Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Longest Murder Trial In History ?

Hantu Laut

It could go down in the Guiness's Book Of World Records as the longest murder trial in the world.

After 18 months of court proceedings the case have not gotten any where nearer to conclusion.Except for a few diehard bloggers, highly motivated by politics, rather than a deep sense of seeking justice, the Malaysian public seem to have lost interest in the case.The snail's pace trial of the case and the constant hooded faces of the two accused begets more questions than answers.

The most vociferous in the blogging fraternity was Raja Petra Kamaruddin, the editor and owner of the most popular blog in the country Malaysia Today, a blog that have good following of Malaysians who are hungry for hot gossips and news not normally carried in the main stream media. A vast majority of his readers took his masterpieces against the government and the Deputy Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak as Gospel's truth.Although there might have been some truth to the many misdeeds of government reported in his blog, some appears to be politically motivated.The most controversial was his Statutory Declaration alleging the involvement of Najib and his wife in the crime based on hearsay from a third party which even the most hardened critic like America's Michael Moore would stay away from.Raja Petra is now languishing in jail under the ISA(Internal Security Act) and have other charges under the Seditious Act slapped on him.

Raja Petra's expos'e of corruptions in government have some merits and he would have made an excellent watchdog and critic if he had been independent and not aligned to any political party or politicians.It would give impartiality and plausibility to his stories.Giving over-zealous support to the oppositions and highly visible political bias against the government have made the accuracy and truthfulness of some of his stories questionable.

Statutory Declaration(SD) does not give guarantee or confirmation of the truth.Anyone can, truth or otherwise, signed a SD and swears that he/she is telling the truth.

In Sabah, SD have become instruments used by illegal immigrants to prove right of birth to get citizenships.In cahoot with ketuas kampong and native chiefs who took bribes from the illegal immigrants, these unpatriotic Malaysians would lie through their teeth and attest their signatures to the SD to confirm that MR So and So was born in the village at certain time and date and to certain parents.

Najib had denied any of the allegations against him and said it was politically motivated to smear his name.

The murder trail of Altantuya had certainly dragged on too long and the judiciary and government have certainly to blame for creating doubts in the mind of the people.

This could go down as the longest murder trail in history.

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Mat said...

I don't think this is your best article. It reads like an NST article, it's all over the place and I'm not sure what you're trying to say. You wanted to wake the government up but at the same time, write something that they like to read? ... seems like an NST Editor to me ... oh, may be you are ...

Hantu Laut said...

Certainly not my best.It's a 5 minutes walk in the park and I enjoyed the breadth of fresh air.

If you don't like the tone of my article, that's fine with me, no skin off my nose.

I don't write with strong use of expletives.Not my style.

chapchai said...

A very well written article. Any trial should not be politically tainted. That's what the law is there for. However, in reading some of the extracts relating to this case I cannot but help sniff that bias has been shown. Surely any allegations should be investigated in order to verify or reject said allegations.

Anonymous said...

Hey Hantu,

Tks for the plug. ;)
It's certainly a trial to nowhere and I suspect many Msians suspect have accepted that this is another high profile murder case that has gone down the drain.
Who has so much stamina for so much politics unless you are in politics?

tuamkc said...

CORRECTION: it is NOT the longest murder trial. it can't beat Canny Ong's murder trial. canny ong was murdered in june 2003 and the dastardly Ahmad Najib the murderer is still alive today.

Lawyer Kampung said...
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Lawyer Kampung said...

Bro Gram Kong aka Hantu Laut, they say justice delayed is justice denied, justice hurried is justice buried...haha. Then again as Malaysian we can only pray that in the end, justice will prevail. I understand your concerns. Good write-up as usual bro! ;-)

Hantu Laut said...

I am talking about court trail not a killer sitting on death row.

Hantu Laut said...

lawyer kampong,
Thanks bro.Let's hope it wouldn't be a sham trail and travesty of justice.

SM said...


Baginda will be found not guilty (lack of evidence muhhhhh). You wanna bet?
Those two ex-body guards will be found guilty probably. We don't really know what they look like so they can be "released" & back in the employ of Najib & who's to say?
In a year's time, we will see two blurred corpses' pictures in the NST & Utusan saying they have been hung & that's the end of the story. In the mean time, they will have new identities & probably a very good pay rise. After all, the people involved in "deleting" the evidence from the Immigtration Records can do "anything" can't they?!
As for PI Bala, he & his family are either well taken care of & living happily elsewhere or their bones are rotting in some jungle in Shah Alam!