Thursday, July 3, 2008

Anwar:Press Conference Drops A Bombshell

Hantu Laut

Anwar Ibrahim calling for a press conference today to drop a bombshell that may have serious repercussions on the BN government.

Details to follow.


Anonymous said...

Politics are not for the weak! Who is friends? Who is foes? only time can tell!

who is RPK working for?

Anwar... what is he up to?

Anonymous said...

To all those shit faces / scumbags insinuating and denigrating Anwar, I suggest you get bashed up by none other than the IGP and his bunch of rowdies and see if you can survive. If not for the mercy and care of Allah swt. Anwar would have long been dead meat. So for all those passing insinuating remarks, please be aware that Allah is observing and will definately tender appropriate punishment in due course. I assure you my prayers are powerful and I will call upon Allah to invoke his wrath.

kadayan journal said...

well it sounds simple and short cut leaving it to authority... have we the choice? I wish we have -how can you put a trust to Police-IGP and AG like, with a mess they have made/

Anonymous said...

I agree that we can't have full faith on statutory declarations because those statements are made in the office of commissioner of oath (in my town we use the office of Pejabat Pendaftaran) just like when we need our photocopy of id be authenticated. The different is that we have our original card to be compared with. If the person who draw the declaration is sworn in in real court maybe they have second thought before doing so. Suddenly statutory declarations become so popular. How much money is involved???