Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Battle For Tiga Bukits

Hantu Laut

Was it mere coincidence or God has sent divine message to both BN and Pakatan that they have three monumental tasks ahead of them, to climb three bukit (hills) to prove which of them worthy of the people's trust. First, it was Bukit Gantang than came Bukit Selambau and the next one very likely Bukit Lanjan if Elizabeth Wong went ahead with her resignation.

Elizabeth has shown exemplary conduct rarely seen in Malaysian politics, taking responsibility for something she had no control of and scarifies her political career for the party and nation. The supercilious voices have called for her resignation and blamed her for choosing the wrong mate as a lover.These pseudo-moralists can't tell the difference between a person with low morals and those made victims by the immorality of others.Little things please little minds. Such vacuous remarks only show bias and immaturity.

What Elizabeth did by offering her resignation without being pressured to do so will boost the support for Pakatan in the by-elections.She has not been an encumbrance to her party.Although, she is new in politics, the overwhelming calls for her to stay was a reflection of her good stead and good standing with her peers and the people.

The fight in Perak and Kedah could be close but the bukit in Selangor would be a tough one for BN to climb.


Hantu Darat said...

Anwar has suspended her resignation, and asked her to think about it. I hope she goes back to her political office after taking a rest.

Anyway, if Elizabeth's margin of victory in the previous election is anything to go by, this is a by-election that BN would probably like to avoid. They would be comprehensively routed at Bukit Lanjan. It's not even an up-hill task for them at this Bukit, but an impossible one. After two by-election defeats and two more likely defeats, the BN would ill afford a fifth one.

SM said...


As I've said many a time, I have the utmost respect for "most" of your analyses (especially when it comes to the Economy).
However, whether it's 2 or 3 by-elections, the PR will "whip" the BN (it would be even worse if BN played fair, but as we ALL know that's too much to ask!).

Anonymous said...


you cant remeber Nor Hayati Onn, do you?
you cant remember Dr Ozaidah and the hotel do you?
what was Toyo's response, hantu?
guess, Eli resigned because there are more photos, hantu?

thanks, hope your memory comes back and wallop the hypocrite Toyo, ok?