Monday, February 16, 2015

Free Quran:Muslims Have Evil Intention ?

Hantu Laut

Free Quran? No thanks. What’s your motive?

Hi Bhai, next time do a bit of research before you open your big mouth.

What the difference, the Christians do it with their Bible.You can find a copy of the Bible in every room in every 5-star hotel all over the world including Malaysia.

Lest you forget the Malaysian government never stopped these hotels from allowing them to be party to helping missionary work for Christendom.

The Gideon Bibles placed in hotel rooms (in Malaysia and all over the world) and hospital wards (in many Western countries, but not in Malaysia) is for the purpose of spreading the Christian faith.

Free Qurans.....FREE! means free, you can accept the gift or politely reject it. 

Why is it when Christianity do, it's OK, but when Islam do, Muslims have evil intention?


mshukri60 said...

Double standard la...

Anonymous said...

You all remember what they say of Muslims during the translated bible case?

Insecure, weak faith, etc?

Now right back at those people.

Pretty much validates Muslims suspicions back then too.

can see clearly now said...

no matter how good your intention may be, but when it is interpreted by minds full of shit, it become evil

Anonymous said...

Apples and oranges?

The Bibles placed in hotel rooms are meant for use by hotel guests, if they are so inclined.

It's not as if these Bibles are freely distributed in the streets to all and sundry.

Which is what those who are behind the idea of distributing free Qurans are doing.

Will the government or the Islamic religious authorities allow free Bibles (in English or Bahasa) to be distributed in the streets to all and sundry, with the proviso that Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists or atheists can politely refuse to accept the said Bibles?

Surely there should be equal privileges and distribution rights for free copies of the Bible and the Quran, should there not?

Talking about Muslims' suspicions and insecurities is ok, but ignoring non-Muslims' suspicions and insecurities is also ok?

Where's the fairness?

Anonymous said...

Ya hypocrites and double standards.

Anwar had so much money to pay 14 lawyers plus a retired judge, went thru 7 years of the process of law - convicted with full evidence.

Yet these white skins condemned Malaysia.

USA - Gitmo, no free and fair trial for prisoners

Australia - govt backed policies in the Aborigines genocide, the lost generation

They have NO rights to claim high moral grounds. In fact they should learn from Malaysia.

Thick-skinned hypocrites!

Anonymous said...

As a Christian I welcome the free distribution of translated Koran. I hope they are in Malay too so that all Malaysians including the Malays will be able to understand the real message of Islam, and not just what the Ustaz preaches.

Anonymous said...

anon@February 17, 2015 at 10:07 AM

Yup and hopefully the non-Muslims will begin to understand that Islam is a religion of PEACE.

The terrorist tag had been exploited by robbers of other people's lands.