Friday, November 7, 2008

Inside Kamunting:Who Wants To Know ?

Hantu Laut,

The blogs were hive of activities and everyone rushing to post the unexpected of the unexpected release of Raja Petra Kamaruddin from ISA detention.Like everyone else I wanted to be the first one to post the release of Raja Petra but than like everyone else I would simply be copying what was reported in the mainstream media.So I decided to post mine after 4 p.m. in case he gets arrested again.

With this government you can't tell whether your are going or coming.

The judge ruled that that the grounds for his detention by Home Minister Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar under Section 8 of the ISA did not come within the scope of that section.In other word he is not a threat to the nation.He may be a threat to political career of an individual but certainly not the internal security of this nation by any measure.

Now, who can say the judiciary is not independent.In previous regime this would be hard to come by.In the next regime, we don't know.It could be better or worse.

Today, justice has prevailed and we should pray that it continued to be so.As Martin Luther King Jr said "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere".

First, it would be nice to hear Raja Petra's first hand experience of life in Kamunting so we bloggers would know what's exactly in store for us should any of us end up in that ghastly rehabilitation centre.It would also be interesting to learn of his contacts, relationship and stories from other inmates that have been there for many years and had become inured to life in prison.

I do hope the government would review all the long-serving detainees and release them or take them to court.It is inhumane to keep them that long without fair trail.Even armed robbers and those charged with serious crimes seem to get off more lightly than the ISA detainees.

I read with with sadness the story of a Malay lady who blogs under a blog named Merah Hitam whose husband Mat Sah Mohd Satray is still in Kamunting after seven years.

How can the government keep this man and some others like him incarcerated for such a long time.Just because they are poor kampong folks they are forgotten.Even more sad is the hypocrisy of those who wanted the ISA abolished and organised regular vigils with their candlelight only after their friends and well known figures got arrested.Before that none have done anything to highlight those who have languished in prison longer than any of those well-known names.

There were many lawyers who spoke against the ISA but went as far as only providing lip service.Why don't they take up the case for these poor souls on pro bono and show the world that they truly care and sincere and not only talk to seek publicity.

If I am not wrong there are almost 50 Malay detainees who have been in there between three to seven years and nobody have taken up their cause just because some of them are simple kampong folks.

I wish Raja Petra the best of everything and happy return to blogging.

Will he be a pain in Najib's neck again?

Will there be fireworks?

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