Friday, September 12, 2008

What Happened In 2006 ?:Bigot Revisited

Hantu Laut

Sometimes, it's difficult to separate the sheep from the goats.

Whether Ahmad Ismail is a bigot, defender of the faith or
Pahlawan Melayu (Malay hero), the man is never short of controversies and strange as it may sound he somehow survives the dangerous waters of politics.People like him and Anwar Ibrahim seemed to have the nine lives.Even the cats would find it difficult to survive such deadly hurdles.

It wouldn't be lack of profundity to say that in every race, group or community there are bound to be the contemptuous black sheep.Ahmad's chauvinistic view is his and not the general perception of the Malay community.

In 2006 Ahmad was again in the limelight over his insolvency status that was widely reported in the media.

1.Umno's leadership will decide the fate of Datuk Ahmad Ismail, who was ordered to relinquish his post as a Penang island municipal councillor because he was bankrupt.
Penang Umno liaison committee secretary Datuk Azhar Ibrahim said it would leave it to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, who is the committee chairman, to decide.
He said the matter would be discussed when Abdullah returned from his overseas trip.
It was reported yesterday that Ahmad, who is also a director of a firm linked to the Penang Outer Ring Road, had to relinquish his councillor's position as he was a bankrupt.(New Straits Times 24 May 2006)

2.Umno Bukit Bendera division chief Datuk Ahmad Ismail is adamant that he will not relinquish any of his posts.
Ahmad, who was declared a bankrupt, had been ordered to give up his Penang Island Municipal Council position and his Umno post.
He said he had obtained a stay of execution order from the High Court and lashed out at Chief Minister Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon for rushing to announce that he had been stripped of his councillor's post.
"I don't know why a small fry like me has been given such widespread publicity.
"I was declared a bankrupt because of a technicality and I have sorted it out.
"All this could have been avoided if the Chief Minister had checked his facts first," he said
(New Strait Times 26 May 2006 )

3.Bukit Bendera Umno Chief Datuk Ahmad Ismail is not bankrupt and will continue back as a member of the Pulau Pinang Town Council (MPPP).
Chief Minister Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon today said that he had received a letter from the Insolvency Department confirming that Ahmad was not bankrupt.
Yesterday, Ahmad had described the actions of the state government and the MPPP in terminating him from his post of a member of MPPP as being hasty and unreasonable.(Bernama 26 May 2006)

4.)Bukit Bendera Umno Branch chief Datuk Ahmad Ismail will keep his job of councillor in the Penang Island Municipal Council (MPPP).
Ahmad cleared his name today when the Penang High Court nullified a lower court ruling declaring him a bankrupt.
A jubilant Ahmad said he has received a letter from the state government confirming that he will be retained as MPPP councillor.
He said he was a "victim of circumstances". He acted as a guarantor for a RM1.8-million loan taken by a private company which had defaulted on the repayment.
"I thank Allah that it's all over now. I have cleared my name and now I am looking forward to serving the people of Bukit Bendera (and the MPPP)," he said.(Bernama 27 June 2006)

5.Bukit Bendera Umno division head Datuk Ahmad Ismail claimed that Koh and Chia did not honour their election promises, which included introducing a programme to eradicate poverty and inculcating entrepreneurship among the Malays in the city.
Describing the Malays in Penang as the victimised minority, he asked Koh and Chia to fulfill the pledges they made and asked them to hold discussions with Umno leaders to work out the programme for the Malays.(Bernama 27 Aug 2006)

Time is a great healer. This nasty episode would soon be forgotten and Ahmad would quietly return to his political wheeling-dealing, UMNO unchanged and unrepentant and Anwar still chasing his elusive dream.

This will the closing chapter of Ahmad Ismail's political boo-boo and we should forgive him for the outburst that was probably done in a fit of anger.


SM said...


This guy Ahmad is a "true" UMNO Politician. If not for UMNO's (i.e. Pak Lah's weakened position), he would probably be honoured as "defender of Bangsa, Agama & Negara" (& I'm sure he is protrayed thus since the other UMNO Divisions fully supported him!).
By the way, spare a thought for RPK & his family (I hear he has been arrested under the ISA).
He did say it was going to happen so it's probably not a surprise to him. HOWEVER, it's clear that with the BN (read: UMNO), the ISA will never be abolished!
It's time for them to GO!

Anonymous said...


Forgive ? He is your kind is it ?

Now he had put a young reporter who only wrote facts and accounts what happened under ISA arrest !

May be you can sleep in your cosy bed tonight, finding all the reasons to excuse the satan who try to stoke racialism, and feel happy for it, but not the rest of the population.

People like you can articulate with all the half truth and some down right glossed over lies as long as what you support get exempted from the penalty of the law, Some how forgetting to look into your conscience !

Yeah , you go to bed tonight cosy and happy, and the three souls arrested under ISA are under duress !

Hantu Laut said...


It is now clear we have a government in crisis.

Hantu Laut said...

I really don't want to be rude and call you stupid.

What are you reading that got you so riled up and make such unwarranted remarks.Does it makes you any different from Ahmad Ismail?

This is the trouble with people like you, who can only read between the line, and make stupid assumption.

Show me where have I written in support of this guy ? You mean asking to forgive someone is a crime?

Your degree of intolerance makes you just as bigoted as Ahmad Ismail.