Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Only God,Prophets,Saints And Fools Have No Price.Others...?

Hantu Laut

People lie for a number of reasons.When we were young we lied out of fear of being punished.Most grew out of it as they get older.In marriage we lied to our spouse to keep the peace or prevent her or him from getting hurt.These are white lies. They do no harm, not intended to do harm but more to save a situation.

Some people claimed they never lied and that itself is a lie. No one, no matter how impeccable his character is must be telling a lie if he says had never lied in his entire life.

The March 2008 Elections had given the oppositions strong foothold in the politics of this nation, it has also brought along some seedy and shady characters. In some areas the people were so disillusioned with the BN even character like Al Capone or a dog for that matter would have been voted in.

Only God, prophets, saints and fools have no price.Every man has a price.We all have different appetite for material comfort.In India a few bottles of Johnny Walker Black Label whiskey can buy you state secrets. In Malaysia, sometimes, a tip of RM50 can get you pardoned by a policeman for a traffic offence.In the US a vacant Senate seat can be sold for $1 million.Unfortunately, for Illinois Governor Rod Blagogevich there were no takers.He shot himself in the foot.

In PKR, the politicians are priceless.They are invaluable.They can't be bought or sold.They have the highest degree of integrity even RM50 million can't buy any of them.This country would sure be cleaned of corruption once PKR and Pakatan takes over the government.

The Malaysian Insider reported that ....Ipoh Barat PKR division head Fauzi Muda, in his statutory declaration made before Commissioner of Oaths Yong Yoke Thye, here today, claimed that he had received an offer of RM50 million from the BN to bring in at least two Perak State Assemblymen, particularly from the PKR, to join Umno or become an Independent after the March 2008 general election.

Fauzi also claimed that he was recently offered RM5 for himself and another RM5 million each to the two Perak State Executive Councillors (Exco members), namely the PKR Assemblyman for Changkat Jering, Mohd Osman Jailu, and the PKR Assemblyman for Behrang, JamaluddinMohd Radzi, to defect.

Also reported in Malaysia Insider from the PKR stables........Kedah state executive councillor V Arumugam today claimed he has been a victim of a kidnap plot and other threats since he was elected in the general elections, saying he believed these are attempts to get him to defect from Parti Kedilan Rakyat to the Barisan Nasional.

He claimed that he was the target of a kidnap attempt last Oct 17 but did not give details. He said the incidents began after the elections with several phone calls last March 31 that threatened his family’s safety and a threat tied to a brick that broke the windscreen of his official Proton Perdana with the number plate BKL 4000 on Dec 17.

Arumugam also said he was worried for his and his family’s safety if he kept the threats a secret and urged the police to investigate all his police reports and take immediate action to secure his family’s safety.

One Melayu attached too much sanctimoniousness to himself and the other, an Indian playing out his high drama of Tamil's sandiwara.

These things happened many months ago and only exposed at the height of their orgasm for cheap publicity.These two jokers need to go to a special school and learn the art of lying.The BN/UMNO may be wicked and devilish in their ways but they are not that stupid.

Dream on lads! There was no 'Wizard of Oz' offering you the goodies, it was the 'Wicked Witch of the West' playing with your imagination.

They have learned well from their master, who ran to the Turkish Embassy seeking refuge from BN assassins.It is almost a year now and he is still walking around everywhere in full view of the phantom snipers.

Give me RM50 million anytime and I am not ashamed or shy to take it and drop the PKR like a hot brick.

Good luck to those who chose this den of liars.


Anonymous said...

While agreeing with you on politicians in general and human nature specifically, I tend to notice how you and KT tend to slight PKR and AI in particular. Both of you may be right as their true colours might not be revealed until when they achieved the power they covet.

However, I would rather prefer a change to the untested PR than the rotten to the core of the BN in general and UMNO specifically.

SM said...


It seems a bit far fetched doesn't it? However, is it so hard to believe that the BN (i.e. UMNO) will go to those lengths? Of course not.
If they can pour in Millions of RM into By-Elections to try to buy votes (that's ok ah?) & if they spend Millions buying votes for the upcoming UMNO Elections (they even agree that Money Politics is a disease in UMNO. No argument there!), then is it so hard to believe that they will do anything to screw the PR?
Think about it, if the bait is taken, then they get a few PR men jumping over to BN (& probably more will follow). If the bait is not taken, then they deny having "offered" or done anything! They are smart enough to ensure there's no proof!
With Najib's rating falling like the landslides we are seeing all around Malaysia, I bet you he's getting pretty desperate. Pak Lah might just decide to stay on!


I agree with you (as HL would attest from my past comments). I still feel that DSAI will make a good PM not because he's so "clean" but because he would have no other choice! Screw up & he 's out for good (the "power sharing" with DAP & PAS will ensure that he "tows" the line. In the BN, power sharing is just "BS" because everyone knows that UMNO rules & MCA, MIC, Gerakan & PPP are all just "lap-dogs" waiting for the "scraps" their "Tuans" throw at them!).

Anonymous said...

I've been waiting for someone to offer me even a much lower sum to sell my soul...but sadly no one is interested....kakakakaka.

Hantu Laut said...


You read a few articles and make an assumption.I have also admonished the BN.If I feel the issue is wrong I will write against it and so forth.

Anwar and PKR are not beyond making mistakes.You don't have to be in government to be tested.Action speaks louder than word.

Hantu Laut said...


I think both are cut from the same cloth,Anwar, no different.If he can steal BN reps what make you think the BN can't do the same.They are playing Russian roulette, let's wait and see who shot themselves in the head.

I believe the 2 PKR men lied through their teeth.Wayang kulit!

Hantu Laut said...

Get elected, you may get an offer.

Anonymous said...

BN cried foul when DSAI announced to take over the Government with defections from BN.
Now Pak Lah unashamedly suggented to accept the PKR 'defects' without even blinking his eyes that these two goons were quick to get involved with ACA the moment opportunities arose when they were in positions of power. Perhaps BN found a good investments in them by assisting them to clear them from the charges which are due to be heard this month. Lets see what will happen that day. Would you think that their decision to leave PKR be timed coincidentally!
I wonder!!
Now, with the latest announcement by SPR that there will be no by-elections suggests SPR's partiality.
BN is really a Desperado.

Anonymous said...

aint BN also fill with liars?
so, who is the greater liar?
and i said also, "good luck to those who wants to be on the side of liars from BN".