Declaration for the creation of a Jewish state out of Palestinian land.

In 1945 when US President Roosevelt went to see King Abdul Aziz of Saudi Arabia with the proposal for the creation of a new country for the Jews, King Abdul Aziz told Roosevelt since it was the Germans who committed atrocities against the Jews why not carve a bit of Germany and give it to the Jews. Roosevelt, however, told the King that the US would not intervene without consulting both Arabs and Jews in the region. Soon after, Roosevelt died and the presidency was taken over by Harry Truman.

In the final stage of the Second World War, the US under Truman dropped atomic bombs on two Japanese cities, Hiroshima and Nagasaki that brought the war to an end and the surrender of Japan. Truman, with the new found victory, arrogantly ignored to consul the Arabs and together with the other Western allies went ahead with the creation of Israel in 1948, which spurred the Arab-Israeli conflict.

Many Muslims, particularly, from the Middle East viewed the West as the biggest "munafik" and their own governments as corrupt, incompetent and easily cowed by the West. To correct the injustices, it has become expedient and rest on their shoulders to fight a private war against the West. 

Past wars between Arab states and Israel had been catastrophic for the Arab countries with the Arabs losing more territories to Israel. If right is might instead of might is right, there was no pressure from the Western powers for Israel to return the occupied territories. The West Bank, Gaza and Golan Heights were Arab lands occupied by the Jews till today.

It's OK for them to mock your culture and religion and make fun of your prophet, which they called freedom of expression, but you can't call them White, that's racist!

It's OK if thousands of you Muslims killed by Jews, but you must not be anti-semitic, or say the Holocaust never happened, or that it was figment of the Jewish imagination, that's an offence.

The White Man's Burden will continue to crack his whip for world's domination to edify the half-devil and half-child. 


Anonymous said...

Did u see the Japanese resorted to terrorist to target American. The Chinese against the Japanese. Vietnam against US. All the commonwealth country against the British. All this country is that bad by today. Only those country using religion. Even they are split among themsevle. Using their religion to discriminate women. They themselves also don't know what they want. The will blame the whole world, except themselves. They preached, this cannot that cannot. If really, than they should be riding horses and camels with the moon curve swords to flight. No IT or handphone,

Anonymous said...

I see Muslims in their thousands who have already migrated to the White Men's countries, or who are desperately trying to do so.

Ask these Muslims to choose between Malaysia on the one hand and the US/Canada/Australia/UK/Europe on the other hand and see how they vote with their feet.

There must be something strangely attractive about these White Men's countries, wouldn't you say?

Maybe it's the secular ethos?

Anonymous said...

for the very same reason why your elders left their countries.

Anonymous said...

for the very same reasons why your elders left their countries. the only difference being you people are breeding like rabbits and insist on vernacular schools.