Saturday, September 13, 2008

Never The Twain Shall Meet

Hantu Laut

Some of the BN MPs have returned from their purported study trip to Taiwan.

Mohammad Aziz, one of the MPs upon arrival at KLIA when asked by reporters whether he met the 5 PKR pursuers said "We didn't meet anyone, not even a single ghost."

Mohammad said some MPs have returned to KL and some directly to Sabah while others are dispersed to other places of their own choices for holidays.There may be some stranded in Taiwan due to the horrendous weather.

He said "We are not running from anyone. Maybe some of us are running from the weather,"

The picture would become clearer tomorrow when the 5 PKR pursuers returned home, whether they have met some of the MPs or were sent on a wild goose chase by Anwar.

It came as a surprise that being so sure-footed Anwar didn't pursue the MPs himself or was it, he never had 'the numbers' in the first place?

It would also be easier for him to free himself of blame should his big game plan failed to bear fruits.


kittykat46 said...

I won't be surprised if by now Anwar actually has the numbers.
But he doesn't have enough Malay / Muslim MPs to cross over yet, which is politically necessary.

Fazrul Shahril said...

Yes.. i think so..


SM said...


Oh yes, DSAI has the numbers & it's time this "EVIL" Government is sent back to Hell from where it crawled out from!

Zawi said...

I hate this government so much now after the 3 persons were arrested under ISA. I am an UMNO man and I would like to renounce my membership forever. The sight of that lyng minister on Prime News nearly made me puke. It is not that I like PR but I hate BN (read UMNO) more.

Hantu Laut said...

kittykat 46,fazrul,sm,
As much as I hate to say it,I still doubt Anwar has the numbers.
He has now postponed the date to 20th.

Badawi is now trying to consolidate his position and knowing how UMNO operates he might be able to prolong his stay at least until December UMNO elections.

Looking at the current scenario in the party Najib would probably challenge him to save his own skin and Muhyiddin as his running mate just to keep Razaleigh at bay.

Anwar should bide his time and wait for the opportune time to stage a takeover.His psycological war is only giving the BN opportunity to up its guard.

Hantu Laut said...

Nice to hear from you again.You may not be the only one.I think most Malaysians are disgusted with what happened recently.

I agree the minister concerned has not been forthwith with his statement.

Anonymous said...

What?!! My hero postponed his " pertabalan" to 20th of Sept... alamak!!! I will still have to pay RM2.50/liter of petrol on the 16th Of sept... what a shame... I'm counting on my hero to become the pee em on 16th of Sept.. :))