Monday, January 5, 2009

Gaza:Dirty American,Ruthlessly Cruel Jews And Stupid Arabs

Hantu Laut

When Hamas won the Palestinian parliamentary elections in January 2006 what did the United States do ? Hamas took 76 out of 132 parliamentary seats thus making it the legitimate government.

The world's biggest hypocrite the United States of America refused to recognise the legitimacy of this democratically elected government.It also cut off all aids to the Palestinian people and imposed sanctions.This so called guardian of democracy is the epitome of human wickedness,hypocrisy and the true devil incarnate.

An Israeli shell explodes over the Gaza Strip (4 January 2009)

Intensive aerial, land and naval bombardment of Gaza.

While it interfered and launched full military force to evict the Iraqi invaders out of Kuwait it approved and allowed the invasion of Gaza by its ally Israel.Indiscriminate aerial bombings had taken many innocent lives including women and children.The assault on Gaza is an atrocity committed by both the US and Israel.Civil infrastructures had completely broken down.Water and electricity supplies have been cut off and the whole country had been cordoned off making sure nobody can leave the area.Gaza is now one big concentration camp in the middle of a war zone and the killing of civilians continues.

A Palestinian child cries during a funeral in the Gaza Strip (4 January 2009)

A Palestinian child and a dry tap.Water had been cut off.

The Gaza strip is not exactly a country by any sense, it is only about 360, they have given up governing Gaza in 2006 the Israel still controls Gaza's air space, territorial waters and offshore maritime access, as well as its side of the Gaza-Israel border.It means Gaza is actually one big prison and the access to supplies of food, medicine and other resources are control by the Israelis.

Israel excuse for the bombardments and invasion of Gaza is defensive action against Hamas regular rocket attacks on Israel.What ? Against rickety rockets that have so far killed only one Israeli.Do you really need full military retaliation that so far had killed over 500 mainly innocent Palestinians and displaced hundred thousands more civilians by cutting off their supplies of water,electricity, food and medical supplies.This is cruelty of the first order and only the Zionists are capable of such inhumane treatment supported by their master, the evil empire, the United States of America.

This war is not about religion.This is a war of people deprived off their ancestral land by the Western powers who created Israel out of the 'Land of Palestine'.Not all Palestinians are Muslims, there are also Christian Palestinians but they are in the minority.

The ruthlessness,selfishness and cruelty of the Jews had always been the cause of their persecution since biblical days.History have shown that they have been persecuted by almost everyone else they come into contact with and the worst was by their own Caucasian cousins, the Europeans who are now protecting them and allow them free rein to unleash their military might against defenceless Palestinians.

Many in the West, especially the hypocrites, would say it is politically incorrect to say such thing because they don't want to be reminded of the atrocities committed by them against the Jews.Their past misdeeds and atrocities against the Jews had made them conscience-stricken.Now, they are repeating the same mistake and did what they have done before, allow the persecution of another race of people and what could not be better than using those you have persecuted to do the dirty job for you.

If the Americans and Europeans are sincere they could have stopped Israel, but they are not, they actually wanted the Palestinians out of Israel by allowing the Jews to systematically persecute and kill them through ethnic cleansing.The Jews are not sending pop corns into Gaza they are mobilising a full invasion using heavy artillery, tanks and aerial bombings on a population that have nothing to defend themselves with.This disproportionate war is to ensure maximum casualty and damage on lives and properties of the Palestinian people.

Not to be sounding racist or rude and with due respect to them it is the Arab's mentality to think that they are better than everyone else and inconsideration for others are common denominators among the Arabs.

Most sensible people would evaluate their own strength first before taking on an opponent and Hamas, for all intent and purpose, is very stupid for having ignored the ceasefire and sent their rickety rockets to Israel that could hardly kill an ant.Isn't that looking for trouble and stupid ?

In this crisis the American should carry the biggest blame because they have the power to stop it.The man behind all this is none other than that soon be leaving moron in the White House George Bush the mass murderer.He blames Hamas for the crisis but this wouldn't have happened if he didn't choke Hamas and the Palestinians.

It is also his farewell gift for Obama.He has another 14 days left before handing over to Obama, maybe, he should bomb Iran before leaving.


Anonymous said...

You have made some very pertinent observations here.Israel is certainly no angel in their dealings with the Palestinian issue.

The more important observations are the role or is it non role that the other Arab neighbours play in this conflict.

Your most pertinent observation is of the stupidity of HAMAS themselves, who openly invite and challenge Israel to invade Gaza.

In so far as this latest conflict is concerned, I lay the fault squarely at the feet of HAMAS. All the unnecessary deaths is the responsibility of HAMAS. Mykantree

Anonymous said...

The base of this atrocity committed by the jews who run the west is much deeper.It starts with the holohoax.The lie that 6 million jews got gassed and burned and therefore they have a right on their own country called "Israel".
Of course the 6 million holocaust lie was already predicted in the jewish Tora.How convenient!
The jews control the west from the so called "Federal Reserve" in the USA down.The media,TV,movies,magazines,newspaper,radio.In the Federal Republic of Germany today which is essentially a jewish dictatorship you have to believe in the Holocaust because the german puppets in parliament and justice know that there was no Holocaust.So called "gas chambers" without any traces of Zyklon-B,no graves of victims,no gasoline to be able to burn them.The biggest lie in the history of mankind!If the judaeo-american occupied germans don't believe in the Holocaust religion,5 years of jail,despite their freedom of religion in their judaeo-american occupation "constitution" written up in 1948,the same year the jews occupied palestine to call their terror and occupation state "Israel".
But the holy lie has to be saved.
Because the jewish terror state is not only morally but also economicly bankrupt.
Innocent german taxpayers still today pay billions of ransom for crimes they never committed as also the american taxpayer is held hostage by the jewish elite that runs the "jew-es-ae".
Money being used to kill the palestinian people!For Israel and the Jews...
The west has no moral ground to stand on anymore.Not only not to stop the murderous jews but actually enabling them to commit such crimes!
What is worse than to put native people who lived for 2000 years in their own country into the worlds biggest concentration camp,without food,electricity and water?And then on top of it attack those defenseless civilians with the most modern weapons Made in the "JEW-S",England,France and jew occupied Germany?!
The jew run West is morally decaid and as evil as the former jew bolshevic soviet union.
We the people of the west,with high unemployment,low wages,high taxes and our money stolen by the chosen few are all "palestinians".
The people of the world need to free themselves from the evil that is done to benefit the few who call themselves the "choosen people"!
Than the world might see peace and economic justice!

vinnan said...

Politics in the real world. If I get nothing from giving you aid the aid will stop. If you give me an excuse to bomb you, eventually I will use that excuse to bomb you. Hamas wants to be the darling of the Muslim militant world after all it was with the support of these militants inside and outside the Gaza strip which enabled them to win the election. Now, when you make a deal with the devil you will never finish paying the devil. So Hamas has to keep sending their inaccurate rockets into Israel in order to keep the support of the Muslim militants. It is not stupidity which caused Hamas to kept rocketing Israel. The culprit is Hamas's greed for power. Hamas has proven itself to be no different from other political devils around the world and the Israelis are treating them as such. Welcome to the real world and stop trying to defend the Arab devils.