Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Are The Chinese Overly Sensitive, Or Politicking ?

Hantu Laut

Malays are seldom racists, misguided maybe, but there is no inherent racism in them. Ibrahim Ali and those of his ilk is a different kettle of fish.Even they are not racists, they are just very angry Malays.

Ismail Sabri's choice of word may not be pleasing to some people's ears, but he made a very specific and profound statement...."boycott the Chinese traders who refused to lower prices" , the emphasis was on "those who refused to lower prices"

If people have not read between the lines there would not be a problem, or allegation of racism. He did not say boycott all Chinese traders, just those who refused to lower prices.

Can you blame him?

Let's get our perspective right, the reality, almost 90% of retail businesses in this country are in the hands of the Chinese in urban and semi-urban areas and the majority of consumers are Malays/Bumiputras with limited spending power. 

The non-Chinese outlets are minute, insignificant and immaterial to mention.

Sometimes, when push comes to shove, bluntness get noticed.


Anonymous said...

The Minister is politiking or doing his job?

Why not just say all retailers who don't reduce their prices?

So what about the conglomorates who control utilities, basic staples, transport etc.

What about the manufacturers?

Are they all untouchables to the Minister.

Better, the Minister changed job to monitor and control floods only every year.

Anonymous said...

Sued mokhtar also control a lot business. Should malay loke him reduce price?

Anonymous said...

MANY (NOT all ok) Chinese traders & politicians (from BOTH sides of the political divide, i.e. MCA-Gerakan & DAP) got OVERLY sensitive la these days, noticeably after the CHINESE TSUNAMI, that's the reality on the ground....they are acting like prima donna la...naik tochang...at the expense of the majority of (Malay/Bumiputra) consumers...about time they become humble sikit la...don't push your luck too far la...after all substantial amount of the money they made to fund their wealthy lifestyle come from the consumers la...


Anonymous said...

"Malays/Bumiputras with limited spending power"?

How is that possible 57 years after Merdeka?

Asian immigrants in the US, for instance, have taken less than that period of time to get into the US economic mainstream.

Why haven't the Malays/Bumiputras in Malaysia, with all the opportunities given to them, and with multiple education paths open to them, not done better?

Surely it is not racist to ask this?

Or how about understanding that no one owes you a living, and that in the modern interconnected world, lack of education and skills get exposed very fast!

Anonymous said...

What has happened to 1Malaysia outlets

It is a useful tools to regulate prices


Anonymous said...

Dear Hantulautan,
Maybe you can also teach Dr M about Chinese traders since he just whacked Ismail Sabri's remarks today.
You can surely teach Dr M to keep his mouth shut!

~ Hantulautan Sabri Fan Club

Anonymous said...

Neither. You're just a dumno asswipe apologist.

Anonymous said...

why is it that u can open your mouth n others cannot?

Anonymous said...

You dont know much about what is going on. Pity you.

Anonymous said...


The chinese worship money, so if that objective is threatened, they become overly sensitive lah.

For them everything has a price hence the great rush to accumulate thru whatever means.

If your destination is earth not the afterlife, you get greedy morons.

This race has also created chinatown in USA - proof of how clannish they are.