Saturday, June 28, 2008

Amnesty International:Buzz-Off

Hantu Laut

An AFP news wire reported that Amnesty International, the human rights watchdog,has through its Malaysian branch expressed concern over Malaysia's plans to deport tens of thousands of illegal immigrants that could lead to serious human rights violations.

An unnamed spokesman says  "We are of the opinion that the Federal Government's unilateral action may result in serious human rights violations".It also says many of those targeted were asylum seekers and refugees from the southern Philippines.

Who ever the spokesman was he needs to have his dumb head examined.If he is a Malaysian then my sympathy is with him for sheer ignorance and stupidity.Some people just shoot their mouth without checking the facts.

There are no asylum seekers or refugees in Sabah, all of them were economic refugees who left their completely screwed-up country because life is hard and even harder to find a job to survive.Among the many that came there were thieves,murderers,rapists and crooks who ran away from crimes they committed back in their home country.Sabah is land of milk and honey for them. For some it is an asylum from crime they have committed.

UNHCR left Sabah over three decades ago as it felt those who came after the initial 30,000 officially recognised as refugees were no longer refugees.

Amnesty should come to Sabah and see for itself  how well these so-called refugees were treated and how patient Sabahans have been to accommodate these aliens who were not exactly well-behaved guests.They took more than what we got in return.They overwhelmed our hospitals and schools, broke into our homes, sell drugs to our children and squat on our land as if it belongs to their forefathers.

Amnesty International since you are very concern and think unilateral action is wrong in this case why don't you negotiate on our behalf with the Philippines and Indonesian governments to take back their citizens and ask them to pay for the cost of repatriations.

If you can't get your facts right, buzz-off and let us do our work in peace.


Anonymous said...

Well spoken. Nevertheless the deportation must be handled with extreme care. There had been deportations before but always had strong oppositions inside and outside. One sure effective way would be to give RM300 each so they can start their own life again back in their own country. The government of Indonesia and Philippines must be represented in the deportation to ensure the crocodiles will not open their jaws on these people now that they have cash in their hands. The RM 300 must be collected from their employer... or protectors.

fie the elf said...

theres a difference between a refugee and an illegal immigrant who does nothing except give birth to children who end up sniffing glue at the age of 7 and begging in front of shenanigans!

SM said...


Yes, sure, make sure that the deportation is done with care. Even get Amnesty International staff to witness the exercise.
Sure, bring some of the Philippine & Indonesian Immigration Officers to monitor also!
However, get rid of these Illegal Immigrants. Send them back to where they came from AND "re-charge" the Indonesian & Philippine Governments for the costs!
Why should the Malaysian Tax Payers have to pay?