Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Yet another child raped and killed, abducted from her own apartment. Preeshena Varshiny, 9 was raped,sodomised and thrown down from the balcony of an apartment. Two days ago, the body of Chin Kha Mun, 12 was found floating in a river. The police could not determine the cause of death.They have classified it as 'sudden death'.What! sudden death? Did she died of drowning or something else ? Police had no clue. What had happened to forensic science and autopsy? Don't they exist in our police force?

After the Nurin's case, one would expect the police to be grinding their axes and go on the war path.

Is this the beginning of the reign of terror of a paedophile serial rapist and killer.Please, keep a tight grip on your children. Leaving a 9-year old, home alone, is not acceptable behaviour of any responsible parents. Read the story.........


Zawi said...

Hantu laut,
I beg to differ as I can't bring myself to blame the parents. Home is perceived as the safest place for our children, a condo with security to boot.
It goes to show how bad is the situation now security wise. We are a small nation of only 26 million people. Compare Malaysia with other bigger and more populaous nation. Why should we fare so low? You said it aptly that police should be grinding their axe to go after the criminals since similar crimes has been committed and highly publicised. What went wrong? Are are police under staffed? Under paid? Under trained?
When they went after the people who were involved in the so called illegal gathering in batu buruk, it was with so much gusto and effort as if the people they were after is the worst criminal in the country. Why isnt the same being done for the child rapist, sodomiser and killer?
I am choked up with emotion to continue. The victim is not my grandchild but who knows what may happen one day?

Hantu Laut said...

True our homes should be the safest place and should be our sanctuary.Unfortunately,they are not any more.The criminals are getting bolder and more deadly.Our children aren't safe anywhere, any more.That's why in more developed societies it is unlawful to leave children on their own, at home.The parents can be charged for parental negligence if they are caught.

I remember the good old days when my family lived in the kampong, we didn't have to lock our doors and windows, never locked our cars and you can always depend on your neighbour to keep an eye on your house while you are away.Those days are gone.

There are something seriously wrong with our police force.The rise in crimes the last few years was appallingly high, many high profile murder cases remained unsolved and the people have basically given up on the police.They are viewed at with contempt.

The problem started when Badawi appointed a Royal Commission to identify the inadequacies and weaknesses in the force.The police weren't very happy with outsiders poking their noses into their affairs.Thereafter, everything goes downhill, the police force showing their displeasure at Badawi.

Unless the government do something quickly to reform the police force, the public are going to suffer the dire consequences of police indignation against the administration.

Badawi may not be aware of it, but this was the reason for the rise in crimes and organised crime throughtout the nation.

Zawi said...

Hantu Laut,
I see your point on the Police's indination. Abdullah tried to pacify them by giving them higher pay. Nevertheless that short term measures seems to be a sheer waste of good money. They will stick to their normal ways of corruption knowing that the government is powerless against them. The PM himself needs favours from the IGP.

Mat Salo said...

Zawi said, "What went wrong? Are are police under staffed? Under paid? Under trained?"

Although that's true Pak Zawi, but like H-L pointed out there is a trend in rise of violent crimes with the recent 'poking of noses at police business'. And I worry that if executive powers need to stoop so low as to ask police for favors!

On a separate topic, I would beg to differ too on the proposed March. I am, much to the chagrin of those close to me, too hot headed and impestuous. So it's probably lucky that I'm out of the country at the moment because if I'm home, I would probably be there. If anything, I just can't let my friends (who are attending) down because I'm loyal to a fault.

But I concur that it could turn ugly. But I understand also a need for a segment of society to voice displeasure because they probably know that not much can be affected by the ballot box (gerry-mandering, outright cheating). Hence the need for 'bersih' of the electoral process. I pray it will be peaceful and the authorities would not resort to ugly tactics to provoke or cause undue unrest. But you're right though to warn of the worst case scenarios.

Hantu Laut said...

Mat Salo,
I understand your feeling and principle in the matter.We all may have different views and should stand by what we believe in.At the end of the day the country must come first.

I have no great love for this government,like most of you, I would like to be part of the protest, but I also know the limit of what we can achieve and the futility of the whole exercise.

Nick Phillips said...

No where is safe anymore. I'm inclined to take my wife and kids and go stay on some deserted island where there is no one around!

Nessa said...

It's really sad, one case after another and they haven't even caught Nurin's murderer.

I wish they could come out in force (like they did with the demonstrators recently) and find the killer/s. I don't see any serious effort to tackle this crime... why??

Hantu Laut said...

Nick Phillips,
That seems like a good idea if you can find your dream island, I would like to join you and live the life of a recluse.The only problem, there may not be any internet connection and we be ogling the deep blue sea all day long.

Agree with you, if they have gone out with more gusto, they would have the culprit by now.There probably will be a next victim before they catch this guy.Let's hope not.