Monday, October 7, 2013

Of Running Dogs, Misunderstanding And Proving UMNO Shortcomings

Hantu Laut

The arrogance in DAP continued.Tony Pua slandering the ROS and UMNO, he says:

Do the police, Utusan Malaysia, the five groups that lodged the reports or even Umno understand what running dogs even means? It’s an English translation of the Mandarin word that refers to lackeys or lapdogs.
Maybe Bakri Zinin should go for English classes too, if he is unable to figure out what the phrase means. It is fine to accept police reports on anything but to waste time considering which law to apply here says a lot about the police.Read more here.

I agree, it's stupid to charge him under sedition, but that doesn't mean he is not liable for what he uttered. UMNO leaders should used their heads, which shows they are incapable of. 

The Register of Societies or UMNO should take legal action against him for slander, instead, of using strong-arm tactic to try silent him.

UMNO may be the ruling party, but it is not the government per se and has no executive power to interfere in the administration of the state.

They should take Pua to the court of law for him to produce  evidence that they have interfered with the legal process.

The police should stay out of this.

If I call you stupid or ugly that's my opinion, you can't sue me,  but if I say you are a thief and have committed such crime and you know it's a lie than you can sue me for slander

UMNO leaders should learn from Lee Kuan Yew, use the court to take such people to the cleaners.

For UMNO, it's old habits diehard.


Purple Haze said...

I agree that this should be taken up in the courts of law.

In a similar vein, I commend the Kadazan Society Sabah for filing a customary summon at the district court in Penampang against mufti Bungsu Aziz Jafaar over his description of natives as "invented race" during a forum in Putrajaya.

Utusan Malaysia should sue Tony Pua to try to recover some of the damages that they have been ordered by the courts to pay for losing the cases filed against them in recent times for wrongful reporting, libel, etc.

However, there are bigger issues to confront such as the millions of RM misused as pointed out in the Auditor General's report.

Kudos to the Auditor General for standing by the facts.

SM said...


Welcome back!

I fully agree.

However, the fact is as you so rightly said, old habits die hard when it comes to UMNO. They always try strong-armed tactics first or get the PDRM to do their dirty work for them.

Or maybe it's just plain true & they don't want to go to court because that's probably just want DAP wants them to do!

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Sounds like the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 10 failed Policies for Singapore to me. The arrogance in a diverse society like our beloved Malaysia stinks.