Thursday, December 11, 2008

Images From Our Colonial Past :The Woolley Collection Part II

Hantu Laut

This is Part II of images from the Woolley Collection.Due to spacing problem, I have decided to do it by instalments in group of fours or fives.Too many photos at any one time would make viewing a tedious affair.

George Cathcart Woolley(1876-1947), a former administrator 0f the North Borneo Chartered Company bequeathed an invaluable collection of photographs and other memorabilia dating to 1909.His collection provides an important record of people and events in Sabah's early history.The collection is known as The Woolley Bequest.

Below are some of the images from his collection.

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Government Offices, Labuan 1908.

Sandakan Town 1908.

Clock Tower and Government Offices at Jesselton 1909.

Watching pony races, Jesselton 1915.

More to come.


guong said...

Where can I find The Woolley Collection? Is it a book?

Hantu Laut said...

Sabah Museum has all his collection.Those you see here are postcards printed by the Museum.You can check with Sabah Museum whether they still have it.It may be out of print.

Anonymous said...

Yes I have seen them in the Sabah Museum. Thank you HL for taking the effort publishing them here...

I love the one that shows men on poles watching the pony race! I guess back then, those poles were the VIP seats!

On a serious note, looking at the photos, I cant help but thanking God for the bless He has for our beloved Sabah. We have progressed tremendously despite complaints of incompetent governments, corruption, racial polarization and political turmoil.