Monday, December 22, 2008

Marginalised Indians, Poor Malays And Poorer Bumiputras

Hantu Laut

Most English educated would know the popular saying 'Children are to be seen not heard'.In another word children with proper upbringing are expected to know how to behave in the presence of adults.Not least to say they should be in bed in the early evening like all children should and not go on political jaunts with their parents.

In November I wrote here about the danger of parents allowing their children to be involved in their political activities.Taking children as young as 4-5 years old to their so called candlelight vigil against the ISA is preposterous.Are these people really serious about their political activism or they have turned such occasions into some kind of festivities for their own enjoyment?

The parents should be ashamed that they are prepared to endanger the safety of their children so they can go out and enjoy themselves under the pretext of championing democracy in this country.If they are really serious about their political ideology they should join political party of their choice whom they think can bring political changes they wanted and help to achieve such change at the ballot boxes.Hindraf, the so called marginalised Indians employed the same tactics, using children in furtherance of their political agenda.

Lately, this bunch of political desperadoes had become even more inventive by using young human devices to spread their 'Save Malaysia' campaign.They sent juveniles to cycle around the country bringing their message of hate.You can hate the government or try to topple it,that's your business but don't be a coward and used young gullible proxies to do your dirty job.

One Arutchelvan of PSM who looked most suited to play a bad part in a Tamil movie rather than a political spokesman has the cheek to say "The police stooped low today when they claimed that the children were exploited", and went on to say "This is utter rubbish coming from the police force, which has long lost its credibility," He said the young cyclists had obtained parental consent.

Wasn't those children exploited? At their young tender age what the f... they know about politics? If that's not exploitation, what is? Who stooped low - he and the parents of those young cyclists or the police ? This is the kind of political activist we have in this country, f..... in the head.This is the kind that sees a molehill to be a mountain.

Although, I do not deny there are some discrimination in some of the government policies but they have not reached such epidemic proportions where a minority race is completely downtrodden and destined to live in the ghettos, like the Jews were forced to in medieval Europe.

These are people who believe whatever the West do is good and we should copy them.Just because most Western countries allowed protests and demonstrations they think Malaysia must apply the same rules without considering the potential danger of civil unrest.What happened in Greece the past weeks, the widespread looting,rampage and destruction of properties all over the country caused just by one accidental death of a student wrongly shot by the police is a lesson that those Malaysians who love to pour their grievances on the street should be looking at.

Human feelings are hard to control and herd instinct can be the order of the day in a multitudinous demonstration where one ethnic group is pitted against another.

There are many successful Indians as lawyers,doctors,accountants and in other professions.I would say as a ratio to population the Indians would have the highest number of doctors in the country.Do they feel marginalised.One of the riches man in this country is Indian or Sri Lankan if there is such race as one of my good Jaffnese Indian friend once told me, he refused to be called Indian, he prefers Sri Lankan, which I think is a nationality rather than a race.

Jaffna, used to be the second largest city in Sri Lanka before the conflicts and is where the marginalised Indians of Sri Lanka lives, home of the LTTE or popularly known as the Tamil Tigers.

If the Tamil Tigers think they are marginalised and wanted an independent state of their own, their ruthlessness and cruelty are even worse than the Sinhalese majority, they have completely driven out the Sri Lankan Moors(Muslims) out of the area.Jaffna now belong exclusively to the Tamils.
All Muslims had left the area in the 1990s.That's is not marginalisation, worst !, that's ethnic cleansing.

There are probably more poor Malays and bumiputras in East Malaysian states of Sabah and Sarawak than marginalised Indians.

Call us stupid if you may but we still believe in the ballot box and respect for democracy and if change we must have the box would be our friend.

Are the Indians really marginalised or they are just apathetic ?


Anonymous said...

Poverty is also a state of mind that money cannot fully represent.
For instance we say the "poor" in Swak are impoverished. But sometimes I see them and they lead happy simple lives. Are we to tell them to get an "education" to ready yourself to be a modern slave?
What reslly turned me off is the use of children. I've posted that it's the same as child militants in Africa.
And looking at the alleged "marginalised", "downtrodden" at the Kirby estate, I say they have a good life!

SM said...


Yes, I agree with you, children should not be used for their Parents' Political struggles.
HOWEVER, you also stated that these children are bineg put in "danger"? It says alot for our Police doesn't it? By having "peaceful" candle light vigils, we are putting these children in "danger"!
You also said, "There are probably more poor Malays and bumiputras in East Malaysian states of Sabah and Sarawak than marginalised Indians"...well...Congratulations to these poor Malays & Bumis from Sabah & Sarawak for supporting the BN & UMNO!
Yes, the only way we can change our future is by the "Ballot Box"...I fully agree with you there & "BY VOTING THE BLOODY CORRUPTED & RACIST UMNO GOVT. OUT"!

azreen said...

senario politik hari ini berubah sepertimana "marketing senario". mereka menggunakan kanak-kanak dgn matlamat meraih simpati masyaraakt..

kittykat46 said...

I agree that young children should not pulled into political causes, legitimate though they may be.

But on to the crux of the matter.
I had the experience of working in a firm which had their base manufacturing operations in a district with a high proportion of low-income rural Indians. I will stay away from the emotive term "marginalised", but my experience is YES, the rural Indian community is facing a serious crisis.

Let me say that they suffer from all the same disadvantages that poor rural Malays face, but have either no or very limited access to any of the mitigating facilities which are afforded to rural Malay poor - a symphetatic civil service, scholarships for their better students, generous soft loans.

Yes, Indians are well represented in the medical profession, for example. Do you know why ? Middle-class Indian families willingly put up their entire live savings to support their children's education. It is a similar social value system to the Chinese, though Chinese have a stronger economic base.

No thanks to Kerajaan Malaysia.

To me, the Indian community are the "collateral damage" of the New Economic Policy. And before March 9, the attitude of Kerajaan Malaysia was nearly as careless as George W. Bush towards their "collateral damage"

Anonymous said...

I came from Baling, my friend a Malay and Me and Indian come from estate. Both got similar result in SPM, he is now in overseas under gov't scholarship. My parents struggling to support my studies in local u.

You are telling that we the yound Malaysian don't know politics.


Hantu Laut said...

It's the politicians that wanted something for themselves not for the poor.

Most politicians in this country serve their own pockets first.

Hantu Laut said...

Although, I hate to say it, I can't see the PR as viable substitute.They are poles apart and not one has clear majority to form a cohesive group.

PAS wanted hudud law,DAP wanted secularism and PKR is dumb and mute,afraid to say anything that might offend both Muslims and non-Muslims.

I don't think Anwar has what it takes to keep the group together.

Hantu Laut said...

Politics is always changing.That's what democracy is all about.It is for adults not children.

Hantu Laut said...

A lot of things are state of the mind rather than reality.I do agree there are poor Indians and I don't this the Malays should be blamed for their condtions,it is the Indian leaders that should be blamed because they are only interested to enrich themselves instead of helping their community.

There are many Indian leaders who are close to power but chose to distance themselves from the poor Indians and grab whatever they could for themselves.

Unlike the Chinese wealthy Indians are also not as charitable.Look at Chinese schools most survive and some are doing extremely well on donations from the Chinese community.The Chinese also believe in giving their children the best education they can afford no matter how less fortunate they are.

I know of a Chinese lady who was only a cleaner and could sent all 3 of her children overseas.They all graduated with good degrees.

Hantu Laut said...

I am going to tell you exactly the same story that happened to me when I was in school during the colonial days. I was in Form 3 then.

The British government has at that time a scholarship called the Colombo Plan given to less fortunate native students.Those who were selected were sent either to Australia or New Zealand to pursue their study up to tertiary level.

I obtained higher grade than 3 of my classmates that were selected because I was not considered a native at that time.We, the non-native never complain because that's the form of affirmative action at that time by the British to help the less fortunate natives.

Don't get confused, I said children should not to be used for political agenda. Unless you considered yourself still a child.