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It makes one wonder when are they going to do anything right. The eyes can't see beyond the tip of the nose.The LCCT Terminal is hardly two years old and is already bursting at the seams. My post 'The Singapore Story, Malaysia's Dream' although not detailed was slightly ahead of the NST report on the state of affairs at KLIA. Most of the problems are human factors, bad planning and bad work attitude.

The LCCT Terminal is just across the runway tarmac from KLIA, yet it is 20 km away. Does KLIA needs that much space for future expansion to kick the LCCT that far ? Our bright and skilled planners and artisans underestimated the magnetic draw of cheap fares, how it can attract huge number of people over a short period of time. The airport was officially opened in March 2006 and within a span of 21 months had become a runaway success and a failure.

The planners in government who decide to banish Air Asia to the LCCT was hoping that the airline would eventually die. They made a big mistake.It's what they built that is dying, the terminal.

The report in NST;
LCCT 'bursting at the seams'
By : Jennifer Gomez
The growing popularity of budget travel is taking a toll on the Low-Cost Carrier Terminal’s facilities and services.
The growing popularity of budget travel is taking a toll on the Low-Cost Carrier Terminal’s facilities and services.

SEPANG: The Low-Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT) here is bursting at the seams.

The growing popularity of budget travel is taking its toll on the airport's facilities and services -- from the baggage screening as one enters the terminal building, the departure halls, and up to the collection of luggage on arrival.Continued.....


Zawi said...

Hantu Laut,
I doubt that they plan it at all. All they wanted to do was set up LCCT before Singapore complete theirs. Tony wanted Subang but he would be happy to get any other terminal as long as not KLIA which will be too expensive for them. MAS was too happy with LCCT tucked away on the other side of the runaway forgetting that the same passengers may have another flight to board to another destination on their airline.
The ERL is not serving LCCT so losing out on potential passengers.
Spore took their time to plan. Their low cost terminal was just an extension of their main terminal so solving the problem of connectivity.
How silly can our planners be?

Hantu Laut said...

You are right.The LCCT was built in a hurry,which shouldn't be the case.Although much further, Subang would be a better choice, it's bigger and fully equipped.Keeping it open would also mean keeping all its facilities functional.

There is nothing worse than going through a congested airport,long queues and insufficient facilities for the comfort of passengers.

Pak Idrus said...

hantu laut, They rush things trying to outdo Singapore and in the end that's what you get when you do not plan well. But there is a catch to this. They would be another extension so it benefit for some people. The present LCCT is a mean not an end.

Air Asia was willing to take over Subang and pay for its development but they did not want it and instead without much thinking built that LCCT. So that's the way it is.

Till now they have not connect the ERL to this terminal, so as you can see everyone loose, the LRT as well as travelers.

They never read so they never learn. Thanks.

Hantu Laut said...

Pak Idrus,
Many thanks for dropping by.I find it absurd that after spending over RM100 millions on the terminal, it is only good for less than two years.How much more myopic can the planners be.This one probably broke the record for short-sightedness.Many thanks again.

Zawi said...

Hantu Laut,
KLIA is still under utilized as the passenger arrivals and departures are still under capacity.
The setting up of LCCT didn't help to utilize the extra capacity at KLIA because LCCT has its own facilities.
In all its simplicity, the baggage retrievals at LCCT is much faster and suffer less breakdown compared to KLIA due to its sophistications.
Only one runway is utilized at KLIA most of the time due to repair work on anyone of its two runways and that resulted in delayed flights due to long que at take offs and landings wasting precious time and fuels.
Firefly cannot land at KLIA it being a turbo prop, much slower at take off and landing thus may cause further delay to other jet aircrafts. That's why they have to allow firefly to use Subang much to the chagrin of AirAsia which was eyeing it earlier. Now there will be a definite increase of activities at Subang beside the few flights operated by the smaller airlines such as Berjaya Air and the likes who are using propeller aircrafts.
Anyway it is good news for travellers with the opening up of Subang. Who would fly into KLIA when you are going to your son's place in Shah Alam?

Hantu Laut said...

Do you know what's the problem? Our leaders and civil servants cannot make up their mind, whether the cart should be in front or the horse.I agree with you, KLIA is under utilised ,including they are still short of restaurants, bars and shops in the departure lounges.The baggage handling is also slow as I remember waiting at least 30 minutes for my baggage when I was there once.It is a nice airport but made worse by human failings.Do you know 20 years ago, Changi Airport baggage delivery was so efficient,it's your bags that wait for you, not the other way around.Not many airports,including those in the West can rival this kind of efficiency.

Protectionism and monopoly will in the long run breeds inefficiency and higher operating costs.Our government are still mired in this antiquated trade practice. MAS, for example is still under protection of the government with policies unfair to private operators like Air Asia.

I have flown with Air Asia, there is nothing wrong with them.I once paid RM9.99 to fly KK-Miri.Should I complain? Of course you wouldn't get it every day, but still the gimmicks worked.

Mat Salo said...


Now I'm spooked! I've yet to try AA so I heven't been to the LCT. The thing is, I've got a family trip booked in December and we have toddlers and babies in the group. I hope the problems will be rectified soon...

I also suspect undercurrents of rivalry between Nat'l carrier and AA is partly to blame. MAB manages both, right? --and should strive to ensure trouble-free check-ins in LCCTs departure areas. Or else passengers might get turned-off and wont mind paying the extra premium for a much pleasanter experience. We get what we pay for, I suppose..

When it comes to airports, swallow that misplaced pride, MAB and learn from our neighbors down South...

Zawi said...

Hantu Laut,
I used to get free tickets to Bangkok and Medan. I just need to pay the taxes. Thanks to promo rates by AA.
Mat Salo, dont be unduly worried as it is currently still manageable but pretty soon the LCCT will be bursting at its seam. Anyway they are building a new terminal soon to cater for the fast expanding traffic. Its too short a time for the current LCCT to become obsolete. Problem of connectivity to KLIA is the other major problem. Pay extra and you can get express borading thus less hustle. I prefer to board last so that I can sit down while others are lining up to board. It is no joke to stand up in line till borading when sitting astern of aft will get you to the same destination at the same time. AA has the youngest fleet of A320 on earth (Malaysian Operation only).

Hantu Laut said...

Mat Salo,
If you still like the frills and being pampered by the girls in sarong kebaya, you can buy Supersaver on MAS or if you are as old as I am, than you can get old folks discounted rates for domestic flights only.

However,looking at a picture of you, you might not qualify for the MAS piety for old folks.So, it's either supersaver or AA for you.Hopefully, by the time you fly, they may have resolved the problem.

On a different note, what type of guitar is that your are holding ?.I bought a Fender Stratocaster about 15 years ago, the same type made famous by Eric Clapton called Blackie.

Aspiring to be a top-notch guitarist but failed miserably.Haven't play much for many years.Owned two guitars, the other one was an acoustic Korean Ovation, but still a lousy player.A friend told me, practice makes perfect, no practice no good.Maybe, I should put it up on Ebay.