Sunday, October 26, 2008

Why Chua Soi Lek Won ?

Hantu Laut

Below is part of what I wrote in January 2008 when Chua Soi Lek was caught with his pants down having illicit sex with a woman and caught on video planted by his enemies.

"I can't recalled of any other Malaysian politician that had the guts to own up for his or her misdemeanour. Many have gone unpunished for much bigger crime.We don't seem to have a standard in dealing with errant politicians holding public office, it's kind of different strokes for different folks, the less influential and less needed, would be sacrificed.The case of a Chief Minister having sexual liaison with an underage girl was one case that didn't shook the government or prompted it to investigate, instead it sent a member of the opposition to jail for bringing the case into public domain.The then Prime Minister refused to delve any further into the case, which could have ended in statutory rape, if it was proven true.If I remember well, it was the girl that was taken to court, and sent for rehabilitation.

What Chua did was wrong from moral point of view, but it didn't bring any physical harm or injustice to the general population as much as corruption and abuse of power would have.The only person emotionally hurt would be his wife. She has, for being a devoted husband and good provider, forgiven him.

My premise on this case would not be a pleonasm of disagreement with the sentences agreed upon by his comrades in MCA and the Prime Minister.I think the man was given too many lashes, more than he deserves. The penalty was bigger than the crime.He should just have to resign his ministerial position and be allowed to keep his party position and the elected seat.

Now that Chua's political career is over, would the prime minister leave no stone unturned to get the culprits who illegally made and distributed the video?

It is obvious that in this country 'honesty is not the best policy'.Hypocrisy can save you but honesty will definitely kill you. "

I would rather have people like him in government rather than those hypocrites who indulged in bigger misconduct and dishonesty and got away with it.

He won the MCA Deputy President because of his honesty and had the balls to admit his sexual indiscretion publicly putting his relationship at risk with his wife and family.

How many men in high places, if we should call them men, would not be coward enough to admit their mistakes ?


halim said...

hantu, there's also the incentive of irrefutable evidence. the good doc was filmed in full glory ravishing his squeeze, remember?

Anonymous said...

VD man, VD...

Read here

At the personal/private level it's about forgiveness, infidelity but that's really none of our biz

The bigger implications of having such a leader on society is far reaching and detrimental. And that's not only cos of VD.

Hasbullah Pit said...

It seem like camera and DVD is not good investment.

kittykat46 said...

Part of the reason he has been able to make a comeback in MCA so quickly is that many, many wealthy or influential Chinese men have similar indescretions, the only difference is they didn't get caught so publicly. (I wonder how many other MCA leaders ?....LLS had a well-known all the while when he was President)

Lots of middle-aged Chinese wives just close one eye (or both eyes) as long as they and the family are well taken care of financially, and just carry on shopping...

SM said...


Does not matter, at the end of the day, the MCA (& Gerakan & MIC) are a bunch of cowards. UMNO farts & those 3 parties scramble to "smell" the fart!
As seen recently when the Opposition wanted to debate the relevance of the ISA (only one BN MP signed it). So much for Gerakan's & MCA's questioning the use of the ISA in the run upto their Party Elections.
Just wait, in the next GE, these 3 will be completely obliterated!