Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Pas Kena Buli, Adakah PAS Anak Jantan Melayu Sebenarnya?

Hantu Laut

PAS kena buli. Ada kah PAS betu-betul anak jantan yang akan tegas dengan pendiriannya atau pun anak jantan pengecut!

Hahaha! As I have always said that little green monster is too smart for his own good. Rafizi the Goebbels "Kajang Move" has gone awry. 

This is typical Anwar's style, no consultation, no consensus, always consider others as subordinates, not as equals.

His arrogance has always been his downfall.

He forgets the MB post was a gift to PKR. He forgets PAS was the benevolent partner, gave way to his avaricious demand for the MB post, not once, twice!

He again expects PAS to submit to his nonsense and this time "enough is enough" PAS stood its ground.

.....but don't beat your drum yet, he will find ways to try his luck again to intimidate PAS into submission.

Sustained attack on PAS has started.

Will PAS stood its ground?

If PAS gives in, Abdul Hadi Awang has to resign as president of the party. 

If PAS stood its ground, two things can happen, Anwar accept defeat and let Khalid carry on as MB, or PAS has to leave Pakatan Rakyat.

Anwar and DAP will try their best to make life miserable for Hadi Awang and to split PAS for their own selfish interest.

Khalid is doing a fine job but Anwar wants to be the power behind the throne by ordering Khalid what to do and when Khalid refused to take his orders the scheming to remove him was plotted by Anwar and Rafizi the Goebbels.