Monday, October 26, 2009

Crappy Journalism, Who Is Thamrin Zaini?

Hantu Laut

If Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and his wife think they have resolved the discontent in Sabah PKR they are in for a bigger surprise.This time they really have upset the applecart. Sidelining the restive and overly ambitious Jeffery Kitingan and the equally ambitious Ansari Abdullah will take PKR on a bigger roller coaster ride with high probability of the whole train come tumbling down to the ground. The general feeling in Sabah PKR is that one of the two would be appointed to the post.

Now, there are three tigers waiting to eat Anwar Ibrahim and one of them is his closest aide and loyalist. 

Azmin Ali was shocked when asked about his removal as Sabah PKR's chief.Apparently, Anwar and wife Wan Azizah didn't see it fits to inform Azmin of his sacking as Sabah PKR's chief. Malaysian Insider reported here.

In a report here and the blind mice here and a blind landing here Thamrin Zaini the new Sabah PKR's chief is reported as being Libaran assemblyman. PKR has no state seat in the Sabah state assembly. There is no Libaran state seat.Libaran is a parliamentary seat currently held by UMNO's Y.B Juslie Ajirol.

This is what happened when you have lazy and half-baked reporter.

The appointment of Thamrin Zaini means Jeffery and Ansari are no more trusted to lead PKR in Sabah.

Thamrin Zaini has no grassroots support in Sabah.Jeffery will make sure he wrecks Sabah PKR first before he says 'sayonara' and Anwar can forget about getting KDM support for PKR now or in the future.

Good-bye democracy, long live 'Anwarcracy'.

More hot news coming soon.


FMZam said...


Actually there are 4 not 3 tigers waiting in ambush to eat Anwar, but then as the Chinese says "No two tigers on the same hill", all those tigers are more busy fighting against each other to let Anwar passed by without any harm.

Well you can say goodbye to democracy for all these while the Sabahans don't even know if there is any such thing in their country, ever since they joined Malaysia all they know is that they have a new colonial master called UMNO.

SM said...


You & I know no matter whom DSAI chooses, you are going to find fault with.
I agree with FMZam. The Sabahans were sold by their Leaders to UMNO & they are aliens in thier own State. Does anyone know how many Sabahans don't have Msian ICs & how many illegal immigrants have Msian ICs?
The PR are just beginning to "enter" East think they are going to make mistakes? Of course bah! It takes time lah.
Just look at the new "Dam" project (I forgot where it's supposed to be). All those BN & UMNO Leaders are rubbing thier hands & licking their lips at the Billions of RM that are going to go into their own pockets. As usual...screw the locals! Another PKFZ in the making!