Friday, January 9, 2009

'Spit In My Face' says The Famous Rabble-Rouser

Hantu Laut

Spit in my face says Anwar Ibrahim if Pakatan Rakyat (PR) fails to bring change if given the mandate to rule the country.Well, that is not going to happen soon because even if PAS were to win the Kuala Trengganu (KT) by-election Puterajaya would still be a distant dream.

Earlier, he branded UMNO same as the Jews, atrociously cruel to the rakyat by punishing them for choosing Pakatan Rakyat.Then he tries to hood-wink the Chinese voters in KT by telling them PAS talk of bringing in hudud law if PR comes to power is only applicable to Muslims.PAS itself have never said that.

Than you have his comrade-in-arm DAP Chairman Karpal Singh who said his claim of hudud laws only applicable to Muslims and no others, is a fallacy. It means that Karpal Singh is calling him a liar because he knows what he told the people of KT is not true.For many months he kept quiet on the issue, refused to comment on PAS proclamation of hudud law.Suddenly, he is inspired again that KT, maybe, his carriage to Puterajaya.

Any right thinking Malaysians can read what PAS intention of hudud laws are.Once they are in power hudud laws would be a reality for all Malaysians.

The non-Muslims are dreaming if they think PAS is going to care about them,their culture and their religions once they took over power.Even now,before they gain any central power, they are already protesting against rock concerts, the attire of artistes and hypocritical of anything that doesn't reflect Islamic values.

Anwar is a man with only one mission, to be prime minister of this country.He is of the same product that many of you wanted to change.UMNO is part of his handiwork and sculpture.His Wawasan Team in UMNO embolden him to topple Mahathir.He has the uncanny ability of talking you into total submission, a powerful orator with nothing more than rabble-rousing.

Just hope his dream doesn't come true, there will be 26 million Malaysians spitting on him, more than enough to drown him.


Anonymous said...

Couldn't have done a better post than a BN advertisement, eh?

Anonymous said...

UMNO = Jews

MCA = Hamas

MIC = hisbullah

all self interest!

Anonymous said...

I think the focus on Hudud was the wrong strategy by BN
Check my analysis over here

Anonymous said...

Well, our man's in good company. In America, Obama's critics say that he tries to be all
things to all people and that he makes too many pie-in-the-sky
Here's an Obama joke that I love best.....
At a recent political rally, Obama tried to overcome these
criticisms by emphasizing his commitment to principles. Afterwards,
audience members lined up at a microphone to ask Obama questions.

The first person at the microphone said,"I oppose the war in Iraq. If
you are elected, what will you do about that?"

"I will end the war in Iraq within two weeks of taking office,"answered
Obama. "All our troops will come home, and I will simultaneously make
sure the Iraqi government is functioning and secure."

The second person in line said, "I'm an illegal alien. What will you do
for people like me?"

"If I am elected,answered Obama, "every illegal alien will receive
U.S. citizenship, free health coverage, and a scholarship to the
university of your choice."

The third person in line said, "I'm a conservative. If elected, what
will you do for me?"

"I'll send that first guy to Iraq, and the second guy back to Mexico."


Anonymous said...


so if he turns out to be a snake after he becomes PM, I will join you in revolting his party just as I am against the corrupt BN now.
Give BN another 20 years, this country will be plundered dry.

Anonymous said...

Dont have to wait 20 years.
Country is dry oledi.
Serious. Its actually in the papers but u must know what is the sign.

Yeo F. said...

If Anwar wants to become the PM of the country, it shows he wants something and he is focused on what he wants unlike some poltroons who have the temerity to sit in stingy rooms and dish out judgments if they are standing on a pedestal of morality. To call others names and pretend great is one thing, to be great in itself where one hardly understands the challenges at hand is another.

Pakatan is not Anwar alone, It is many people, many MPs, many NGOs and many stakeholders. Why should it is future rest one person who is mortal? Granted, he it's Principal but don't take the millions involved for a better Malaysia for granted. You are acting as if they are myopic, so unlettered, so cheap that they need the forces of jealousy and hate to tell where they have gone wrong or will go wrong. Gosh! Your negative perception of the man which has been legendary can't be the view to look at it. That said, as a Chinese Malayan, this is my position, If Karpal doesn't trust Pas, what should Anwar do? Tell Pas to quit Islam? Or quit talking about Islam? And who is forcing who here? Anyway, it is easy to sit there, pretend to be "objective" "non-partisan" and come up with ready vanished eccentrics like "You know I don't support any party...I don't support any leader" and other eccentrics or blame the "troops" as a bunch of "blind people" (I like the big eyes of some) when things are highlighted in a way the writer won't feel good about it. Let me tell you, I'm 63 years old and retired but who is active socially now, If things were easy and Malaysians can be united or can be told one thing and that will satisfy all segments of the nation, then it would have been much easier. If one word, one position and one talk will satisfy all Malaysians despite their multifarious affiliations, then we won't be here 50 yrs after nationhood. At least we have Pakatan because of Anwar. That's itself is great. It was Datuk Zaid who said in Singapore before yesterday:

"He has been the cement holding together the parties of the Pakatan Rakyat, with their diverse political philosophies and varying political agendas." It was Tun Musa Hitam who said in April, 2008, that Anwar greatest show was his "ability to bring Pas and DAP. That was formidable"

How do you expect Anwar to satisfy every group that easily when they are like the earth and the heavens? I have always said when one wants shows his dislike/hatred for something/someone, there should be an alternative. Pussyfooters who tell us "Oh, you know what? I don't support any party...I was just pointing out" as if one can't see through is sheer nonsense. I will say that's like vanished lies meant for the unlettered. I'm opposed to Pas' hudud, but you can't tell them to quit it or stop discussing it. Muslims are the majority in this nation and it is non-Muslims who can moderate them by engaging them. As we can see, Pas' majority is made of pragmatic leadership who want to quit Hudud or dogmatic Islam while few are conservatives. The pragmatic side knows the support of the non-Muslim. Do we stand outside without modifying others in our own terms and thus mortgage our future simply because we [you] hate Anwar? By the way, did you find a replacement? Or you are still hoping for Dollahs miracles? Yahoo! And anyway, Anwar isn't the Pas president. If karpal wants answers, does he need Anwar? Why not write to Hadi Awang? Why note meet him personally? Why not visit his office? Meet him in Parliament? Karpal's statements are purely political much more than they are something else. Kit Siang is against the Hudud but doesn't heave weird and you don't except him to yield to Hudud. Does he? At least I'm ready to go with Pas than staying with looters and scandal ridden immoral beings. Sorry sir! Pray God helps Abdullah though his case is beyond salvation point. And pray also that the "irascible" Mahathir doesn't issue another criticism. He he he!

It is Pakatan for now, then we will decide what we want we see BN evils repeated or sustained. We are intelligent and our views can't be changed for personal expediency, hatred or otherwise. Thanks.

SM said...


ALL power to him! Go for it! Noone became PM by keeping quiet & hiding in the closet!
From all counts, DSAI will be PM one day!
As for PAS, I am a non-muslim & based on what they have been doing in Kelantan, they have treated all non-muslims fairly.
UMNO? Ya rite! It took us more than 20 years to build a church in Shah Alam & even then the Catholic church had to threaten the Selangot Govt. then to go to court (under Mohd2 Taib) before they gave us a corner in an Industrial Estate in Shah Alam!
There is a special place in HELL for UMNO & BN politicians when they die!!!!!

Anonymous said...

haha...not only i'll spit on him...but i'll bring back my lost culture as headhunter to headhunting him in KL