Friday, July 27, 2007



Our famous blogger, Raja Petra has turned the tables on UMNO and accused them as the people behind seditious postings on his website and has given specific names to the police. He has also admitted that he has moles inside UMNO who would squeal over paltry sum of money.

Agent provocateur has long been the tool used by many organisations such as the police, secret service, FBI, political parties, etc to subvert another group or individual to commit crimes by planting agents as members of the group so evidence can be collected for the group or individual to be convicted of a crime.

Such allegation should not be totally ignored by the police. The case should be investigated thoroughly.

Incendiary comments could easily be removed from websites. Not having enough time is not a good excuse. Alternatively, to protect your website from onslaught of incendiary and smutty comments, filter all comments and post only after approval of the webmaster. Lastly, if you really want to be nasty you can always ban the undesirables using the I.P address, quite cumbersome, as I.P can keep changing.


Mat Salo said...

I've just signed the online petition... the allegations are serious and will tarnish our country's credibility if the messengers are shot instead. The authorities MUST take this seriously instead of being used as pawns to do their political master's bidding!

Where would the world be without Deep Throats?

Keep up the good works HL...

P.S., Yeah, I read both of V.S. Naipul's books on " the believers". I wish more Malaysian muslims will get to read it for a wider perspective.

Hantu Laut said...

Hi,Thanks a lot.Nice of you to drop by.Although I have some differences with Raja Petra, I wish him the best.We do need people like him to expose misdeeds and corruptions in government.