Friday, January 30, 2009

UMNO's Woes:Pak Lah's Patchwork

Hantu Laut

Can you do politics without money? The answer would be 'yes' if it was yesterday but 'no' if it is today.Why so ? Because yesterday's politic was an honourable profession, people joined out of sincerity and pride to serve.Desire to serve the people, country and king. Ultimately, to do good and took pride in one's achievements and be remembered for having done good.The benevolence of politics rang louder before under Tengku,Razak,Hussein and even Mahathir, whatever sins he may have committed in the eyes of certain people. Today's politic stings and smell of pecuniary interests.

Today's politics attract different breed of cattle. It's like bees to honey, attract all kind of opportunists from the good, the bad and to the ugly.From the squeaky crooks to hopeless professionals.

First, let us look as to the motives of joining UMNO.Why are the Malays fighting tooth and nail for positions in the party? Who's to blame for the mad scramble to be office-bearers in the party and what are the rewards.

UMNO is business ! Big business!.You don't have to be smart to be in UMNO, you just need to be cunning, the more cunning you are the better it is, even better if you have that bit of kampong slyness in you.Then you look brazenly indomitable and intimidating.If you have gift of the gab and master of the glib than that will put you ten steps ahead of your nearest rival.The ultimate, the best of all, is if you have some money to invest, than you don't need the rest, the money will do the talking for you.Once you are inside the chamber of plenty the money you spent, your investment, will multiply thousand times and the return is immeasurable.

That's why money politics is rampant in the party.It's just irresistible.This regime of easy acquisition of wealth is not the fault of the rank and file, it's the fault of the leadership.They allowed it mainly to benefit themselves and those close to them.Now, it had become a monster they can't control.

The people are not stupid they can see how the ruling elites treated the nation's Treasury as their own coffers.How easy and how quickly one can become wealthy if one is prepared to sit in the rogues gallery.For some, they don't even have to be UMNO members, just hang on to the branches like flying foxes and with a bit of patience, perseverance and skin as thick as that of a buffalo hide, the pot of gold would come by.

UMNO is the route to El Dorado and it is for the taking, the first one to reach it will get bigger share, the slower ones might just get the crumbs or a crumb of hope.The windfall is guaranteed once you reach certain level in the party hierarchy.

Why is Pak Lah wasting time asking the MACC to nap the foot soldiers and washing dirty linens in public, bringing more shame and disrepute to an already tainted and disreputable party.Everyone knows almost everyone of those vying for positions in the party have dirty hands, none are less guilty than the others.Nap some and leave the rest out, what kind of message is he sending out to party members.

What's the use of the party Disciplinary Committee if it can't handle its own problems.The present Chairman Tengku Ahmad Rithauddin is too antiquated for the post and should have been made to retire long ago.He is just not cut for the job and is none the wiser.His recent call for the party to abolish the Putera, Puteri, Wanita and Youths wings to get rid of corruptions shows how bankrupt of ideas he is.He might as well ask for UMNO to be completely abolished as proposed by another antiquated and delirious politician, Lim Kit Siang of DAP.

Public perception is not going to change because he is not looking at the bigger picture.The people are not interested in what is happening in UMNO, they are interested in what is happening in government and the nation. This 'wanted to be seen doing something for change' is knocking on the wrong doors.It has not and would not achieve anything else other than opening the Pandora's Box.

The only hope UMNO has to salvage its sunken image is to have a thorough spring cleaning, head to toe.Selected patchwork is not going to help salvage the sunken wreck no matter how much historical treasures went down with it.

In accounting term, UMNO has a very sick looking 'Balance Sheet', it is too high gearing, it has more liabilities than assets and it has wiped out its net asset and the shares are worthless.In another word it is bankrupt and needs rehabilitation.

Remove your hand from the till, govern with fairness, transparency and accountability.

That's all what the people is asking for.


Anonymous said...

Very well said. We Malaysians who are not active in politics are just hoping that whoever holds the high office is there to serve the nation and people and not just to become filthy rich.

Anonymous said...

It all started with a wiseguy who justified corrruption by calling it "MONEY POLITICS" - then came the avalanche!

Now we are seeing the fruits of their success.

Anonymous said...

Just cannot imagine how great Malaysia will be if the country is run by nationalist who believes in meritocracy instead of opportunist who uses the position for self gain only .

Anonymous said...

So that is why umno have so many shitheads .
And that racist who after 22 years, stole 8 billions from our coffers.Who would be so stupid of not wanting that chance to steal!

Mr. Smith said...

So still believe UMNO can be rehabilitated? Dream on, Sir.

michael said...

Actually the only way to change UMNO is to let the party go into opposition at the federal level for 2 terms.

Otherwise there will be no required paradigm shift.

Anonymous said...

The most dangerous animals in Bolehland come from the madhouse known as UMNO. These animals are very ferocious and greedy. They not only eat up what belong to other creatures but they also gored their own kind.

In UMNO the animals are getting stupider by the day. They are just like the dinosaurs which will attack any living creatures because they think they are enormous in size; and they also consumed a lot that they depleted their own source of food. The UMNOputra animals in Bolehland will ultimately die out because their vital source of life, i.e. corruption will choke them to death.

Anonymous said...

Why do you think the Malay sultunates were conquered, Look at history repeat itself, Umno talks about 'NEGARA KITA DIJAJAH OLIH ORANG ASING', WHY? Because the malays got greedy, they let corrupt leaders lead them into the pit of hell. Why is our civil service in the condition it is today, when the British left, the gave us a very good civil service, a multi racial CIVIL SERVICE, a dedicated civil service, Where is it today? Where is our education level today, why drop the level of education and lower the passing marks for morons, so that it can be proclaimed loudly that we have graduates with degrees? Yes and a moron or monkey even in a coat still remains a monkey. This is what has happened to Malaysia, we have MAHATHIR TO BLAME FOR IT, HE started this nationalistic bullshite, well the tail is wagging the dog, You saw how the dog he fed and raised bit him in the arse, when voters were bought and he lost the Umno elections. Me I say carry on UMNO AND BN, Carry on, with you stupidity, we make more money, but in the end an overburdenned and rotten to the core branch will collapse from its own weight, this is whats happening to Umno and the Malays. look at Pakatan, they have the politicians to make the difference, I hope to see the day when people like nazri, hamid, mahathir, SAMY are hanging from trees or lined up against walls and shot by a peoples revolution. maybe malaysia needs a coup'd etet, maybe we need a foreign govt to conquer us and BE JAJAH AGAIN, THAN WE CAN ALL CRYINTO OUR PERIUK NASI'S, and thank Umno and BN for their handiwork.

SM said...


I agree with Michael. The BN needs to be the Opposition for at least a couple of Terms.
By then, there would be a new generation of Leaders. Those who are really interested in serving King & Country.
Money Politics is a "sickness" & the BN (not just UMNO) is fully infested!
We need BOTH the BN & PR to be equally strong. That way Malaysians have a choice. If one party screws up, we elect them out.
Then again we need a truly Bangsa Malaysia also. At the moment, UMNO still thinks they are "Tuan" & the rest of us subserviant to them. There is no future for us with such "crap" thinking!

Anonymous said...

hmm... why blame pak lah for the rot? convenient scapegoat as in the last election?

hes not the one that start the rot nor does he wants it. The culture is well and alive when he takes over. And he was even "assigned" to take over by the "source" of it all.

The source that started it all, quit at the right time and at the right place, both in govt and in party, and deflected most of the blame, which like the title shown, lay the fault squarely at pak lah's feet.

Pak Lah is basically a lameduck now. Why blame him entirely?

vinnan said...

The secret to UMNO's success was its ability to rejuvenate itself with a new clean leader. This capacity no longer exist in UMNO. There is no more Razak or Hussein Onn or Mahathir or Badawi. All these leaders came into UMNO without any scandals. The present crop of senior leaders in UMNO are surrounded by too much scandalous baggage. Even Muhyiddin who is leading the charge to remove Badawi is not spared. His 'exploits' as the MB of Johore will haunt him forever. UMNO in this sense is just waiting for its own death.