Friday, May 9, 2008

Gallup Poll:Malaysian Bloggers

Hantu Laut

The findings of Gallup Poll on the state of the internet, blogging and government aversion to the popularity of blogging in the country.

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Keith said...

Just a quick update:

The elections were on the 08-Mar, and the government Lost it's 2/3 majority. The 2/3 Majority is require to make changes to the constituition and it is only the second time in history that the ruling party BN has lost it.

The people of Malaysia are called Malaysians, not Malays. Malays refer to just on ethnic group in Malaysia and they account for just over 60% of the populace.

. said...

Gallop means to jump.

Gallop polls means jumping while polling.

So what do you expect?

They can't even get the basic fact right.

Sheeeeeesh !! Another mat salleh's way to make money.

SM said...

If I'm not mistake, it's the Malaysa but the Bumiputras (which comprise the Malays, Orang Asli & the East Malaysia Ethnic Groups like the Ibans, etc) that make up 60% of the populace.

Hantu Laut said...

I think the survey was done before the recent elections.You are correc, I think the girl either mis pronounced it or she doesn't know.

Hantu Laut said...

You may be right.The bumis slightly over 60%, the Chinese close to 28-30% and rest are Indians and others.

It would be nice if we are known without our ethnic background.

SM said...


Yes, that would be great. Just call us Malaysians!
However, you & I & everyone in Malaysia knows that will nevr happen as long as BN (read: UMNO) is in power.
Day by day, PR seems to be the best alternative (we are not sure how they will be in the future but we can alreday see that they have got down to business while UMNO & the other BN component parties are still at each other's throats!!!!!).