Saturday, September 13, 2008

A Bad Law Or Necessary Evil ?

Hantu Laut

The government have started the crackdown on those deemed as threat to security of the nation.

The recent arrests of blogger Raja Petra Kamaruddin, journalist Tan Hoon Chang and opposition MP Theresa Kok have put the people in a quandary and a government drifting away from the people.

There are over 60 ISA detainees currently in custody.Most are Malays allegedly involved in suspected terrorist organisations, Jemaiya Islamia and Darul Islam.They are the forgotten lots.Some have been there for as long as 7 years. Read list of detainees here.

Look like a big screw up, sent the messenger to prison and sent the culprit away scot-free. What about the editor, the gatekeeper, who decides what goes in and what goes out ?

Are there anymore sensible people left in the government?

Is the ISA a bad law or a necessary evil?


Anonymous said...

Rather than asking a hypocritical question like whether the ISA is necessary or evil, there is need to explain how it is used and against who. When we know that, then its necessity or unworthiness can be answered. Simple!

Anonymous said...

good moning,
Just heard the news last night. What is going on? I thought I've read on the mainstream news that the Selangor ex-chief minister was given a period of time to apologize for his accusation on Theresa Kok. Detaining a reporter who wrote about ahmad ismail racial remarks? Then why is the person who made the racial remarks only given a 3 years 'ban'?
it's not a bad law or a necessary evil but a tool of the devil itself.


SM said...


The title of your article should be "When all else fails, UMNO will use the ISA to intimidate the Pakyat"!
Teresa Kok gave Khir Toyo & the Utusan Reporter 7 days to apologise or she will take action against them. In this case & in the case of the Chinese Daily Newspaper Reporter, the Messengers are bing "penalised". Ahmad is scott free & he's going to go around the country boasting why he will not apoligize & as for Toyo & that Utusan Reporter, don't tell me they were not trying to cause "trouble"? Plus, well they are UMNO stooges right, so it's ok?
Then we have RPK. They can't allow RPK to be tried in court because he knows too much about them doesn't he? He may spill the beans & UMNO (especially Najib & Rosmah) can't allow that.
Even the MCA has said they are surprised that this Reporter has been detained. She's just reporting what was said by that creep Ahmad!
Once again, tell me about Malaysia's Democratic process & how the BN has been elected Democratically (we know about thier Postal Votes & Phantom Votes, don't we)?!
Once again tell me why DSAI should not form a new Federal government & bring much needed change & justice to Malaysia? Once again tell me why we should not equate UMNO to the Nazis & the South African Apartheid Regime?!

Anonymous said...

Happy mooncake festival!

IS now or never, We need Anwar to act sooooon.

Gomen, polis, judge & etc will do whatever possible to stop Anwar!

by doing this they only ignite the Rakyat Fire! UMNO popularity drop to the lowest point.