Monday, July 14, 2008

Is Anwar Ibrahim Above The Law?

Hantu Laut

Malaysians in general and the Western media in particular would make a hero out of Anwar Ibrahim even if he is defiant of the law.

Is Anwar above the law or does he thinks he is above the law? Is he to be treated differently from other ordinary Malaysians? What makes he thinks he has immunity from being issued with an order to present himself at the police station for questioning? Are they not just excuses to provoke the police to arrest him so we Malaysians can make a hero out of him.

He is no Nehru,Ghandi or Mendela. If he had been selfless and as noble as those three gentlemen I would have great respect and sympathy for him, but he is not.His thirst for power has passed the threshold of decency, it's pure greed and self-glorification.

Many Malaysians still can't see through this man and where he is taking this country to.His dramatic and dreadful display of playing the victim to rile up his supporters into a frenzy has been his trade mark since his ABIM days.He has no respect for the democratic process, he glorifies demonstrations,intimidation and coercion as the right process to demolish an elected government. 

The government may be corrupted,useless and led by a lame-duck prime minister but, what's the hell, the people had made their choice.

We have rightly or wrongly, put our fate in a government we chose and change if we had to, must be through the democratic process, unless Anwar Ibrahim sees it fit to start a rebellion against the government, which he is trying hard to do by arousing the sentiments of his supporters, to create civil disorder, which may and can lead to general chaos or even rioting.

Just go to any of the popular blogs in this country and see for yourself the kind of comments his supporters and blogs that support him make.He has become a cult figure to them. Any negative comment on Anwar would turn them into wild animals ready to jump on you and tear you to pieces.These are people who speaks about democracy and clean government but can only behaved in most uncivilised manner.It wouldn't be my wild imagination how scary it would be to put thousands of his diehard supporters on the streets.

Does Anwar cares whatever going to happen to this peaceful nation.I think he wouldn't give a damn as long as he can gain power, by hook or by crook.

Anwar's deleterious way will be his downfall again.


Concerned Malaysian said...

well said, hantu. One of the sensible and balance article I have read in blogs lately.

I have read many of your other writings recently and have never find you to be anti AI. In fact you were always more anti current govn's many actions/policies. This add more weight to this article.

ColorsMalaysian said...

Yes , Hantu , most people say the say tune like you gradually.

Hey ,everyone,no offense intended here.

refer to
" An Open Letter To Anwar Ibrahim "
05 July 2008

Whether he is a hero or a "villain", is up to someone to judge.

My intention stem purely from wanting the best for Malaysia. Truely not only for you or me , but for the whole nation, especially for the coming generations.

Everyone really should knows that “credible and courageous” leaders are formed by a group of trustworthy and true nation builders, not a lone ranger.

As a true nation builder.

He stands ,we stand !
He falls , we still stand firmly.

RAKYAT’s fate is in our own hands,
not in the hands of one man only.


Monsterball said...

You could call me a PKR supporter.
Not quite the same as an Anwar supporter, more on that later.

Do I sound like a wild animal ?
My journey from a solid BN voter to Opposition supporter has been a long one. I do accept BN was good for the country - many years ago.
Its now mainly a machine to feed the nation's wealth to a small elite.
Anwar is a flawed character, but I'm not falling into the "Anwar is out to create chaos" spin. He plays politics 24 hours a day x 7 days a week. So he's a politician. And it will take a very clever politician to help get BN out of power.

The chaos in the streets of KL yesterday are the responsibility of Syed Hamid Albar and Polis DiRaja Malaysia.

gram.kong said...

concerned malaysian,

As I have said before I am more concerned with policies and integrity of the person holding public office, which certainly is in short supply, both in the current government as well as the oppositions.

There are some good people in PR but they are not the frontliners.

I do agree Abdullah government is weak and he doesn't have good people around him.He must make drastic changes for improvement if he wants to win the next elections.

I believe in the democratic process and nothing will and can change my mind on this subject and Anwar should wait until the next elections to try take over the government.

gram.kong said...


The votes are in our hands, we are responsible for the leaders we chose, no point crying over spilt milk.

gram.kong said...

pok kam,

You are one of my valued reader and I appreciate your frank and honest opinion.

I make my observations by reading some of the top blogs and the comments passed by what I presumed must be Anwar and PKR supporters and many of those comments are not exactly pleasant to read.

I have on several occassions came under attacks on articles I wrote about Anwar and they can be pretty ugly.

You may be the exception to the rule.Not many can argue their case logically.

Anonymous said...


Bro...NOONE is above the law...ooopsss...let me re-phrase it...NOONE EXCEPT for UMNO (in Malaysia) is above the law!
DSAI is no saint however...I actually believe that those "crooks" in UMNO are truly satan's children!