Sunday, March 2, 2008


Hantu Laut

The tight race between Hilary Clinton and Barrack Obama is getting hotter and dirtier by each passing day.The preliminary run for the White House has reached the highest momentum. The process of elimination would come soon in Texas and Ohio.

Take a look at the face and body language of Hilary Clinton in the video below, it shows the anger and hatred screaming inside her and that 'I wanna kill you' look on her face was a giveaway of her toffee-nosed and contempt against her arch-rival. She has used almost every dirty tricks in the bag to put a brake on Obama's advancement with little progress showing in her favour.

Obama has been confronted again and this time by conservative Republican that he is a Muslim and anti-semite. He had also been accused of consulting with anti-Semitic advisers. A photograph of him in Somali garb and using a turban was released through the Drudge Report website, which claimed it was leaked from the Hilary Clinton's camp, which she quickly denied.

The Drudge Report ran this photo of Barack Obama in Somali garb from a 2006 trip to Africa. The Web site claims Hillary Clinton's campaign provided the photo to it.

Obama may have a Muslim middle name but so was Kahlil Gibran, the famous Lebanese-American poet, artist and writer who had a Muslim name but was a Christian Maronite. Obama is as American as any American can be and certainly not a Muslim by any figment of our imagination. Isn't America the champion of democracy, human rights and freedom of religion. So what's the problem if he black and a Muslim ?

America went round the world with guns and bombs to try impose its brand of democracy and freedom to other countries without putting its own house in order first. Racists and white supremacists abound in this land of the free. Hilary Clinton may not have put her racist feeling in words but you can see it written all over her face.

Clinton has accused him of plagiarism, derided his messianic oratory and rubbished his lack of experience in foreign policy. The mud-slinging coming out from her camp reveals her frustration and embarrassment at being placed behind a black man. She is prepared to do anything to try kill Obama's character and in the process hope to swing voters away from him and to her side.Nothing seems to work so far. Her last chance to save her running for president would be in Texas and Ohio.

She is at the end of her wits and is contemplating a lawsuit over the party's election rules. Her dirty tactics, tirades, incessant and superfluous attack on his personality has not brought her the desired results.It has backfired on her and making her task more daunting and may finally seal the coffin on her.

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