Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Anwar Looking For Kataks

Hantu Laut

In my previous article I mentioned that Anwar is going around shopping for BN MPs to join him.He has now admitted he has spoken to some of them but would not pay or reward them if they join his party. You can read it here.

Without any form of reward it would be most unlikely that anyone would want to join him.The opposition coalition has 82 seats and needed at least 30 more seats to form a simple majority. It would be foolish move for any of BN MP to switch camp as they have a strong simple majority of 140 seats, short of 8 more to get two-thirds majority.

Unless Anwar can get an en bloc of 30 or more, which is most unlikely, his dream of taking over the government before the next elections would remain a dream.

Sarawak is the only en bloc source of supply. It has 30 MP seats and under the control of the Chief Minister Taib Mahmud, a BN loyalist.

It is more feasible and makes more sense for BN to woo opposition MPs to their side as they hold the key to the treasury.

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kittykat46 said...

I agree that its wrong and highly unethical to attempt to bring about a change of government through secret deals and backroom intrigue.

However, I think your unrelenting hostility towards Anwar Ibrahim, often blinds you to an objective assessment of the situation.

SM said...


Very, very, very unlikely!
Anwar's best bet is to "consolidate" the 3 Opposition Parties further.
They now have 4 or 5 years to get cracking on all that they have promised. I believe they can do it. Anwar has the experience to do it.
If they deliver what they have promised, thye will be quite a "force" to be reckoned with in the next GE.
The BN Media has had a TOTAL BOYCOTT on anything Anwar since the Nomination Day. They don't seem to realise that all it does it make the people only go to the Internet to find out more & adds to Anwar's "prestige"!
So far, from what I've seen, the BN has not changed, will not ry to change & will not change!

Anonymous said...

thought of stepping on your tail again but again no....

Hantu Laut said...

I think you read me wrongly.That's exactly what I am trying to do here, an objective assessment of the situation.

What I am saying is that it would be difficult for Anwar to woo the BN MPs to his side because of the large number he needs to form a simple majority and easier for the BN to try steal MPs from the oppositions because of the smaller number.

There is no hostility towards Anwar here and I believe you agree with me, expressing a political opinion is not a crime.

If you care to read my previous posts Abdullah Badawi gets the same kind of treatment from me when I don't agree with what he does.

Mine is a political blog and I am not aligned to any sides as I have to be independent to make a sensible and fair assessment of the situation.

I don't have to follow what other bloggers are doing,it's their business if they want to champion certain personality or political party.

Last but not least, one must not forget that nobody is infallible, including Anwar.

Your comment much appreciated.Thank you.

Hantu Laut said...

Anwar has to work hard to capture the government in the next elections, for now he has stay in the opposition.

I too believe Anwar can do it if he doesn't screw up the alliance he has with DAP and PAS.I don't think PKR can do it on its own, just like UMNO, he needs coalition partners.

The BN hasn't changed ! I think they are getting worse.AAB needs to step down.

Hantu Laut said...


Say what you have to say but keep it civil.

SM said...


I'm interested in what you think of the new Cabinet.
Datuk Zaid Ibrahim is in the Cabinet to "do something about" the Judiciary?! This seems to be the only ray of light coming through!
Rafidah out! Mohd Haji Mohd Taib & Rais Yatim back in!
Datuk Mukhriz not suspended by UMNO Youth!
Hmmmmm...AAB trying to make peace with TDM or what?

Hantu Laut said...

Zaid Ibrahim appointment is most unexpected. I would be surprise if he accepts the appointment as it is too minor for a person like him. An independent law ministry for him would be more befitting.

Mohammad-Mohammad and Nazri will be a pain in the neck.

Sabah and Sarawak felt unappreciated that's why Anifah Aman declined his appointment.
This may give Anwar a chance to stir the BN nest.

I think Rafidah not happy and may resign from her UMNO head.

As I predicted they will not sack or suspend Mukhriz.

Hantu Laut said...

Correction:Para 4 should be..... UMNO wanita head.