Thursday, February 5, 2009

No Dissolution:Anwar Defiant Plans Mammoth Gathering 100,000 Tonight

Hantu Laut

Sultan Azlan Shah had decided there will be no dissolution of the assembly.Menteri Besar Nizar had been asked to step down to pave way for new MB and state government to be sworn in.

Anwar Ibrahim defiant and plan for a mammoth gathering of 100,000 of Pakatan supporters tonight at Stadium Ipoh.

IGP issued warning for people not to attend.

Anwar is out of his mind. The Sultan has spoken and his decision should be respected.The Sultan has not erred, he decided exactly as what was called for in the constitution and in accordance with the democratic process.


Anonymous said...

The Sultan may not have erred constitutionally but has erred by the spirit of the law where a new mandate from the electorate should have been sought by disolution of the Perak Assembly.

If the feelings of the Rakyat is not given vent to, the only way is for them to demonstrate publicly.

vinnan said...

Where is the official statement from the palace. This is a report by BERNAMA. The BERNAMA report can mean three things.

1. The report is true
2. UMNO is putting pressure on the Sultan
3. The Sultan by purposely not issuing an official statement is leaving a way to backtrack on 1. if Perakians were to go into open revolt.

How can you say the Sultan has not erred when he has forgotten that the present Perak government was voted into power and not 'Defected' into power or are you saying "Defections' should now be part and parcel of our political culture?

Anonymous said...

So you agree frogs are OK if its in favour of BN ?

AnakPkn said...

This moves started with DSAI/PR - so what the issue ? Will it be an issue if DSAI/PR formed the Federal Gov by virtues BN's lawmaker 'melompat' - Same issue. It is matter who make it happen first !

samson said...

The people voted for their party to win not independants! Like that you and I can stand for elections and rule with our own mandates!

What type of message are we sending out for the young voters if the people they elect cannot be trusted with their votes! Apa macam nie??!!

SM said...


You are right, we have to respect the decision of HRH (even though we disagree).
What HRH is saying is that it's ok to be a "Katak" & topple a democratically elected Govt.

Anonymous 3:36,

Unfortunatley I agree with you.

As an after-thought, maybe TDM was right (this guy always manages to surprise us!). That's why he "curtailed" the power of the Monarchy in Malaysia when he was PM!

Anonymous said...

The quality of the personalities involved ie the Kataks are just of the bad ones. For want to rule the Perak state, BN has allowed herself to take the lowest of bargains. For sure BN can never change...

zakwan said...

HRH Sultan Azlan Shah is not God here,people
His Majesty is as fallible as any other human being
The fact that both PR n BN hav 28 seats each does not show a clear cut winner
Dissolvement of state gov n by election is the only solution

The people r the goverment makers here, not Pak Lah or Najis and most certainly not the 3 newly independent assemblymen (money freaks n a sex maniac)

I pray the royal monarchy 2 will act in accordance with the will of the people


Anonymous said...


pls go read razaleigh's piece and then revert whether what you have written needs some correction.