Monday, June 30, 2008

Anwar:Real Or A Melodrama ?


 Hantu Laut

Anwar Ibrahim, the prime minister in waiting, is holed up in the Turkish Embassy seeking refuge from death threat.

It is sad that Anwar didn't trust our police force to seek protection which he deserves to get as a citizen of this country.For how long is he going to be holed up in a foreign embassy or would he seeks political asylum with the country concerned and forget about taking over the government and as the next prime minister.

Has Anwar and PKR overreacted to the death threat and caused embarrassment to the Malaysian Government internationally or is he in real danger ?

Shouldn't he be running to the court and sue the hell out of this young man who fabricated such atrocious lies against him.

It is apparent that politicians in this country from both sides of the political fence have no faith in our courts.


Pok Kam said...

Dear HL,

It does paint an overall bad and gloomy picture of our country isn't it?

They preached about upholding and defending the integrity of our nation but then their action speaks otherwise.

kittykat46 said...

Armies throghout history have understood that the surest way to defeat an enemy is to kill the commanding General.

There are people who got Altantuya blown up and her immigration records, and those of her travelling companion erased. I don't believe its just only the people who have been charged with in court involved.

Anwar may be acting melodramatic, but he better do his best to survive. He does need to clear his name, but its up to him to evaluate on a day to day basis when to leave the Turkish Embassy.

Anonymous said...

Wahtever one's sexual preference, this must not be the reason the country must fall. We haven't gotten over the aftermath of rising fuel and food prices, the death of a Mongolian model shrouded in high profile mystery, the reasons of the poor in the rich state of Sabah...
the timely police report of oneself being sodomised by a politician just adds to the bad manner of our politics are heading. Go on, what else are there to report!

Anonymous said...

we need to stand up and fight! We have been silent for 50years!

Not sure if Anwar is being do or doing something?

I dont care, I want peace and posperity!

Zawi said...

I am alarmed by the way things are developing. I wonder if Anwar has any strategy at all. He had been telling people of his plan thus alerting his enemy. In any war secrecy of your plan is of utmost importance and executing it must mean sure result. Otherwise it will be a futile effort. He blundered against Mahathir due to his arrogance and over confidence.

Anonymous said...

Did Anwar Sodomize The Turkey Ambassador? I heard he did :p

Hantu Laut said...

Pok Kam,

Always take what politicians from both sides of the fence say with a pinch of salt.There is no honest politician, there are only good and bad politician

Hantu Laut said...


What Anwar going through is nothing compared to people like Nelson Mendela, the only difference is, Mendela is fighting for his people and Anwar is fighting for himself.

Hantu Laut said...

Sure,I agree with you,we should not judge a man by his sexual preference.I have a number of gay friends,both man and women, and I am not bothered by their sexual inclination but,unfortunately,that.s not the general feeling throughout the world.

Even the US, which is considered the bastion of freedom,outlawed sodomy,but does not prosecute if it is between consenting adults.

Many countries including our neighbour down south,Singapore will prosecute cases of sodomy if reported.

Hantu Laut said...

Good principle, we should try to change without being excessively dogmatic.

Hantu Laut said...

Nice to hear from you again.Yes,Anwar is riding high on his popularity and forgot the basics of the art of war.

He is a poor strategist.He shouts too much and let his pants down.

Anonymous said...

The Best show on earh...

*WHo is the Mole?*

Saiful 1st work in DPM office

Then work as PKR volunteer

No the victim of sodomize

CGPA of 0.8, that's near to impossible score.

P.balasubramaniam, a mole? or revealing the truth now?