Monday, February 9, 2009

Changing Tune:The Pied Piper Of Perak

Hantu Laut

A regular commentator SM asked me why I have deep hatred for Anwar Ibrahim. I told him I have no hatred for Anwar, it is just that I hate hypocrisy, inconsistency and double standard and Anwar epitomises all of these. His covetousness for power and the end justifies the mean to get there is going to be his next fall from grace. He extols civil disobedience and defiance of the law. The Perak constitutional crisis is one such case.He has successfully made the Sultan the punching bag of the people.The Sultan had been fair in his judgement, he personally met the 31 assemblymen at the palace and all of them expressed no confidence against the MB and the government. How could the MB be granted dissolution of the assembly when he has lost confidence of the majority of the members of the house.
Whatever it may be Pakatan leaders and supporters would still insist they were right and the Sultan was wrong.

The Sultan has discretionary power to grant or not to grand dissolution, to say otherwise and accused the Sultan of taking sides is making mockery of the State and Federal constitutions and the monarch.A completely ignorant and bias interpretation of the constitution from someone who has absolutely no clue about its working is here. She is confused between 'confidence of the majority members of the assembly' and 'confidence of the majority members of political party'. I hope she is not a lawyer advising PKR.

Karpal Singh was right when he asked Anwar to step down as leader of the oppositions. Pakatan supporters are too blinded to see where this man is taking them, it just like when you are besotted with someone you can't see the flaws and faults in them until it wears out than you realise it's too late, the damage done.

As hypocritical and inconsistence as they can be they are now changing the tune and say they are not against the Sultan, will not sue him and will bring the message to the people and at the same time the Menteri Besar Nazir Jamaluddin will travel the length and breadth of Perak to convince the people he is still the legitimate menteri besar.

If you have your brain in the right place what does that tell you.As George Bush have said "If you are not with me, you are against me".He is not against the Sultan but refused to respect and comply with the Sultan's decision.If you are not against the Sultan than you should respect his decision and stop going around misleading the people.

This is what Anwar and Pakatan all about, they change their story when they feel the rising tide moving against them.They claimed Najib had robbed the rights of the people by masterminding a "coup d'etat" and MB Nazir in true Anwar's style said
"We will take back the right stolen by Najib Altantuya" to a 8000 gullible Malays, mostly PAS supporters. The coup was made possible by Anwar's men.

Didn't know Najib has changed his surname to Altantuya.


Anonymous said...

Good thing you summarize all the things you hate about anwar.
For me, I just hate him.

Anonymous said...

Have you gone through the ISA and prison for your stand and ideology. Furthermore being smeared in public by all the mainstream media for months and years and brutally beaten by the top Police rogue . Therefore I do not blame Anwar for his actions but he should have more patience and in Politics do not trust those from the otherside. But the matter of grave importance is.... From what I can see now, most of the BN leaders do not have an ounce of Integrity and possibly will be led by a leader who is the most tainted of them all, it's a joke and sadly a bad joke. UMNO has done many wrongs so the last GE was a ticking off but they only know to pick others mistakes without a hint of correcting theirs. NO Insaf no barakah and the country will crumble sooner or later ( Hope it’s UMNO and not the Country we love). As the time goes the Rakyat will get smarter and braver hope not too desperate.

Anonymous said...

Hey Hantu

I've been trying to figure out why ppl assume that you "hate" something when you criticise it.
Are we only able to think critically under great hate?
Is Malay politics just driven by hate?
It seems to be....I really find some of the rhetoric too personal and hate-filled.
Like when I attend a PAS/PKR ceramah, I want to hear what can you do, how things will change not an hour long rant slamming Khir Toyo or some Barisan leader....
Does the Opp think that without dramatic ceramahs, no one will vote for them?
Governance can be quite a dry affair.....While Opposing is easy peasey......
What can Pakatan offer beyond their collective hatred for Barisan? It's like some niche club that Barisan "haters" join....

SM said...


I do not question HRH right to choose dissolving the State Assembly or not.
However, I do question HRH right to ask the incumbent MB to "resign". That should have been "decided" in a formal sitting of the State Assembly where a "Vote of No Confidence" would "force" the incumbent MB to resign. Why the hurry in getting the new MB sworn in?
I still maintain that we do not "love" DSAI because he is "clean" or "a superman" or "holier than thou".
We "support" him (or for that matter if he resigns, whoever takes his place as the Leader of the PR) because we have no other choice.
For us Malaysians (especially those labelled Pendatang & Non-Bumiputra!) who have been waiting for a "Saviour", he & the PR are our only choice!
For the time being, us "desperate Malaysians" accept that he has somewhat paid his "dues" [i.e. been beaten in jail (by our thugs in blue, the watch dogs of UMNO & BN) & he has been locked up for a few years also].

destination unknown said...

dear hantu,
i am not well versed with the law. all i want to know is what is democracy? if the sultan can decide who the leader of the people is, why need election? why not let the sultan have the sole power to decide? and if questioning the sultan on a point of law is lese majeste, then democracy is dead to me. if the sultan is so powerful that he can even decide against the wish of the people, why have election? if the govt of the day is not decided by the people (re: definition of democracy) let's forget about democracy in this country. the whole system is flawed - democracy is in form, not in substance.

I wonder why it is so difficult for the sultan to dissolve the assembly and allow for a state election and let the people decide? Is it because it will incur taxpayers' money? If so, which should have the higher weightage, democracy or economics given the current condition? is the sultan's decision in the interest of the people. even if he is acting within the law, he may be legally right, but morally difficult to justify.

and about the 4 kataks, since you are dead against hopping, should not these kataks vacate their seats and let the people decide? to me this is fair play. as their status is suspicious and doubtful in terms of sincerity, why is DPM so convincing to the sultan that the latter was prepared the change the govt regardless of the wish of the people. do you regard a state assembly with 28 vs 28 and 3 independents as a clear victory for BN? Can the people be blamed for being emotional?

Anonymous said...

They should now ask Mohd Nizar to fight for the Bukti Gantang parliament side.

Imagine the peoples victory if Mohd Nizar wins.

This will be a slap in teh face of the Sultan and Barisan Najis.

Not uncommon to have MBs also as MPs.

Khalid Ibrahim and Lim Guan Eng to name just 2.

Mohd Nizar for Parliament.!!!

If Mohd Nizar wins, this will b a real slap in the face of people like Najis Razak and all those blind waiving Daulat Tuanku idiots and if Mohd Nizar wins, we have the moral standing even for the Perak state assembly.

Pls pls ask Perak PAS to nominate Mohd Nizar for parliament.

You need to do it.

Hantu Laut said...

anonymous 9.36,Thanks.
anonymous 10.47,
I guess as much, most of Anwar's support based on sympathy and demogoguery.

Hantu Laut said...

Jed Yoong,
Well, you can see from comments all over the blogs how much hate there were among Pakatan supporters and the vicious and malicious attacks on BN leaders.

I have not only criticised Anwar but BN leaders as well if I find I don't agree with them.

I think this country is heading for trouble if the oppositions continue to spread hate among the populace.

The worst is they think only they have the privilege to attack others and others can't, same philosophy as Anwar.

Hantu Laut said...

I wouldn't be so sure that is going to happen under Anwar, like you, I look forward to being known only as Malaysian in and outside the country,but that seems to be like a mirage at the moment.

The Pakatan coalition is also based on racial line and when the chips are down some in the coalition are going to make things difficult.

The only way is to have one very strong multi-racial party and think as one, not think Malay, Chinese,Indians or Others.

Hantu Laut said...

destination unknown,

Unfortunately, that's the system we inherited from our colonial masters.The law in Britain is the same as here, the Queen can ask the PM to resign if there were loss of confidence in him by his peers.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget Anwar was a student leader in his own right and dragged into UMNO by TM until TM found out he was too hot to handle. While in UMNO Anwar served his masters well and knew their 'cultures'
Don't blame him if you think he double tongues as up to now he has returned to his original state after having been doublecrossed. Many found him to be their their alternative against BN multiple standards. He will not be talking as if he is still an UMNO personality.
Hate him, love him. It's the people who decides.
As for the royalties, the Hang Tuah legend has a lot to learnt from.

SM said...


Yes, AMEN to what you have just commented.
I pary for the day we will be finally identified as Malaysians first & last. No more of this Race crap.
See if anyone out there can compete with us then, when we stand united as one! But for now, it's just a dream BUT never underestimate the power of Dreams!