Tuesday, November 13, 2007



How did UMNO Assembly Speaker, Badruddin Amiruddin sees the tunnel under the skirt ? Did he only had a passing glance or was he ogling to find a deeper meaning to what's under the skirt ? Most normal men would not be bothered by such a sight and would take it as petty incidents of their daily lives. I wonder, how would Badruddin have reacted if he saw a female with a voluptuous body in a bikini at the beach or at a swimming pool ? Would he vehemently complain or would he gets a hard on, instead ?

Many a time, speakers at the UMNO General Assembly had made less than intelligent remarks or those considered politically incorrect and not suitable for public consumption. Some members of parliament of the same kin had in the past made similar unbefitting and ungracious remarks in the august house, remarks that people of their stature are not expected to make in public or even in private conversation.

In Western society, people like Badruddin, would be viewed at with contempt and as a potential sex offender, even though he might not be one.The press would have a field day digging into his background and tearing him apart. He would literally become food for the hyenas.

It is also most disappointing that Wanita and Puteri UMNO didn't take him to task or censure his remark.The ladies are too kind to him to let him off the hook easily.

By his speech, Badruddin had degraded and shamed, not the women in this country, but himself .He exposes his own contemptible character.


Zawi said...

Hantu Laut,
Is there anywhere I could read his speech? It would be nice if you could have a link to it.
I have made your comment about your experience into a post. I sincerely believe it can help a smoker to want to quit and stop any potential smoker from smoking.
I hope you won't mind me doing that. Frankly I wish your daughters will read that and heed your advice through your comment.

Mat Salo said...

HL Sir. I too would like to see a text of the speech. The depths of their depravity is bottomless. Yes, depraved. That's what it takes for a person to come up witheth such a statement.

I've also posted a comment on Zawi's re:smoking. That was a very good comment, Sir and thanks for writing with such passion and eloquence...

Hantu Laut said...

Zawi and Mat Salo,

My dear friends, I only based my article on a news report from the Daily Express in Sabah, where the tha Sabah Women's Advisory Council took Badruddin to task for his unbecoming remark in response to a Wanita UMNO speaker,Zaleha Hussin complaint about the scanty and obscene attire of Air Asia's stewardress. I believe it was not a speech but was an off-the-cuff remark by Badruddin.

I have inserted the link to the news report.

As you may well be aware, the mainstream media didn't report the controversial remark due to it negative impact on UMNO.

Puteri said...

Air Asia's stewardesses uniform is considered scanty and obscene? Are UMNO folks so sheltered or worse, ignorant? Maybe living in a cave somewhere? Haven't they been on airlines where stewardesses (flight attendants being the more pc term) uniforms are similar to those at Air Asia? My goodness, of all things to raise at a general assembly!

Those Sabah women have guts. Those UMNO women stayed silent to protect their own rice pot. How else can you explain their silence to such degrading remarks about women?

Hantu Laut said...

You are right, many other Asian and Western airlines have the same kind of design, solely for the reason of making them looking more feminine.I personally find the attire and the bold colour of Air Asia's girls attractive.I maybe a bit old but I still do appreciate good looks.

Those ladies in UMNO had nothing better to say and they should not try to impose their values on others.It's not their business.Malaysia is a multi-racial and multi-religious country, UMNO is not the lord.

Most disgusting is the man who participated in vulgarism in his official capacity.