Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Who Put The Skeletons In Najib's Closet ?

Hantu Laut

There is concerted effort to discredit Najib as much as possible before he ascends to the premiership.As the saying goes 'throw mud enough, some will stick'

The recent article in "Abuse Of Power By The Deputy Prime Minister" that appeared in Malaysia Today where the writer claimed abuse of power by the DPM and gave a list of unsubstantiated SMS communications between Najib and lawyer Shafee Abdullah initially assigned to defend Razak Beginda who was charged with abetting in the murder of Mongolian model Altantuya Shaariibuu.Razak Beginda is a close friend and adviser to Najib.

The reason I called it unsubstantiated is because it would have been more plausible if he had given a photocopy of the print out from the server.Surprisingly, some popular blogs including newsportal Malaysiakini carried the story on their websites.

It makes one wonder how a person can compile a complete list of SMSs for 24 days from the 8 November to 2 December 2006 with such dexterous result.It would be interesting to find out if this person is in possession of the original print out from the server of the telecom company concerned and who in the company gave him the information, if what was published is true and not fabricated.It is amazing how a private communication between two persons can end up in the hand of another person.Is everything for sale in this country? With million of messages going through those servers every day how long are they kept in the server before they are discarded?

Some time ago Raja Petra published the same transcriptions in Malaysia Today.Whether it is the same one I haven't the faintest idea.Raja Petra seems to have the canny ability to get privy to information that most ordinary people wouldn't be able to get.He does better police work than the police.

It is not impalpable that when someone close to you is in trouble you have a natural instinct to help to the best of your ability.If your close friend or your brother is accused of murder which is a capital crime, wouldn't you be concerned and try your best to save him within the confine of the law? Has Najib broken the law by showing concern and trying to help his friend until he found the case was hopeless and withdrew because of his position in government? If Najib is guilty of a crime would he be so stupid to incriminate himself by using SMSs to communicate with a criminal lawyer who happened to be one of the best in the country.Wouldn't the lawyer knew better than to leave their footprints all over the place if he thinks Najib is involved.Only guilty people will always want to cover their tracks.

If one care to read properly the exchanges of conversation in the SMSs it is clear that they are open to interpretation at one's whim and fancy. Were there any wording to show Najib intend to commit abuse of power in those communications?The last conversation was the most telling when Shafee SMS him as follows.

Saturday 2/12/2006

S2N Date: 2/12/2006 18:59:15

--> Dato Seri, Got some info that are troubling.Quite serious.Are you in Taman Duta?Can we meet? Salam, Shafee

After the last message I believe Shafee withdrew from the case.I suspect he must have found something sinister that makes it untenable for him to carry on with the defence.How and why the writer concluded that Najib abused his position as DPM is beyond me.

Did Najib tried to stop the investigation and stop the case from going to court? Did the next of kin of the murdered girl lodged a police report that Najib interfered or attempted to interfere in the case? Did the police complain that the DPM tried to interfere in police work?

Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim has called on the police to investigate the matter?Don't you think it is absurd that the police have to waste their time to investigate every dubious story about politicians carried on the blogs on the Internets.The story didn't even carry the name of the writer. I find it is also absurd that a learned person like Anwar can give credence to a story that has no basis for official investigation.Read some of the comments from pro-Anwar blogs here and here and here .

It is foregone conclusion that we already knew the answer in the event of a police investigation Malaysian Today will refuse to divulge its source.

I don't see any abuse of power in the SMS messages other than a concern for a dear friend.Of course the oppositions will take every opportunity to make a mountain out of a molehill and accused him of abuse of power.

I have always been a sceptic and always give people the benefit of the doubt and would give Najib this one.I strongly feel there is something wrong somewhere, as the whole story just don't seem to fit together.

With Najib in such powerful position he could have killed the case at the early stage of police investigation and it would have never reached the court and the ears of the public.Everything will be hushed-up and the founding of Altantuya remains would never be known.

I am sure the police would have informed Najib about his friend involvement before the case went public.This happened not only in Malaysia.Even in developed countries in the West if a close associate of the President or Prime Minister is involved in serious crime they would be inform first as a matter of courtesy before the case goes public.

If your very close friend or brother was found guilty of murder would you be guilty by association? Sometimes, you don't even know what your own brother is up to, let alone your friends.A drowning man will clutch at a straw.Sometimes, those in distress would go down alone but there are some who want to bring the whole world down with them.Human aren't all that perfect.Some are liars,some are saints.

The oppositions and those with devious agenda have not ceased the mud-slinging and more is expected to come from now on and it wouldn't be, impertinent on my part, to say that much of the seedy sauces came from someone that have vested interest in taking over the helm.

Some time ago at the early stages of the Altantuya court proceedings there was a big hullabaloo about a photograph of Najib having dinner together with the late Altantuya and Beginda in a posh restaurant in Paris.None of those witnesses who said to have seen the photograph have delivered them to the court.The opposition in their desperate attempt to implicate Najib did the unthinkable.They doctored a photograph and posted it on the Internet showing the three having a cosy dinner in a not very elegant looking restaurant.With hundreds of million ringgit in commission collected Beginda must be a pathetically stingy man to bring his darling mistress to such hovel.An empty restaurant and a table meant for two but sat three people.Some people simply have no taste.

Till today not a single photograph of Najib and her had been found which seemed very odd if they have been out together there sure to be some photographs taken by her.Most young girls would like to show off their famous paramour to their friends.An outgoing girl and extrovert like the late Altantuya would be more than willing to show-off her secret lover to her friends.Don't tell me Rosmah has bought all the photographs and destroyed them.Amazingly, even her parents did not have such photographs and Mr Shaariibuu have not made any hint or allegation that her daughter knew Najib.

The photo was the handiwork of Tian Chua of PKR.Now, it makes one wonder whose handiwork was the SMS transcriptions published in Malaysia Today.

Raja Petra's Statutory Declaration implicating Najib and his wife in the murder of the Mongolian girl was investigated by the police.When asked for the source of his information he refused to give it to the police citing protection of his source material.

Raja Petra had taken the same stand as Judith Miller of the New York Times who was sent to jail for contempt of court by refusing to divulge the name of her confidential source of information in a case involving the CIA.Before taken into custody Miller told the judge "If journalists cannot be trusted to guarantee confidentiality,then journalists cannot function and there cannot be a free press."

Miller, who conducted interviews but never wrote an article about the C.I.A. operative, joins a line of journalists who have accepted jail time rather than betray their sources' confidences. That tradition, according to Judge Hogan, does not deserve respect.

But than Miller is a journalist whose bread and butter depended on her profession and the integrity of her keeping her promise.Raja Petra run a personal blog that have become popular for its sensationalism and creative writing.

Both the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister had taken what most Western leaders would have taken against disparaging articles on the Internet, ignore them.

It is not worthwhile to go down to their detractors level to answer to dubious allegations.


Anonymous said...

Your argument holds no water because there are many other baggage Najib is carrying and he has lied before in Public. This text is not an sms but a conversation. The sms was use to misled.

Anonymous said...

Correction: Your argument holds no water because there are many other baggages Najib is carrying and he has lied before in Public. This text is not an sms but a conversation. The sms was use to misled.Personally I believe Najib would not have time to sms the mentioned text but believe the conversation took place, period.

Hantu Laut said...

What have you got in that short paragraph of pathetic encapsulation.

Rickety guesswork with no specific.

agnos said...

i too am very interested to know if technically it is possible to re-construct the sms from the server - whether the sms is kept or how long it will be kept.

email re-construct yes as proven in the enron case .... maybe msia should be the first country to prove that sms trial can be restore.

this will have high implication for privacy advocates - if sms are in the server - who can read it and how long can the message be retained?

but i dont agree with your argument to ask the PM and DPM to ignore all this "dubious" allegations.

on the contrary, to prove it is not true and that such messages was started with malicious intent - the aggrieved shd do something to correct the mis-information being spread and to salvage their reputation.

for pete's sake - they are the leaders of the country - and all they could say is - it is not true!

darn it. cant they do more? cant they lodge a police report - get the facts out, get the people who did this out in the open court and both parties could reveal and counter all they can.

it is becos of these so call leaders who has the tendency to say "this is done with malicious intent and i wont give them a freaking reply" attitude that give impetus to gossips.

the attacks on DPM is getting personal (honestly I have no love for the man but the attacks are just too personal and i dont think it is fair!) and yet the man coolly brush everything aside with his usual nonchalant.

sir - you have a reputation to manage - honestly - i dont care abt YOU as Najib - but I care when the international community is looking at and reading negative comments about MY DPM and possibly future PM!

can u do make it a point to challenge all the allegations in an open court to repair your reputation -- before u vie to be the next PM of Msia?

anonymous said...

I don't like najib that much, but to condemn him, accused him and create stories, come on!
There are man skeletons in Najib's closet, proof them. don't talk cock like RPK.
Please proof to the world!
Thanks hantu laut for putting this article.
I still wonder how someone educated like Anwar (NOT!) or Tian or the PR's people still believe shit like these.

Anonymous said...

You re saying you don’t see the abuse of power partly because to don’t look for it.
There is a big different between DPM and ordinary people on the street. DPM cannot only do more but sophisticated way being a DPM. He can even say gold when the truth is shit. There is a way of smelling rat when you are in position to be one; it isn’t just about busy body.

The DPM is people trustee; he therefore has to behave like one.

The country has learnt a thing or two over the years-Mahathir was saying at one time that Anwar was safe and sound in Sungai Buluh-then what happen? Later the whole nation knew what the former IGP did?

Now the finding is out to whether the current AG was involved in fabricating evidence that led to the jailing of Anwar. I’m not a great supporter of Anwar but if justice were not accorded according to the rule of law that we’ve been talking about, I would surely disagree even if it happens to Mahathir or Abdullah Badawi. Remember what did the former Lord President Tun Sufian say – he wouldn’t like to be brought before the Malaysian court today especially if he is innocent-he was referring to the credibly of those people who were entrusted to defend justice.
Lots of other things that leaders of the country are denying and Najib is no exception.
This should be high lighted if we want this country to be a better place for every one of us.

SM said...


Yes, I agree that the SMSes have not been proven.

However, I know for a fact that you can get the SMS transcripts from the "TELCOs" (is that the correct term) like Maxis & Celcom. My friend once showed me my SMS "conversation" with him. He got it from his friend in Maxis. So it can be "traced" & printed. Any Private Investigator "worth his salt" can get it.

Anyway, we all know the following:-

Najib is not a Racist
Najib never said that "they" will bathe the Keris with Chinese Blood
Najib is not "controlled" by his wife Rosmah
Najib is not a crony of TDM
Najib never knew Altantunya
Najib has not / will not interfer with the Razak Baginda Court case
Najib & Rosmah were not involved with the murder of Altantunya
Najib is not involved in any "shady" dealings concerning the Submarine & Copter Deals
Najib was not involved in the "accusation" of DSAI in the latest "Sodomy" Case
Lastly...cows have wings!

Anonymous said...

Hey Hantu,

I think it's Najib who puts the skeletons there.

"With Najib in such powerful position he could have killed the case at the early stage of police investigation and it would have never reached the court and the ears of the public.Everything will be hushed-up and the founding of Altantuya remains would never be known."

Perhaps it was Najib's enemies who let the cat erm, Pak Lah + KJ + Anwar?

Hantu Laut said...

I believe those SMS messages are stored for certain period before they are discarded.Those in the telcos responsible for looking after the servers would have access to the information.

In the US and most Western nations it is an offence to have access to such info.Access is only possible by court order or in the course of doing police work.I am not sure whether we have a law against invasion of privacy here.

All over the world politicians are constantly under attack by particular group or individuals and Malaysian politicians are no different.

Some of the allegations may be true but most are politically motivated character assasination.

Just look at the US Presidential election with the amount of crap and mud-slinging going on, ours are pale compared to them.Just as an example, Obama had been accused of secretly being a Muslim and Palin's husband has been accused of screwing his own daughters.The things we read on the blogs on the Internets does not necessarily mean the truth.

The problem with most of the readers of blogs in this country they are only interested in Malaysian politics and read mostly anti-government blogs that makes some of them the ultimate 'katak di-bawah tempurong'and one-track mind.

Surprisingly, our ex PM is more popular now than when he was PM.Just take a look at the number of hits he got since he started.Wouldn't that tell you something of the typical Malaysian mentality and mindset.

The balls carrying on his blog from his readers make you want to puke.There were absolutely no meaningful discourse other than polishing his balls.

The new found freedom has made some of us gone overboard.

Don't get me wrong, I personally think the present government is inadequate and has shown poor governance.

This particular post on Najib is on specific subject of his so-called abuse of power on the Atantuya murder case not on his overall integrity and that of the government.I hope readers can tell the difference.

I have always placed the importance of writing on issues and not on malicious personal attack or character assasination.

Hantu Laut said...

Thanks, but I still think the government must bring in the much needed reforms or they can bade good bye in the next general elections.

Hantu Laut said...

You are off track! mate.I am talking about Najib's involvement in the Altantuya murder case not the government or Najib per se.

Anonymous said...

Hantu laut, thank you for giving me the compass so that I could keep my bearing-but the background I've given is specific for Najib as to why people are scared.I've no problem in realigning to your original discussion. Say, if you sacred of something there must be reason. So here we're talking, why people are suspicious of Najib because it has enough background that build up any body's suspicion.I rest just it here.

Hantu Laut said...

You are my favourite and I like your sarcasm.Of all of your Najib's 'not' list, I only disagree with 3,5,6,and 7 the gist of my story.Cows may have no wings but pigs did fly on 16th September.

Hantu Laut said...

jed yoong,
Some of it,yes.Some are deposited by his enemies.

He needs to tame the shrew before she does more damage to his political career.

The conspiracy! I am not sure.Pak Lah doesn't fit that profile,Khairy, maybe but unlikely.Anwar,highly probable but not within his power to do so.

Najib may be all what my friend SM said he is but I still believe he has no hand in the murder of Altantuya.

If Altantuya was a local lass I believe Najib would have a better control of the situation making interference and cover-ups easier.

With her being a foreigner you don't know what incriminating evidence she has left overseas if the allegations against Najib was true.Till today no photos or other evidence had surfaced to link him to the girl.

The foreign press would be like hyenas if they get the slightest whiff of material evidence and would be the first one to expose it overseas to discredit him.

I think you people give Najib too much credit for slyness, which he hasn't got any going by the exposure of his dealings in the highly controversial defence contracts.

mamasita said...

HL,so many are eager to say our future PM is somehow connected to murder of Altantunya!If Altantunya pernah jadi girlfriend you(assuminglah ye) and then she gets blown up,you will definitely also be one of the suspects ke?You won't!Because you are not the future PM!Why should your enemies waste time on you right?So its nothing new..The court of enemies have already passed their judgement and they are trying to persuade many Malaysians to agree with them..that is so bloody cruel lah!

Hantu Laut said...


Hantu Laut said...

All politicians have enemies,some have more than others.

I don't think Najib has abused his power in this particular case, if he has,Beginda would be outside the prison cell, a free man.

I don't believe in herd instinct and follow others blindly.I make my own analysis and judgement.

Fazrul Shahril said...

Dear Sir,

Look very real..

Anyway... have a nice day..

Rafiq said...

There are few pertinent issues involving the SMS

1. I remember reading somewhere that SMS will not be archived more than a couple of days. This is due to the fact that there are millions of SMSes crossing the telco each day. For a monthly archive, the telco would need a very huge harddisk to do the job.
2. Over a month SMS reconstruction? That probably possible provided you have the archive of all the SMSes (and shouldn’t be a difficult task because you can easily filter the SMSes by telephone number).
3. But the more pertinent question is why did the transcript of SMS submerge now? Assuming that the telco archived the SMSes for over a month, then the retrieve and reconstruction must happen somewhere in December 2006 or January 2007 (judging from the date of SMSes from Nov 8 to Dec 2, 2006). From the period of January 2007 to October 2008 (almost 34 months) why the so call transcript did not appear in blogsphere? After SD over SD, accusation over accusation, election over election, why did such a crucial information that will suppose to denounce the credibility of Najib did not appear? Either the purporter is so kind to keep the transcript hidden or the transcript did not exist at all! Ok, assuming that the transcript did not exist during the period of January 2007 to October 2008 and out of sudden, they just feel like reproducing it. The question is would they be able to retrieve the SMS archive over the pass 34 months? The telco must have zillion (the acronym after trillion) of hard disk space to archive SMSes over the past 34 months. So think of it. Where is the logic?
4. I would have to admit that the SMS transcript sound so real. Don’t get me wrong. So real in the sense that it sound so naturally, i.e. like how two people would communicate via SMS over a period of time. Probably this is the reason that makes the anti-Najib group quickly to believe. But even if the transcript is true, does it prove anything? Where is the so call abuse of power? After reading the transcript, I would conclude that Najib did not have control over the circumstance. If Najib has control over the situation (via abusing his power) he would have put a period to all these. Instead, we see him depending on his lawyer to negotiate for conditional release. This really sound absurd for a person who has the power to change things.
5. What is more pathetic is the bunch of suppose think-tank of PR like the PM in waiting and the “Idealist influential group” wannabe who seem to have little mental capacity to analyze the transcript properly before throwing out accusation that will in return make them look really silly.
6. Well, we are not saying that Najib is the Mr. Clean. But to call yourself as PR think-tank and the “future leader of a reform Malaysia” and yet easily drawn to believe in something that yet to have any basis of truth because it degenerate your political enemy simply shows that you are nothing but low mental capacity, hypocritical and power-hungry individual. The future of Malaysia will not be better in your hand. If you cannot be fair to your political enemy, would you be fair to the people which you are about to lead?

mamasita said...

HL,I am so glad you agree..all these nonsensical accusations should stop!So mean to link an innocent person of a shameful crime.Baguslah you defend DSN.Thanks.

Hantu Laut said...

Thanks.Same to you.

Hantu Laut said...

What you say is right.Now, the police should investigate, not Najib, but how such information which is supposed to be private and confidential can come to public domain.

I believe somebody in the telco is secretly paid to monitor Najib's cell phone.Maybe, even all his phones are probably monitored and taped.These are people who have no qualms about doing dirty works for somebody.

All that can point only in one direction----the oppositions.

Anonymous said...

Hantu Laut,

r u making a frail attempt to defend Najib ?

can u recall the day Najib claim not to know saiful, then he admitted tat saiful did meet him up :)

hey man wat kind of guy r u trying to defend here ?


Anonymous said...

najib didnt deny that the SMS is a make-up. He contented that it is a private matter.
some questions. did he speak to the IGP and AG office on this case? Did to try to influence the case?
I think the police must investigate just as they have done so whenever a report is made by UMNO. No favourtism. In this instance, it is all the more important as Najib will be the PM in Mar 2009. You dont want a PM with baggages, do you?